It’s time for the STARS SUMMER SALE!


Sale runs Thursday, July 13th through Sunday, July 16th; 11am – 6pm

***Look for the % off sale signs in each individual booth; and as ALWAYS, everything in MY booth is 50% off during the sale.

Just added these awesome upcycled Mannequins / dress forms to my booth.  The female form includes the wrought iron base, but it’s not ‘attached’ for easier transport.

Just added this nice BIG metal shelf to my booth, so now I can display more of my vintage Ironstone dishware all in one place; instead of spread out all over the booth.

But ‘some’ of the Ironstone is still ‘elsewhere’ in my booth.


All kinds of cloches!!  Pillar candle pedestals and cupcake stands make great bases for cloches.

Everything just looks better under a cloche!

Come on by and see what’s new. . . er OLD!


STARS ANTIQUE MALL end of summer sale



It’s time for our famous End of Summer Sidewalk Sale.  There will be plenty of bargains to choose from inside & outside this weekend.

The sale starts Saturday, Sept 4th at 10am **we are opening one hour earlier each day of the sale!!! & ends Monday, Sept 6th at 5pm.  
Go to our website,  & check out what each dealer’s % off is for this sale.
Come to shop. Don’t go home empty-handed. And always buy what you love.
>>>>>>>I’ll be offering 25% off all regular priced items in our space during the sale.

WHERE have I been and WHAT have I been doing, because I sure haven’t been keeping up on posting to my blog?!?!?!?

Ahhhhh . . . it’s THAT time of year!  It does not matter how well prepared I am or HOW far ahead I plan; THIS time of year there just are NEVER enough hours in the day!  And of course this year I had to add in a SIDEWALK SALE, just for fun!

The sidewalk sale is THIS SATURDAY,

OCTOBER 4TH; 10am – 2pm

And we’ve got a LOT of stuff!

Michael has been sorting through his piles of junk (good junk!) and I’ve been cleaning out the craft room of stuff I will NEVER get around to using!  It’s all loaded up in the trailer and ready to go to the store on Saturday morning.  The sale will be outside, in front of the empty space next door.  (but under cover.  Of course it’s supposed to RAIN on Saturday!)   Rain seldom stops a true Oregonian anyhow!  And you can park right at the curb, so it’s just a few steps to the awning where the sale will be.

Michael will be outside running the sidewalk sale separately from the store, but of course the store is open too.  Lots of ‘quick to finish’ things in the sidewalk sale.  Unfinished wood book shelves, and lots of NICE plywood scraps for crafting or building yourself.  (this is the wood we use for practically EVERYTHING we build!  Nice stuff!  GREAT prices!)  Cedar planter boxes and scraps of cedar to build your own.  LOTS of little wood cut-outs for the decorative painter.

And of course some good OLD junk!  Here are a few pictures:

The baggies full of stuff are priced PER BAG!

MORE pictures here in our PictureTrail album (but STILL not pictures of EVERYTHING!)


AND if that weren’t enough to keep me busy for a while, the store is now open Wednesday – Saturday until Christmas.  I am busy ‘re-organizing’ the store to make room for Christmas, which will be arriving over the next couple of weeks.  Should be all ‘decked out’ by mid-month! 

THEN, it’s time to get ready for the fall shows!  And as if I weren’t busy enough already . . . I’m going to be doing ANOTHER show in addition to my usual two!  The former owners of Gingerberry Cottage (they closed their store summer 2007) are doing a show here in Hillsboro.  I’ll be adding that info later along with the other show information.




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Sophie’s Summer Sidewalk Sale!

This Friday and Saturday, August 10th & 11th

10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


All of it at least half price.  Much of it just a dollar!  I’ve been stashing away boxes of stuff for the sidewalk sale since last fall, so there really is a lot of it.  Decor items from ALL the seasons.  A great time to get started on some early holiday shopping!

DON’T MISS IT!  Many other stores in the complex are participating too.