Adding just a little color

Pair of pretty shell prints in monochromatic color scheme.  Initially I had looked at these ‘just for the frames’; but the frames were not removable.  I really liked the pictures, and usually I’m all about monochrome colors.  These were just TOO bland for me.

I have always liked this kind of ‘text book’ drawing; so I decided to buy them and see how difficult it would be to repaint the frames with NOT being able to remove them.

The hardest part of this quick make-over was taping the paper over the glass to protect it while I painted the frames.


A couple of quick coats of paint; then some sanding (sand BEFORE you removed the paper covering the glass!).  Just a touch of color; the distressing brings out the original frame color to coordinate with the pictures.

Which do you like better?  Original color or the aqua?

Been doing more sorting than crafting lately . . .

I’m TRYING my best to stay focused on sorting through the 40+ bins of leftover product from the show (since this was my LAST show!) and deciding the fate of each item.  Some will go to my booth at Stars SOON; some set aside for Stars later.  Some to go on etsy now, and some later on.  Then I have a pile of stuff that I want/need to ‘re-work’.  And a pile of  stuff that is destined for donating to the thrift store.

All that is keeping my PHYSICALLY plenty busy.  But my brain wants to PLAY with new craft stuff and ideas!  sigh.  Looks like a nice sunny day ahead today, so I will take advantage of that and head outdoors to paint some bigger pieces.

Here are a few little projects I’ve been ‘sneaking into’ the sorting schedule of late:

BIG, plain white flower urn I got at a rummage sale.  It was just TOO plain!  I added some tulle and shells.

And filled it with twigs; which kind of remind me of beach grass.

Also made this framed shells piece.  That’s SANDPAPER on the back!  I prefer to leave the back ‘open’ if my shells are big enough to attach to the frame, like these that are listed on etsy:

But, I’ve been having a hard time finding the smaller frames lately, and seen to have an abundance of the larger ones.  Time to improvise!

ANOTHER batch of old books with covers torn off.  Gotta get them when I can; and rummage sales are always the cheapest to buy them from.  Getting harder to find the really OLD bound hard back books that have ‘interesting’ ends when you tear the covers off.    So I decided to add some of my own interest!  And added strips of tea stained paper to some of these (the ones where the GLUE shows too much) and just sponged some tea stain directly onto the edge of some that were just too WHITE.

Can you tell the difference?  Above are UNaltered ones.

The REALLY tattered looking hard back books are my very favorites.  Alas, the are hard to find and even harder to find at the right price.

Some of the small bundles display nicely under a cloche.

I still cannot believe that Pottery Barn sells little bundles of books like this for $30.00+?!?!  I sell mine at Stars starting at $6.00 for the small paperback bundles like above.  Here is the Pottery Barn ad for their book bundles:

The Comforting $39 Book Bundle

vid readers know that a stack of books can be a comforting sight. We’ve taken authentic vintage books and turned them into art objects by removing their covers and binding them together in sets of four. Neutral in color with deckled and uneven pages, they bring relaxed style to a bookcase, mantel or side table.

• Approximately 8.5″ wide x 6″ deep x 4.5″ high
• Each bundle features four real books with covers removed so that they are all paper.
• Pages are glued shut and books are tied together with twine.
• Purely decorative; contents and titles are not important.

Above is the picture from the PB catalog.  Personally, I fail to see enough of a difference to justify a price of nearly SIX TIMES as much!?!?  Do you???

Sometimes the ends are tattered enough to ‘leave be’.  I like to alter them in a stack with the grubby pages facing out on every other book, like this.