Feeling ‘floral’

I don’t do flowers much.  Not that I don’t like them (because I do!).  I just don’t feel like I have the ‘knack’.  But of course I’m always BUYING silk flowers that catch my eye when I’m at the craft store.  They pile up in a basket in the back room until one day I finally pull them out and DO SOMETHING with them.  Usually something VERY simple.  Here’s yesterday’s foray into putting together some floral accents for the store:

Artificial rosehips tucked around a grapevine wreath.  This was originally a rosehips SWAG that ‘got beat up’ traveling to the spring shows.  So I took it apart, cut out the ‘owies’ and reused the good stuff.  Even had enough left to do another small wreath:

This next one I used three ‘mixed picks’ and one candle ring (cut in two):

Very simple pink peony wreath made from two bunches, cut apart and attached individually:

Gerbera bouquet made from two bunches, again just cut apart; and tied together with some pretty ribbon:

More often thatn not, THIS is how I end up using the florals I buy!  Just tuck them into a basket!