I’ve got the BEACHY BLUES! (My color formula for success)

Latest pictures of my booths at Stars.  LOTS of beach blues and whites:

I honestly don’t know if I’ll EVER tire of this beautiful ‘beach blue’ color!

Beach themed decor is pretty ‘timeless’ and will always be ‘in style’ .

Sprinkle in LOTS of vintage white dishes and watch it SELL!

SOME of the white dishes seem to sell better ‘seasonally’ (like tureens and gravy boats at the holidays).  But the basics; plates, bowls, canisters, PITCHERS and sugar bowls etc are good sellers ALL the time.

But I still ‘gather’ and stock the ‘seasonal’ white dishware year round (when space permits!).  It’s not just about making a sale TODAY, but also CULTIVATING future sales.  Those customers who NEED some new serving dishes for the holidays will remember where to get them if they’ve seen them in your booth year round.

I suppose  I’d HAVE to come up with a ‘new favorite color’ if the beachy blue stuff stopped selling.  But for now, I’ve got NO WORRIES in the department!

It all sells as quickly as I can get it stocked!

Building up a successful selling venue (of ANY kind!) is about finding OR creating your own little niche in the marketplace.  It can take a bit of trial and error.  But when you find that niche, don’t be afraid to really go BIG with it.

I seriously doubt that most shoppers in the antique mall will remember the NAME of my booth.  Or even which AISLE it is in (and there are ONLY 4 aisles!) But they WILL remember the turquoise!  And the staff will know exactly which booth they are talking about when they say ‘the booth with all the blue’!

Fancy Schmancy marketing companies would call that ‘branding’.  It’s JUST as important for a small business as it is for a big business.

I TRIED to ‘go with the popular flow’ when we had our other booth at Camas, and did mostly whites.  And I DO like that look too; to an extent.  But EVERYONE DOES WHITE!  And every booth looks the same.

And the white just did NOT work for us.  Not at ALL!  We pulled out of our space at Camas due to slow sales.  Meanwhile, things continue to be quite good at Stars.

And of course I add in snippets of other colors now and then.  I like to add a lot of whites in the spring/summer.  And they DO sell well for me at Stars, and mixed in the the beachy blues.

And in the fall I try to add some browns, then some black in the winter months.  But the beachy blue is my STAPLE.  MY SIGNATURE COLOR.

What’s YOUR signature color/item/ style in your selling venue?