New inventory in my booth at Stars

All of a sudden there’s been a flurry of furniture selling in my booth at Stars Antique Mall, which means ‘room for NEW inventory’!  I was caught a little off guard this time and the only furniture items I had ready to deliver were shabby white.  I will usually stock darker furniture this time of year, but . . . oh well!  Here’s what’s new:

LOVE this vintage vanity bench!  The existing paint consisted of a very pale aqua/sage green undercoat, topped with pink and topped with a creamy white.  The varnish on top of all that paint was very splotchy, drippy and yellowing, so I gave it a good ‘once over’ with the orbital sander . . . .and here it is!

This simple little three-legged half-table is super light weight and worked perfectly to stack atop another table to create some height in my booth display.  I mostly left it as I found it, and only distressed the top a tad bit more.

Another little white table, pretty basic design and was originally stained a light pine color.  I think it might have been part of a set of nesting tables, but little tables like this are convenient for so many different uses.  I sanded it, painted it white and distressed it.  (sorry about the one blurry photo!  I’ll try to remember to replace it.)

I actually have THREE of these little three legged stools; and even painted them all white!  I only have one stocked in my booth for now though.  They look like milking stools, but they don’t have the handle on the side.  I thought they would make nice stands for a dessert display.

A vintage slat wood picnic basket, and this time I left it ‘as found’ instead of painting it as I’m typically inclined to do with the picnic baskets I procure.  I almost passed this one up because it had one of those ugly plastic liners inside.  I actually had put it back on the shelf and was ready to walk away, when I decided to take another look and see how difficult it would be to remove the liner.   Turns out, the liner was not attached at all and pulled right out!  So into my shopping basket it went.  One feature of this basket that I especially like is that the lid is hinged about 3/4 of the way on the top.  Usually the WHOLE lid is hinged on the outside rim, and those hinges break easily.  So I’m thinking this one will be much sturdier and hold up a lot longer.

I stacked the newly added unpainted basket with a previously stocked and painted white basket that I stenciled “EAT” to the top of.  Little wood stained step stool is kind of ‘fancy’ with a beveled edge.  Old apple basket dry brush painted white and filled with apothecary jars.

Grubby little step ladder.  You can NEVER have too many of these!  They are awesome for displaying stuff on, but they usually sell super fast.  Most of the time I will just lean them in my booth so the shopper doesn’t have to unload it to buy the ladder.  But I was in need of more display space this time, so I loaded it up with Halloween decor.

LOTS of vintage milk glass vases.

For some reason ‘beach decor’ season totally slipped my mind!!  I usually stock the beach stuff right after Easter . . . better late than never, I guess!

Vintage white wire garden fencing candle chandelier.  The candle lanterns easily lift off for easy transport.  Just add your own battery or regular tea lights.

Assorted vintage treasures.  Those vintage ‘dirty joke’ cocktail napkins are HILARIOUS!

PLEASE don’t let the construction on the block next door scare you away!!  Dealers are stocking new items daily, and the parking is NOT as bad as you might be thinking!  

P.S. Stars sale coming REAL soon!!


A few more finished pieces ~ Outdated and UPdated

Using lots of the Robin’s egg blue these days.  I’ve got the beacy blue theme going at Stars right now, and a beach themed ‘truck show’ coming up soon.

Even mid-century modern furniture works for the shabby beach look!

I only distressed this one a wee bit, and mostly along the edges.

Here’s the ‘before’ picture.

Little 2 drawer night stand.  What do you think of the ‘double knobs’ instead of a handle?  I KNOW how difficult it is to ‘match up pull holes’ on old furniture.  Newer pulls have the screws closer together.  I ALMOST filled the holes before I painted this one so that I could use different pulls.  But I got LAZY and didn’t and then I really didn’t like the old pulls and none of the others I had would fit.  Hence, the double knobs because I had to fill two holes.  It’ different, at least!

I heavily distressed this one. 

Here it is, before.

SERIOUSLY damaged top!

Final project, a coffee table.

Distressed top.

And the before!

August 1, 2008 ~ Here’s what’s new in the store.


And of course, a Halloween tree!  (sorry about the bad photo!)

Some new gift baskets filled with bath/body products:

Ane even some gifts for your four legged friends!

These are the COOLEST things ever!  A doggie water bottle (with a clip even) and a flip down BOWL so they can easily drink!  Perfect for the dog on the go!

Mini alphabet rubber stamps sets make a great gift for the crafter, scrapbooker or cardmaker.  There are a DOZEN different font styles!  Fun to mix and match!

NEW CALENDARS ARE IN!  16 month 2009 calendars.

Gifts for baby:

AWESOME vintage white chest of drawers




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A couple more frames

Remember these ???? 

I finally got a few of the frames repainted.  Just went with black; distressed for a bit of the boue to show through.

Waiting for a bare spot on the wall so I can HANG IT.  Will probably paint a few of them white next.

I haven’t repainted any of the canvases yet, BUT, the glitter that was on them that I thought was going to be an ‘issue’ to work around, DID indeed come right off with a wet towel (as a reader suggested I try)

This plain brown boring thrift store frame was given a ‘beachy’ makeover.


The ‘distressing’ never shows up as well in the photos as it does in person!

FINAL DAY: Spring break project marathon, and yes, it’s snowing again this morning!

Has that been EVERY day for the last six days now?!?!?  I’ve lost count!  We had a few nice sun breaks yesterday and got a fair amount accomplished.  Here are a few more pictures:

This was an old porch post.  Michael cut it in half so I could make two big candle pedestals from it. 

I decided the base needed more WEIGHT, so I added another beveled square plaque (from the craft store)  So the base is now two craft store plaques and a square hunk of 2×6.

Here they are all painted up, but not ‘finished’.  I’ll add candles of course.  Always have to have a candle in a candle holder before I put it out for sale.  But they need some kind of adornment also.  Not sure just what yet.

Old slat seat child’s chairs:

Now in pretty cottage colors!

Michael is back to work today.  I have one more day off, and lots of little things to finish up.  Seems like I’ve been gone from the store FOREVER!