And MORE updated picnic baskets!

For some reason, I’ve been finding a lot of picnic baskets lately.  They are ‘one of those things’ that seem to be perpetually popular; so if they are in good condition, I buy them!  Here’s the latest one that I ‘prettied up’:

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 009And it’s a nice BIG one too!

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 037I did put it out ‘as is’ for a while; then brought it home to ‘fix up’ when it hadn’t sold in a while.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 014As I’ve been working on various picnic baskets, I’ve discovered that the ones with the ‘split’ and hinged lids (like this one) tend to hold up the best.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 013The ones with the solid lid, like this, tend to become misshapen more easily.  The lid no longer fits ‘perfectly’ on the top rim of the basket.  It still WORKS just fine; just might not be a sturdy in the long run if you are filling and stacking your baskets and it ends up near the bottom with a lot of weight atop it.

P1080149I used a greener shade of aqua this time; and a ‘dry brush’ painting technique for the woven parts of the basket.  (super fast and easy!!  I LOVE dry brush painting!)

P1080147Used a foam roller to paint the lid, the sanded to distress; and added a “FRENCH Market” stencil as a variation from the beach themed baskets I’ve recently done.

P1080148I was a little concerned that the 3/4 lid would look odd with a design on it.  But I just centered it and it looks fine.  (had I NOT liked how it turned out, I would have sanded it off and repainted.)


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???? I guess I forgot to show you the one I did just BEFORE this one too!

P1080001This one has a solid lid.

P1080002But it still fit quite well.

P1080038Aqua paint; dry brushed on.

P1080036And a French Bee design stenciled on the top.



P1080175Here you can see how much bigger the ‘French Market’ basket (second from top)  is that the ‘Bee’ basket (top).  And the very slight difference in the colors.

P1080176All of these are available for purchase in my booth at Stars Antique Mall in Portland, Oregon.

Shabby beach-ified wicker picnic basket

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 069The middle basket in this stack had been in my booth at Stars for some time.  It was time to bring it home for a make over.  Since the sea grass trunk on the bottom had sold so quickly, I decided to ‘beach-ify’ this one too.

P1070654Since i had put a white fingerling starfish on this one that was still in my booth at Stars, I decided to do something different on this next one.

P1070809So I did a sugar starfish on this one, AFTER I dry brush painted it s slightly darker shade of turquoise.

P1070808The hardest part was finding a starfish FLAT enough to adhere to the wicker.  I used e600, and weighted it down with a heavy box while the adhesive cured.

P1070827Ready to go to Stars.

P1070838It stacks nicely with the other two baskets.

P1070846Priced at $35.00.


Painting marathon

SO, while the rain was at bay and I had my aqua paint out the other day after I painted the ball and clawfoot table . . . I just KEPT painting!

4.19 .13 projcest Curiousities 002This little table was a bit dry and cracked on the top, so I did have to sand quite a bit.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 013And the wood that I sanded down to was quite soft and very porous, so I did give the top a coat of KILZ primer before painting.  (I usually paint on  primer OR sand; seldom do both on the same project)

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 057This little lovely is now for sale in by booth at CURIOSITIES in Beaverton for $19.00.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 008I had actually STARTED painting this one a few weeks ago.  VERY labor intensive with the three shelves and having to reach in and around the legs on each layer.  And since I had to use a brush instead of roller to paint this piece, it took 3 coats to get good coverage.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 009After spending that much time and effort painting, I almost didn’t want to sand any of that paint off!!!  But it ‘begged to be distressed’; and so it was.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 010A quick coat of varnish on the top and she was ready to join the others in my booth at Curiosities.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 054She’s sporting a $59.00 price tag.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 001Michael is responsible for finding and dragging home this sweet cain seat chair.  All she needed was some paint and she was ready to join the others.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 056She can be all yours for just $39.00.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 059And NOW that I finally have some furniture in my signature blue color in my booth at Curiosities; it’s really starting to look like MY booth.