Shabby Paris apartment style ~ bistro table and chairs

This is the ‘how I did it’ for the bistro table and chairs shown in the previous post for our space at the antique mall.  Michael ‘scrounged’ these two patio chairs. 

About fifteen years ago I LOVED hunter green!  ACK!!!  The chairs are very sturdy, just an outdated color and a few rusty spots.

We cleaned them up real good and gave them a coat of flat black paint.  I ‘could have’ sanded down the rust spots and used Rustoleum paint to prevent them from rusting again, but I wanted them to retain that worn texture.  I don’t have a very good picture of them after I painted them.   Wasn’t thinking that a picture taken in the booth would not show them off very well because they are so ‘see through’.  My bad!

For the table I started with this old rusty Mediteranean style bar stool base.  Very heavy!  I just cleaned it up and sprayed it iwth a clear coat to keep the rust from ‘shedding’.

Michael attached a scrounged plywood top to the base. I painted it robin’s egg blue; then stamped on a Fleur de lis pattern using a foam stamp and acrylic craft paint.

I wanted the pattern to look a little worn in spots, so I did FOUR impressions per paint loading of the stamp.  That way I’d have less sanding to do afterwards!  (I’m LAZY!!!)

I flipped the stamp upside down for every other row.

PERFECT!  I love the ‘wallpaper’ effect of this stamp!  I’ve used it a few other times as on the backing of shelves (stamped white on a pastel background).    HERE and HERE   Just enough pattern to add interest, but not be distracting.

Then I gave it a couple of coats of a water based water proof matte acrylic varnish. 

Here it is in our booth at the antique mall.

And here’s one of the chairs that you can barely see.



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