Beach cottage decor in my etsy shop

It’s been a while since I blogged about my etsy shop; so here you go!  A post about the great beach cottage decor items in my blog.

LOTS of Framed white fingerling starfish.

Great hung alone, or in a group.

OR hang a sea glass wreath with a couple of framed starfish.

 This is the very LAST of the sea glass wreaths that I will EVER be making.  I had stumbled upon a ‘once in a lifetime’ AMAZING buy on the glass to make these; and I’ve finally used it all up.


For as ‘simple’ as they appear to be; they are EXTREMELY time consuming to make also.  There is NO way I could actually charge for the amount of time I put into them. Lesson learned.   Even though they were so labor intensive that they can’t be make ‘profitably’; they really are beautiful in person.

When I first got the sea glass and was sorting through it, I had set aside a few ‘extra pretty’ pieces.  Some uniquely shaped; perfectly round or square or like gumdrops.  they were just too special to mix in with all the other pieces on the wreaths.  So, I put together some little ‘treasure’ boxes for them.

I custom blended this glitter for these mermaid crowns.

And of course, beach cottage SIGNS in my etsy shop!

HALF OFF ANY ONE SIGN IN MY ETSY SHOP – Through June 12, 2015 only

I usually do a ‘half price sign of the month’ in my etsy shop.  As the end of May is fast approaching as well as my impending move; I was pondering what the next sale sign should be, since it’s availability will be shortened when I take my shop ‘off line’ for the move.

I’ve got a HUGE inventory of signs made for my etsy shop, which is usually a gratifying feeling.  Notsomuch when I think about packing and moving them though.  So, I smashed those two conundrums together and came up with a “HALF OFF ANY ONE SIGN SALE” in my etsy shop; now through June 12, 2015.  (the date I take my shop off-line to move.)

Read through this listing in my etsy shop for the particulars of how to get your 50% off any one ready made sign in my etsy shop.  (simply enter the specified coupon code at check-out)





***  OFFER EXPIRES JUNE 12, 2015.


This is a ONE TIME offer that I will probably never EVER run again,  So if you’ve been wanting one of my signs, but holding off because of the price . . . get your half price sign NOW.  

Visit my etsy shop HERE.


New month, new half price sign special in my etsy shop.

il_570xN.619626373_sb4mSmall laundry sign regularly priced at $19.95; now just $10.00 (+ shipping)  Sale valid via my etsy shop only.

il_570xN.619510140_4nl0I just made a nice big batch of them for this sale; lots of colors to choose from too.

il_570xN.619510200_czddSale price is valid on current existing inventory only.  Sale ends at the end of the month OR when current stock sells out; whichever comes FIRST.  More of the small laundry signs will be listed again thereafter, but will then sell at the regular price.

NEW signs in my etsy shop and Stars

Here are some close up pictures of some new ‘original’ sign designs in my etsy shop and my booth st Stars.







NEW SIGNS in my etsy shop

Put a few of my newest stencils to work and got some new signs made for my etsy shop  AND for the upcoming EVERY HUSBAND;S NIGHTMARE BAZAAR!

P1130290Retro style EAT signs.


Great reminder!

P1130302Any Grandmas out there??


LOVE this one!!!

P1130315Great Easter sign!

P1130362You KNOW you want to say it sometimes!!




Yes, I will be returning to Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar as a vendor; but NOT with as humongous of a set up as I used to do.  Just signs now.  The show is NEXT WEEK at the Washington county Fairgrounds in Hillsboro.

New signs in my etsy shop

Just added a new batch of signs to my etsy shop:

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 013 4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 013Small size MAN CAVE signs.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 023In assorted colors and sizes! Also available in my booths at Stars and Curiosities.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 025Two sizes of SIMPLIFY signs.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 030And different colors.  The SIMPLIFY signs also stocked in both booths.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 043

In two sizes and other colors.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 047Princess sign is ONLY on etsy for now.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 051Available in some pretty new colors.  I also have a matching “Prince” stencil; just no signs made yet!

