MEGA FRUGAL DEAL! Five of my e-books for the price of ONE.

Buy one e-book and get four more FREE!  Five e-book for less than $1.20 each!! Nope, it’s not a typo; and however you word it, it’s a GREAT DEAL! 

To encourage you to ‘get crafty’ this year and $ave a bit,  even if you’re not really the crafty kind, I am offering a MEGA FRUGAL holiday e-book deal in my etsy shop that you just can’t afford NOT to buy.  For just $5.95 (the regular price of my  Snowballs e-book ) GET the snowball book and these other four books: 

Make your own snowtex

Grubby chenille candy canes

Frugal holiday gift and decor

The witch is in

****Keep in mind that each book (except the witch one) contains MULTIPLE ideas and projects.  A GREAT value even at their regular price.  A CRAZY GOOD value for a limited time.    (expires 12-4-2011)

This post would become waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy too long if I added the pictures and descriptions of each e-book.  The best way to explore is to click on the titles, which will take you to each etsy listing; to view the complete descriptions and see several pictures from each book. 

My New Year’s Resolution = $AVING$ for YOU on my e-books!

I know!  Took me long enough to decide on my New Years resolution!  I just wanted to be SURE that it was something that  I would REALLY do.   I decided I want to be even MORE encouraging to those who are still avoiding tackling some trash to treasure projects. 

I’ll continue to post on the blog as I always have.  But I’m realizing that now that we no longer have our store, we don’t ‘as steadily’ have projects to post.  To that end, I have decided to PERMANENTLY lower the prices on all my BIG e-books in my etsy shop. 

Books that were originally priced as high as $29.95 will, hereafter, be priced no higher than $10.00!  AND to get things rolling I’m having a special ‘count down sale’ on the three ‘just reduced’ e-books:

Second Hand Style

Frugal Beach Cottage Decor

Outdated / Updated

One copy of each of those books has been listed at $1.00 each.  One of each listed at $2.00, and $3.00 and so on up to the final regular price of $10.00.  The sooner you buy, the MORE you can save.