MUST HAVES & FAQ’s answered: Coarse sanding sponge

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you’ve heard (seen!) me mention COARSE sand paper.  It’s the ONLY grit of sandpaper I use.  Ever.  Period!  As much as possible I use my orbital hand sander with a coarse disc on it.  (BTW if you do a lot of big sanding jobs and have been using a PAD sander, treat yourself to an ORBITAL sander.  It will make your work MUCH easier!)

But when I do occasionally have to sand by hand, I use  a coarse sanding sponge or block:

You can find them in any hardware store, near the sand paper.  I even found them at Dollar Tree a while ago, and stocked up!  They can be expensive at the hardware store, so look for them on sale and stock up.  They are just much easier to handle when sanding intricate things.