Two-step stool with DRAWER

A little DRAWER in a step stool?!?!?  I love that!


This sweet little stool really didn’t ‘need’ to be made over at all . . . it was in perfect condition; but you know me!!!  I can never leave well enough alone!


I removed the drawer knob and gave the whole thing a good sanding.

Some aqua paint and more sanding to distress.  Another ‘perfect piece’ to use one of my little aqua ceramic rose knobs on!!

And off to my booth at Stars it goes!


Great little piece for adding height to displays in my booth (while it lasts!)


Here’s a little peek at some of the other new stuff in my booth:


Ceramic and stoneware bunny dishes.


Covered duck tureens and a tiny duck pitcher.


Vintage metal plant stand set up as a serving station.


One of my ‘yard wreaths’ (hand crafted using twigs, bark and moss collected from my yard)


A new batch of small frames; some with glass and backings, some without.

A couple more vintage crystal lamps with NEW Paris script shades.


How adorable is this box of vintage cocktail forks!?!?!  (Sorry about the glare!  I had to wrap the box in plastic wrap to be sure none of the forks ‘went missing’)


Stop on by if you haven’t been at Stars in a while.  LOTS of new stuff in my booth  . . . and throughout the entire mall!

Outdated / Updated Jewelry box

7.13.13 Both + finds 200Rummage sale jewelry box, still covered with dust!  The MAIN thing I look for in old jewelry boxes before buying them to update is CLEAN INNARDS!   I’d say about 90% of them that I look back are not clean enough inside for me to buy.  No one wants to store their jewelry in a fabric lined and very stained drawer!

7.13.13 Both + finds 201The doors open up to three more drawers.  Opening the bottom drawer activates the music box. This one was considerable more elaborate than I had ever worked on before, but it had clean innards and the price was right; even if it didn’t turn out ‘good enough to sell’.

P1080050I’m actually quite pleased with the way it turned out!

P1080054I even painted the back!  There’s the crank for the music.

P1080051This was a more labor intensive project than I thought it would be.  Painting the metal grating on the doors took more time than anything else.

P1080053I was however, able to do a fair amount of the sanding to distress with my orbital sander.  Only had to supplement a little bit of hand sanding.

P1080052Lots of ridges and raised details make for great distressing.

P1080076It went to my booth at Stars.


And has already SOLD!


FAQ’s answered: What paint color do you use?

I don’t actually have “A” specific color that I use.  Here’s what I do.  I buy a color that is closest to what I want, then I add a little light green or sometimes some additional aqua, or light blue or gray or white . . . .whatever strikes me at the time.  So the color evolves as I work my way through various projects.   I actually PREFER to not have every item the EXACT same color.  The variations in shades remind me of the ever changing colors of the ocean.

Every paint manufacturer whose paint samples I’ve looked at lately has a least one (if not several!) color that is very close to what I use.  So, it shouldn’t be hard to find one that suits you.  As for changing the color by adding other paint colors, regular craft paint can be used in small amounts if you don’t happen to have latex paint available.  You can also look for the ‘oops’ paints that paint stores sell really cheap! 

I AM a stickler for only buying Ralph Lauren brand paint though whenever possible.  (at least for my MAIN colors)   Tried others when they were on sale and have always regretted it.  The RL paint IS quit a bit more expensive to BUY; but it’s so cost effective to USE, you really come out ahead.  Especially if you are doing a LOT of painting, like me! 

New in my space at Stars

Got the turquoise dresser finished and in place at Stars.

Cute little spindle leg table on top.

Old lamp shade wire form used as a wire cloche.

Candle pedestals.

More candle pedestals (made from an old table leg!) and some urns.

BIG un!

Very cool big white birdcage.

Grubby old banister bars.

Turquoise treasure chest.

Updated vintage little suitcase

Darling SIZE little vintage suitcase.  But the ‘gag me green’ HAD to go!

My solution?  A coat of sealer and some pretty Robin’s egg blue paint!

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Readying some new furniture


Before.  NICE legs, eh?

After.  My favorite ‘beachy blue’ color.

Nice and SHABBY!

This sweet little table had been badly abused.

A lot of the varnish was damaged and worn off.  Looks like from wet plant pots. 

Nothing a good sanding, a coat of primer and a good coat of paint and a little more sanding can’t solve!

Both of these would make great little bed side tables.

Some oversized candle pedestals to set on top of the tables.

All these will be going to our space at Stars soon.

MORE blue

Oh YEAH, baby!

NO such thing as too much of THIS color!  I was outside painting these on Sunday when Stars called to tell me that a big doll house I had in my space had sold, and there was a big bare spot!

Here’s the before of the bigger chest.  Michael had to repair on drawer and one drawer guide.  Other than that, it was just sand, paint, then sand to distress.

LOVE this size of chest!  Have had re-done several over the years, and they always sell FAST.  It was in really good shape, a little bit of peeling varnish on the top.  A quick sanding job and it was ready to paint.

I rummaged through my knob and pull junk box searching for some different knobs for the bigger one.  ZILCH.  I just didn’t have 8 of anything, nor 8 ‘different yet similar enouhg’ to do mix/match; which is what I really hoped to do. 

So, I painted up some other wood knobs.  (quite similar to the original ones, but an ‘older’ shape)  And used smaller ones on the top drawer.

