Framed starfish

Inexpensive blank frame from rummage sale; thick frames work best for this project.  No glass or backing needed.

Painted the frame beachy blue, sanded for a bit of the brown to show though to shabby it up a bit; then glued on a white fingerling starfish using e6oo0.  The satin bow can easily be removed.  Just wanted to give it a try.

Slightly better look at the distressing.  (It NEVER shows up as well in photos!)  I bought my starfish on-line.  Can’t remember which website.  Just browsed until I found the cheapest ones.  These fingerling starfish are a popular wedding item right now, so prices have really gone up!  Your best prices will be from a site that does NOT mention they are for wedding supplies’.  I also bought a few of the bigger ‘knobby’ starfish and used some big  scallop shells I had on hand to frame similarly a while back.

Half round coffee table

Michael scrounged (rescued from a dumpster!) several of these BIG half round pieces of plywood, so I’ve been wracking my brain to think of a good way to USE them.  First thought was a headboard for a child’s bed, or maybe a GIANT ‘man in the moon’ painting.  Nope, just not the right inspiration yet.  THEN I was telling Michael what items are on my current ‘wish list’, and coffee tables was at the top of the list.  Why not make some half round coffee tables?!?  And so we did!

SUPER simple design with an elongated “H” base (instead of legs) like we use for step stools.  I painted the whole thing beachy blue, sanded to distress then applied some of my own ‘weathered wood wash’ (a stain or glaze would work just as well) to give it that weathered beach feeling.

Things NEVER look as ‘distressed’ in the pictures as they really are!  sigh.  It is QUITE well distressed, trust me.

We actually made 2 of them.  Was thinking it would be fun to display them together, as a big round, like this.  Alas, I don’t think there is going to be enough room in my booth at Stars for both of them just now.  One of them will be going in this week, for sure though.

We’ve got a couple more pieces of this half round stuff to work with; so we’ll see how well these coffee tables go over before we decide to make more or not.  I also spotted a smaller half round in Michael’s stash and was thinking we could do a TALL sofa back table, with a shelf  below, and an upper shelf  from the smaller half round.  Would work well as an entry hall table or even a BAR! 

Watch for LOTS of the beachy blue items to appear at Stars by the end of the week!

Painted chipboard letters

Picked up these chipboard letters at the craft store.  Painted them different shades of turquoise, green and tan stripes.  This is the painting before I sanded them. 

Sanded and stained then with my weathered wood wash, which gives it a nice ‘soft gray’ color; just like fence boards get after being out in the weather for years.

Added a coat of matte varnish.

Close up of the sanding.

The ‘beach’ one sold as soon as I put it out in the store.  I had JUST taken the pictures!  I found some more of the letters to make another ‘beach’ set; and still have the ‘coast’ set. 



I’ve got the BLUES!

Well, I’ve been in a bit of a BLUE MOOD lately.  No, that that kind of blue.  BLUE!  The color blue.  Pretty Robin’s egg blue.  So I meandered about the store to see what I had that I could re-paint.  A couple of white flower buckets, some tin boxes, some white shutters, a paper mache box, some little wood frames.

So, then I had a whole table full of blue stuff . . . . and it needed ‘something’. . . .  a decorative element of some sort.  So I went rummaging through by big box of foam stamps and found this set.  PERFECT!!!

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t even remember when or where or WHY I bought these.  I honestly didn’t even know I had them.  But they are perfect and will be getting a lot of use now that I have discovered them.  (the brand name is Making Memories)

These 24″ tin stars were originally rust color.  Then I sponge painted them white.  Now I’ve done blue over the white.  The layers of color add a lot more depth and interest.

Close up

These pretty little embossed tin boxes came to me white, with a red crackle finish on the heavy cardboard lid.  I HATE crackle finishes!  Well, REAL cracked from age paint is wonderful; but I’ve never seen a fake crackle job that I liked in the least. 

I painted several of the lids in assorted pastel colors (several coats to fully cover the red!) and left the boxes white.  Then I decided to sponge paint the box to enhance the embossing of the tin.  THEN I realized what a pretty design was on the bottom of the box.  It’s just too pretty to only be used ONLY as a box bottom!

So I sponge painted both the sides and bottom of several of them and will hang them on the wall as a piece of dimensional art.  Now I just have to find a use for the lids.  Maybe a collage . . .

Love the way this blue and brown box turned out.  Gonna have to do a few sets of these now!

Flower box

Old wood tissue box cover.

Metal flower buckets.

I had already painted this little shelf blue a while ago; just added the brown flourish stamp.

Decorative shutters.

Metal ‘enjoy’ wall words were originally tan/rust.

Another repainted tin star, just a smaller one.

Now today I get to rearrange the store and make room for all this new stuff!

Painting marathon day