Here’s what’s new in Sophie’s Cottage June 14, 2008

A whole bunch of old windows!  Four pane, six pane, with glass, without glass . . . .

Some little old barn red grubby picket fence sections:

Colorful garden flags:

One of a kind hand-painted folk art original ‘sun’ picture frame.  Perfect for framing your favorite summer memory picture:


Beach theme bathroom accessories:

Beautiful silver shell shaped drawer/cabinet pulls:

Shell napkin rings:

Granite look candle plates:

Nests under glass:

Bath and body gift baskets:

Yummy lemon scented votives and little jar candles make a perfect hostess gift for a summer dinner party:

Pretty vases, new and vintage:

Pretty pink flowers in a tin tile cone


Pink piggy bank:

LOTS of new scrapbook embellishments!

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New papercraft supplies 4-17-08

Now how much FUN could you have with this package of 1,300 paper letters?!?!? (the rest of the alphabet is on the back)

Crafters candy jar full of YUMMY ribbon!

Little alphabet stamp sets for cards, scrapbooks, tags, pictures . . .

Fun lettered primitive ribbon (I’ve used the little letter stamps above to make my own ribbon too!)

Happy crafting!



FOR SALE: Huge bundles of assorted papers & embellishments!

I have TWO of these paper crafting packets.  I spent more than eight hours cutting, compiling and assembling these ONE POUND packets.  They may not look like much packed up all tidy in these 8×10 pattern bags . . . .

A SOLID POUND OF PAPER FUN for just $29.95!!

Here is what all each packet contains:

Vintage papers; including pages from hymnals, old blank ledger pages, vintage graphics, vintage cookbook pages and lots more!

Vintage color pages; including scenery pages, vintage comic book pages and some vintage Valentine cards.

Assorted smalls and embellishments including; nine yards of fun fibers, tickets, holiday bags, alphabet stamps, assorted playing cards, note cards w/ envelopes and plain manila tags.  Also an envelope filled with fabric embellishing flowers.  (it just took me SO LONG to neatly place them in an envelope that I didn’t want to take them out (and then have to put them right back in!) for the picture!

Assorted new papers including; 6×6 and smaller sheets of handmade papers, new papers, scraps and bits, a few newly printed vintage style images and colored index cards.

LOTS of new acid/lignen free 6×6 sheets!

This item can be shipped in a flat rate priority envelope.  I have FIVE sets, all mostly the same, but some variances in paper designs.  I will be putting some other smaller paper packets in Sophie’s on-line marketplace, but probably not any more this gigantic.

(so that others know it’s taken)  Then proceed immediately with payment:
PayPal only accepted at this time. Unless otherwise indicated,  figure the cost to ship your item using here:   Shipping weight is in the item description.  Figure the shipping from zip code 97119.  Delivery confirmation required.  Insurance is recommended, but your option.  We will not be responsible for items damaged or broken during shipping.
Email your payment to: 
PLEASE BE SURE THE SHIPPING ADDRESS ON YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS CURRENT!  Include in your payment information: item being purchased, item price, calculated cost of shipping (and whether is includes insurance)
***PLEASE REMEMBER, I do not have a computer at the store; only at home.  So emails or questions can only be answered in the mornings or evenings; Pacific time.
Items will be shipped within three business days of receipt of payment.  You will be notified via email when your item has been sent.

Unique display for scrapbook supplies

This big ole ten drawer dresser has been sitting around in the shed for years!  Just couldn’t decide what to do with it;or even if it was worth trying to fix up.  Several of the drawer bottoms were DUCT TAPED together!  One side of the dresser had a huge gouge in it and I just couldn’t think of how to repair that.

See that big old gouge in the corner???

What we ended up doing is Michael just cut out that entire section and we ‘patched it’ with a piece of luan plywood.  You could see where it was patched even after I painted it, but you really don’t notice the sides of a dresser that much.

No knobs on most of the drawers either.  Michael replaced the bottoms of several of the drawers.  And the other side had several big dents in it that we had to fill with wood putty.

I decided to pair this dresser up with this hutch to create a step-back cupboard.

And here is the finished product, all filled with scrapbooking goodies!

Close up of the distressed drawer fronts.  I love the LOOK of the star shaped knobs, but I don’t think I’d use them again.  They are kind of sharp and ‘pokey’ whey you pull the drawer open.

Used clear glass jars to display lots of the scrapbooking supplies in.