Another do-over; QUICKIE!

Another sweet little table that I’ve ‘schleped’ from place to place without selling.  So simple, pretty soft curves; would go with ANY decor.  For some reason, it just kept getting overlooked.  time to haul it home for a make over.

I opted for the fastest and easiest re-do for starters, and just gave it a good once over with the sander, to shabby it up a bit.

We’ll see how it goes, and if it STILL doesn’t sell; I’ll rePAINT it my signature beachy blue, later on.

Right now, it’s nestled amongst the rest of the white furnishings I’m currently featuring at Stars; and priced at $32.00.

Plain and primitive stool to shabby chic and a repurposed candle pedestal

Grubby little old thrift store stool.

Pretty dinged up, so I gave it a good once over with the orbital sander.

A big turned candle pedestal from the thrift store and a round scrap piece of wood; glue them together and you’ve got a sweet little ‘smoking’ table!


Forgot the before pic again, but the pedestal was a dark gun-metal grey and the top was raw wood.  Glued them together with e6000 and let dry overnight.  Then a quick spray coat of flat black paint, and two coats of brush on white paint.

And a bit of sanding to distress!

Wonderfully  SUMMERY white and oh so shabby CHIC duo!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And, yes, MORE tables!

More like GOOD RIDDANCE to 2009, eh?

Onward to better things and the grandest of possibilities in this new year.

I guess I’ve been on a bit of a ‘table binge’ lately.  Here are a few more I finished last month, awaiting our bigger space at Stars.  For these I re-purposed a couple of bar stools for the table bases.

The ‘vision’ I have for this whole slew of round tables is to fill the middle of our space with them, all grouped together.  Different heights, sizes and styles . . . but all in shades of white and cream.  Then a small grouping of accessories on each table.

I guess we’ll see if the reality measures up to my vision.  I’ve never seen an arrangement like this and it could well look totally STUPID.  But, no harm in trying.  How else are new decorating trends started.

Both of these tables were made  the same, using an old bar stool for the bases; one taller than the other, both spray painted white and both tops painted the same shade of tan.

I started this project EONS ago, and took pictures of the stool bases back then, and of course I can’t find those pics to show you now!  Just basic wood bar stools.  The tops are ‘scrounged’ plywood that Michael attached to the base for me (screwed on from underneath)  Had to fill a few tiny holes.  Sand.  Paint.  Sand to distress, add foam stamp border in contrasting color.  Sand off some of border to distress.  Add a quick coat of RL tobacco glaze.  Let dry.  Add a couple of coats of satin varnish.