“Happily Ever After” ~ New wall space display.

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get the new booth display posted.  Been dealing with a LOT of things all at once.  Finally feeling settled enough to get caught up on my blog.


The theme for May is “Happily Ever After”.  Wedding decor.  Mostly whites with touches of gold, silver, pale pink and blue.  LOTS of vintage milk glass.

Here are some of the major elements that might be a little hard to see once they are filled with displayed smalls.  Lots of shabby white tables and shelves.

Some of the hand crafted elements.  ‘Happily Ever After’ banners made using vintage sheet music and book pages.  Bride to be crowns.  Vintage paper feathers.  Hand stitched vintage lace and felt hearts.

Vintage shabby white candelabras and metal filigree lanterns.

Most of the small shelves can be wall hung OR set on a flat surface.

I couldn’t fit ALL the milk glass and cake stands in the wall booth.  Lots more to explore in my bigger booth.

As always, aqua and turquoise.  Vintage chenille spread and coverlet.  Little aqua stuffed hearts made from vintage chenille cutter spread.  Trugs with vintage wood legs as handles, and pretty dessert stands.


Front view of my big booth.


As much of what was leftover from last months booth display as I could fit, has been moved over to my bit booth.  Bird nests, jars of eggs and moss, jars of natural elements, bark, moss, dried flowers and pods.  Some of the burlap items.

And lots of the assorted galvanized stuff.  Including that cute 12 hole cubby shelf!!


SNOW?!?!?! Are you KIDDING me?!?!?!

I’m not kidding.  It’s snowing!  They even got snow at the COAST yesterday.  What’s up with that????

DAY ONE of my spring break project marathon was not as productive as I had hoped.  Very wet.  Very cold!  Very windy!

I spent the day back and forth, between rain downpours stepping over lots of puddles in the driveway

to get to my covered outside work area, only to have it be too windy to do much.  Michael’s work day ended early because of the weather, so he hung a tarp on one side if the canopy to block the wind so I could at least got SOMETHING productive done for the day. 

I got a few table primed with KILZ spray:

A pair of these little brown tables; bought at different places and different times but exactly the same!

And this tall ‘already white but in need of freshening up’ table with a little drawer.

Had to pop the knob off in order to sand off the topiary picture.  I’m leaning towards painting this one PINK so I can use one of the the pretty pink ceramic rose knobs I just got for the drawer.

Then I worked inside the WARM, DRY house for a bit, painting this backing design with a foam stamp.  And Michael put the backing on the shelf, which I had painted a while ago.  It’s an old picture frame and he built the shelf to fit on the front of it.

So, this much was done:

And I grabbed a couple of childs chairs I had primed a while back to take inside to paint.  Chairs are my LEAST favorite thing to paint.  It just takes sooooooooooooooo long!  Getting the top and bottom and front and back and letting the paint dry between each step.  And then there are ALWAYS a few spots that I seem to have missed!

Michael decided he needed a nap and the sun came out so I scrambled out to finish getting the stuff that needed to be worked on out of the trailer and under cover. 

Managed to get this old green and brown (I’d have LOVED this color combo in the early 90’s!) painted black and distressed the top.

And these two pieces, which I had painted black a few weeks ago, sanded.

That’s a child size chair if you were wondering why the table is so tall!  The table top is made from an old linseed oil crate.  Here’s a picture of underneath:

And here is what it looks like outside today:

At least Michael had time last night to move the table saw out of the way in the workshop so I can get some sanding done in there today.  It’s still COLD in there (concrete floor and no heat) but at least it’s dry!  And I am determined to get caught up on these projects since I’ve closed the store for the week!