Rearranged my booth at Stars

And as I already mentioned, I DID close off the second entry/exit along the open back wall.  After giving it a LOT of thought, and looking around the mall at all the other spaces, and just ‘not feeling right’ about how it was; I closed it off last week.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 004And in doing so, I made the single entry WIDER.  Not entirely content with what I have on either side of the opening right now, now what I used to close off the other opening just yet.  But, as always, it’s a PROCESS of trial and error to find the best solution.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 005And even though I’m not content with the placement of the furnishings, I am ENTIRELY content with how the booth ‘feels’ more enclosed now.  I guess with the two openings it felt more like a ‘pass through’.  Too easy to just ‘walk on through’ and not stop and look around.  I guess we’ll SEE if it helps my sales any.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 046This is the view of my booth from what was the other opening.  And I DO like that it’s low enough to still be able to see into the booth.  And it’s just a few steps around the corner to actually go inside.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 041This is the outer facing back-end wall of my booth.  The white bench that you see in the middle is the space that USED to be open.  This arrangement somewhat blocks the view of that side facing shelf full of stuff, but that is something that I can  ‘tweak’ as I go.  It’s still easy enough to ‘reach’ that stuff, just not the optimal viewing angle.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 038This is the view looking from the back outside corner toward the front of the store.  The entry space seems a lot more inviting now.  It’s a good idea to walk away from your booth, then walk towards it from every possible direction and notice what would stand out to customers as they walked the aisles.  SO often, I notice shoppers JUST walking the aisles . . and not going INTO the booths to explore.  So it’s VERY important that the FIRST things they see, ENTICES them to ‘come hither and see more’!

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 012Now on to what’s new!  Princess and Boudoir signs.  (MOST signs are also available in  my etsy shop  AND my booth at  Curiosities in Beaverton).   And I brought the baby bassinet back in and placed it on top of the bed!  Perfect place for me to stash the vintage chenille bed spreads.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 015I was able to create room for the other shutter, thereby making more room for hanging things.  I decided to group the beachy things together.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 028Sweet little apothecary chest I just finished.  It’s very rare that I find ANY thing with little drawers at an affordable price.  My price on this one of a kind little gem in $37.00.  Available ONLY at Stars.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 052The seagrass trunk that I showed in a previous post is $29.00.  And I don’t remember what price I put on the vintage picnic basket below it?!?!?  (I try to remember to write the prices down so I can post them on here, but once I get to working on rearranging things I kind of go into ‘auto-pilot’!)

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 013Very faded “SEASIDE INN” sign.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 014And a couple of new ‘Forever for always no matter what’ signs in neutral colors.  (They used to be a pale PINK!  What was I thinking?!?)

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 019Fabulous vintage chenille throw rugs!!  The white one is in perfect condition; 32″ x 54″ (BIG) $29.00.  The two aqua ones are a tad stained.  I did wash them, but didn’t use any stain removers.  (it’s always best to see how they make it through a first wash before adding stain removers).  They measure 24″x 44″ and are $15.00 each.  These would make GREAT pillow covers!!  (and I just might bring them home to do that, if they don’t sell right away!)

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 011Because of limited wall space to hang signs, a lot of them are displayed in an old metal file box.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 031Added another twin size chenille spread in an ‘almost blush’ color.  See that little bit of pinkish color in about the missde of the basket?  Perfect for a little girls room.  $25.00  and in perfect condition.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 044Kind of hard to see it because it is so ‘see through’.  This is the vintage plant stand that I repainted a while ago.  $42.00.  Need to move it to a more visible spot!   I love pieces  like this with individual shelves to display treasures on.

Remember STARS is open seven days a week, 11am – 6pm.

 Including Memorial Day!

Latest finds

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 026Nice little sea grass chest that I will probably dry brush paint beach blue.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 027CUTE mini trunk will probably be turned into something ‘Paris chic’.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 028The inside is in great condition; just need to repair one hinge before I go to work on the outside.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 029Estate sale picnic basket that I’m tempted to keep myself.  I’ll have THREE of them that I can stack together.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 030No, I am NOT going camping.  But this stuff was cheap and I figure I can use it when I reupholster chair pads to add some extra ‘cush’.  The cotton batting is SO expensive!

Another SUNNY day here in Oregon!  And now that I have all that etsy stuff out of the way I can get outside and PAINT!


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