My booth at Stars Antique Mall

I know I’ve been posting a LOT about the upcoming Rebel Junk Marketplace in Hillsboro, Oregon; and seemingly doing nothing BUT prepare for the show.  But I have still been adding new inventory to my booth at Stars every week, as I always do.  Here’s a little peek at some of the recent additions:


LOVE these little Valentine gift ‘bags’ that I upcycled.

I’m really not certain if ‘gift bags’ is the right thing to call them.  They are more like little ‘boxes’ made out of lightweight cardboard.  I have no idea what I originally intended to do with them when I bought them; or even when or where I bought them in the first place.  But they were in my Valentine supply box and I decided it was time to ‘use them or lose (donate) them’.  I’m in serious paring down mode so that I don’t need to rent a storage unit anymore.

In the top left picture you can see what they originally looked like.  I only covered them with the old dictionary page on 3 sides.  (trying to keep it a ‘quick and easy’ project!)  Then I glued a strip of pink ribbon along the top and tied it in a knot.  Then I added some little scrapbook embellishments . . . just whatever I had on hand.  I was going to add a piece of tissue paper to give them some ‘oomph’ and keep them looking nicely fluffed up; but thought I see if paper doilies would work.  Just the perfect little extra touch.  These are available in my booth at Stars for $1.00 each.

These red cones were leftover Christmas trees from LONG ago.  (I think clear back when we had our shop!)  I had filled them with cello bags of wrapped candies in the past and added a chenille handle.  I had a package of ‘hearts on a stick’ and put two in each cone along with some paper shred (I ‘blend’ my own paper shred) then tied on a tag that I printed with some bakers twine.  The tag reads “Forever, for always and no matter what.”  I only had three of these, so I displayed them on the little black wire shelf along with the little gift bags.


I had bought some of these ‘honeycomb’ hearts a while back to use for display, but decided to go ahead and sell them this year.  I opened up one of them, and left the other two ‘flattened’ for easier transport.


For some reason I had the ‘lid only’ of this old heart shaped box.  I added some embellishments and made it into a wall hanging.  The ‘arrow’ on the box was made from the one extra ‘heart on a stick’ leftover from the cones.  (there were 7 hearts in a package) I glued some cardboard on for the tip of the arrow and glittered it to match the heart end.  Used some leftover red Christmas ribbon to glue all around the edge of the box and tied it into a bow at the top.

Then I tied on a little ‘True Love” tag, which I printed myself; with baker’s twine.  really trying to keep my upcycles ‘simple and quick’ so I can price them lower; so they will hopefully SELL faster!

A couple of upcycled mini Valentine themed mini mannequins.

Vintage Ironstone bunny covered casserole dish, and an English gravy boat with attached liner.  I especially like the ones that have the liners attached like this one does.

Some ‘Love Potion No.9’ upcycled bottles.

Some cool newly found hobnail Milk Glass containers.  (and a few more that I am taking in tomorrow!  I’ve been finding a lot of the hobnail Milk Glass lately.)

Upcycled jar lantern with tea stained lace and rusty tin heart.  A big ole tub of letters to spell out just about anything your heart desires!

Upcycled apothecary jars and vintage and upcycled medicine bottles.

PLENTY of hand stitched and stuffed felt hearts still.  (there will be some of each of these colors/styles at the Rebel Junk Market too!)

Stars in open 7 days a week; 11am – 6pm.

By JOVE! I think I’ve got it!!

I think I finally figured out my new digital camera and how to make the files smaller!  woo-hoo!!  

I ended up having to go to the doctor last week for my latest two bee stings.  The red welt from the one on my hand was traveling UP my arm; and the welt from the sting near my elbow was traveling DOWN my arm and I had a ONE INCH strip on my arm where you could see them almost ready to overlap!  I looked like I had a ‘Popeye’ arm!  Remember when he ate his spinach and he got ginormous forearms?  Yep, I was looking pretty freakish!

I took this pic the day after my doctor’s appt and steroid shot, so the swelling had started going down quite a bit.  It looks like a bad BURN, doesn’t it?  Felt like it too!  And I have NO IDEA what the white ‘worm looking thing’ in the middle of the red spot is?!?!  But it’s STILL there and while the redness is mostly gone, that whole area feels like alligator skin!  YUK!

SO, anyhow . . . . I HAD to get to the doctor and take whatever appointment I could get at the last minute; and it was my errand and stock at Stars day.  I ended up being about 20 minutes early for my appt, so I got out my camera and ‘fiddled with it’ to get the flash turned off and adjust the file size of the pictures.  don’t ask me HOW I did.  I just did and that’s all that matters, right?  So NOW I can finally post new pictures from Stars!

The ‘wall booth’ hasn’t changed too much.  And THAT needs to change!  Just not sure WHAT I want to do with it next.  Maybe I’ll make it my ‘holiday space’ for the rest of the year???

I am not fond of the color orange, at ALL.  But I LOVE this orange and aqua fabric on the aqua chair.  I wish I’d bought MORE of it to make some throw pillows and maybe a foot stool.

It’s sitting on top of an upcycled round table.

Starfish painted around the rim of the table.



Two of these lamps with clear SEQUINS on them!





MIGHT have to bring this little step ladder home this week, if it hasn’t sold.  Saw a flea market mag today that had one used as a table base; and I have the perfect oval piece of wood I could use!









I’ve also been listing a LOT of new stuff in my  etsy shop.