I considered (for about a SPLIT second!) putting matching knobs on the two pieces.  But then I found these vintage glass knobs and just HAD to use them on the little chest!

Aren’t they just DARLING?!?!?!

As I already mentioned, these have gone to my space at Stars.  And while I was there, I did a little ‘fluffing’, and repositioned this blue end table.  (It was ‘buried’ under the ginormous doll house prior to this!)

Made this one EXTRA grubby, sanding a LOT and letting the dark undercoat show.

Lots of other blue stuff in stock at Stars.  TWO of these small shelves; which could easily be hung on the wall. 

Little star pillows and felt word pillows add a whimsical touch to any display.

Here you can see ‘the whole spread’!

MORE blue and beachy accessories on the ‘outside’ left of my booth.

Vintage wicker stool and grubby little wood stool.

Little corner shelf.

BIG natural wicker baskets, overpainted with blue.  Perfect size for stashing your favorite magazines!


Shabby little carved shelf re-do


Sweet little shabby shelf from a recent thrift trip.

Gave it a quick coat of Robin’s egg blue paint; then sanded to distress.

I like how the carved detailing POPS more.

This cupboard door frame with shelf added had been in my ‘half done pile’ for ages.  Decided to paint it the same blue.

Added some rusty nail pegs under the shelf.

These all sold at the spring show, but I’ll be adding a lot more of the blue to my space at Stars over the next few weeks.

And while I had the paint out, I painted this old bread box for our kitchen!

Outdated / updated art deco desk

I had mentioned to Michael that I saw ‘somewhere’ (maybe on HGTV???) that they took an old desk with drawers on BOTH sides and cut it apart to male two bedside tables.  Told him if he ever came across such a desk REALLY CHEAP, that I’d like to try that.  I SWEAR, all I have to do is mention something and he finds it!  Here is what he brought home per that request:

Very dated green paint!  But wonderful shape and art deco detail.  I just could not bear to cut away that pretty curved and routered center piece!  Decided this piece was worthy of just a face lift and not a full body makeover.


Because the paint on it was SHINY, I was going to have to sand or primer it.  Decided upon sanding ‘just in case’ there were some interesting layers of paint that might be revealed.

The edges easily sanded off, but bigger surface areas, not so much!  I decided that was good enough!

Sanding away the paint really enhanced the routered detail and I decided that those details were worth enhancing in the refinishing process.

I had decided upon painting it Sophie’s favorite Robin’s egg blue, and to try and reuse the original black ‘forged iron looking’ knobs.  So, I thought I would paint the routered details BLACK to match the knobs.

I got out my trusty flat black spray paint and gave the edged and detail areas a quick spray.

That was easy enough.  My thought was that it would be easier to paint AROUND the routered details that to try and use a small brush to paint them in after.  But first I had to paint the ‘chair cubby’ part of the desk.  And I HATE that part!  In fact, I usually avoid doing desks for that very reason!

Because half of my spine has been surgically fused, I don’t do the ‘bend and reach’ thing too well.  And crouching down to paint the inside of the cubby is impossible for me.  So that means I have to maneuver the desk to where I CAN get in there and paint.  So I have to set it on it’s end.

And in doing so, I can only paint half the chair cubby and one side of the desk at a time.  So it takes me a LOT longer to complete the painting.  I have to do one coat, let it dry, second coat, let that dry; before I can flip the desk and do the other side!  But this was such a unique desk, I thought it was worth the extra work!  Can you guess how many times I bumped my head reaching in to paint inside there?!?!?

So once both sides and the cubby were done I could turn it upright and paint the top and front.  The tricky part was to not get paint inside the painted black routered detail parts.  For that, I kept my brush as FLAT as possible, so the brushes would fling their way into the routered places.

As you can see, that technique was only SEMI successful!  So to clean up the blue paint boo-boos, I used black craft paint and q-tips.

That worked ‘pretty well’, but i was going to have to touch up some of the blue paint in a few spots on the edges.  Left it overnight before tackling that.

When I looked at it with fresh eyes the next morning, I didn’t like the black paint!  It actually DE-emphasized the routering and made it just look painted on.  sigh.  So I just went ahead and painted over it all with the blue! 

Of course, now the original black knobs would not work, so I bought home some of these pretty ceramic rose knobs from the store.

And the routered part shows up nicely with it all painted blue!

This beauty is still just sitting in the workshop at home for now.  Waiting to see where there will be room for it, either at the store or in our space at Stars Antique mall.




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Did I ‘nail it’????

Here’s the paint color I was experimenting with on Monday.  I decided I needed paint to match the color in the checked ribbon that has become my inspiration for spring decor.  BUT, the ribbon was at the store and all the gallons of paint colors were at home.  A patient person (which I do not claim to be when it comes to projects!) and probably a wise person would have WAITED until the two (ribbon and paint) were together to try and match them. 

But I was up for a challenge, so I grabbed three different gallons of paint and colors and started mixing.  I have so many different shades of this ‘robin’s egg blue’ color in the store already and they all work together really well.  And I actually like the variations of shades, rather than perfectly matched, because it adds more interest to the overall look.

Anyhow, here are the pictures of the ‘blindly mixed’ paint and the piece I was trying to match it to:

This first one was taken WITH the flash on the camera, and is truer to the actual color.

This one is without the flash.

Is it just me, or did I match these colors as well as those fancy paint color matching machines at the paint stores?!?!?!

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