Sea glass revisited; wreaths

I saw a sea glass wreath on another blog (of course I can’t remember WHICH blog!) about the same time I was working on my little boxes of sea glass, and decided to try my hand a one. 

Is it just me, or is something missing?  Since I can’t remember WHERE I saw the one that inspired me, I can’t go back and compare.  But it didn’t have any other ‘components’ to it.  Maybe this one just looks off because it’s hanging on an aqua background!?!?  I dunno! 

So, I tried one in a different color.  STILL feels too plain!  They’re not very big.  The sea glass is heavy, so you really can’t go too big.  I used a small dessert plate to draw my circles on cardboard.

Cut out TWO to make it nice and sturdy.  Used a small bowl to draw the inner circle.

Cut a slit to get to the inner part to cut it out.  When I glued them together I just made sure the two slits were in opposite sides of the form.

Glued on strips of paper to cover the form, which added strength.  Let this dry overnight before adding the sea glass.   I just used regular tacky glue for the paper, and to glue my sea glass on.

OH!!!  I did some searching and FOUND the blog that inspired me. 

WHY do I like that one BETTER than mine???  Is it just because that one has the glass ‘going over the edges of the form’ more?  Is it just that that one is shown in more creative settings?  What’s the difference????  I’m really NOT liking mine as well.  pooh!!

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