Vintage salt shaker collection

P1160997All of a sudden I have an abundance of little old salt shakers!

P1160996Many of them had been stored in my ‘box of spare knobs’  because I like to use the short squatty one upside down as knobs on top of the cloches I make.


And BECAUSE I had set them aside to use as knobs; I had removed all the lids.


And now it’s time to play, “Let’s see if I can figure out which lid fits which salt shaker?!”

P1180816WHY, all of a sudden did I need them all paired back up with their lids you ask?   Blame it on Pinterest!  I had seen a cool display idea for them on Pinterest.  So, I decided to put them all back together and see if I had enough for the Pinterest project.

P1180817Quite a few, as you can see, and ALL different (except 2!)

P1180821Some of them are SO pretty, you almost think they could be vintage perfume bottles!

P1180823The tiniest ones are my personal favorites though!

P1180829I kinda wish ALL the lids were worn and tarnished like the one on the left.

P1180832Look!  It has FEET!!

P1180820And now,what to DO with them all???  First I had to figure out a way to attach price tags to them.  NOT easy, given how small they are.

saltshaker cloche 11.1

Here’s my inspiration picture from Pinterest.


 And here is my version.  I didn’t have a cloche BIG enough to fit them ALL under, so I  had to improvise.

P1190936The biggest cloche is resting atop a rusty tin and gold pedestal.

P1190938The largest shaker had to be put in it’s very own display; upcycled cloche and upcycled clear glass base.  I really wanted to put it with varying heights of other shakers but it’s base is SO wide, it just wouldn’t fit!

P1190939This is one of my very favorite cloches!  I actually had two of them, the other slightly bigger.  Can’t believe that only the bigger one sold???  They were so cute as a set!  I have no idea what the porcelain busts were originally used for; and they actually sat in my ‘junk box’ for quite a while before I figured out what to do with them.  I’d love to find more of them someday.   (anybody know what they are for?)

P1190940And the last little solo shaker!

P1190926These are all in my booth at Stars.  

Don’t forget the big EASTER EGG HUNT for grown-ups at all three Stars Malls tomorrow!

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