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 055Two sizes and several colors of Memories sign.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 068Mini Happily ever after sign (shelf sitter size) on etsy only.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 072Relax!  


Direct link to my etsy shop:

CLICK HERE to go directly to my etsy shop home page.  I so a post every so often and SHOW many of the new stuff here on my blog.  But if you’d rather just GO THERE and look around; that link will get you there.


Getting rid of a lots of ‘odds and ends’, primitive and folk art items and supplies in my etsy shop.

 Click  HERE to go directly to the de-stash listings.  For a LIMITED TIME, I am offering FREE SHIPPING when you purchase 3 or more of the de-stash items.  

That’s on DE-STASH ITEMS ONLY.  It mus SAY ‘de-stash’ or ‘destash’ in the listing to qualify for the free shipping.  And you must buy at LEAST 3 listings; no limit though as to how many MORE you can buy all at once and get free shipping on.

Shipping within the US only.

Read the info at the top of my etsy page for the coupon code for the free shipping.

New in my etsy shop

Just got a new batch of stencils and have been working on some new signs for my etsy shop:

Wedding themed things seem to be selling really well for me on etsy right now, so I’ve decided to expand that category.








Several sets of big and small pretty glass apothecary jars to use on a ‘candy buffet’ .

Some collage type paperback journals.



Some vintage white collectibles and dishware.





Pair of hand stitched grey folk art stars with tag and key.


If you haven’t been in a while,  please take a peek!

There are still some of the special DISCOUNTED E-BOOK bundles available!  But they’ll be gone soon!


Ain’t love grand?!?!

Well, my friends, I finally did.  I’ve been THREATENING to and wanting to and TRYING to for a couple of YEARS now .. . .and I finally managed to buckle down and ‘giterdun’!  Of course I’m talking about building up my etsy  shop into a REAL STORE.  As of this moment, I have 241 listings; and many of those have extra quantities available, so probably 500 ITEMS, within those 241 listings!!!  And yes, (thankyoufornoticing!) as a matter of fact, I AM bragging on myself a bit!  I have seriously wanting to get this done for YEARS!

And amongst all those new listings is a new WEDDING SECTION.  Which is yet another thing that has been on my mental “TO DO” list for almost as long.

With so many listings in my etsy shop now, AND really WORKING my shop (listing new items or renewing existing listings almost every day!) I’m finding it harder and harder to post pictures in the blog of those new items.  So, please PLEASE click on one if the highlighted links and go take a peek!    I’ll ‘dig’ for a few pictures.  I HATE blog posts that don’t hand any pictures!

Shabby chic set of frames.

Set of jute bottles WITH white fingerling starfish.

Vintage angels and cloches collection.

A BEACHY version of the KEEP CALM and CARRY ON sign.

To go along with the traditional one with a crown.

An updated version of the SEASIDE COTTAGE sign.

I’m starting to add bigger sizes of the same signs now too.  (not really my own idea.  Had a customer request a bigger size of one of the signs and figured it would be a good idea to pick up and run with!)

Mostly making the bigger sizes of the signs in the wedding section for now.

The extra border space makes them better for using as wedding photo props.  Then of course, hanging in the home after the wedding!

AND experimenting with a few now COLORS.  (Custom colors are welcome on ANY of my signs)

And here is THE WEDDING SIGN SET.  This is the DELUXE version, with the bigger border.  There are SIX different signs available, but you can order JUST the ones you really want/need.  Directional points can be added upon request.

OR you can have separate signs made for your directional arrows, like this.

This just shows the ivory vs. white; but ANY color can be ordered.  (although so far everyone has ordered one of these.)

I’m also offering an ECONOMY set; the smaller sign above.

The ECONOMY set offers all the same words at the DELUXE set; it’s just a smaller SIGN.  (the words are the SAME size though!)  These wedding sign sets must be CUSTOM ORDERED, with a 4 week production time.

Fun photo prop signs!

Garden sign.

Sweet wedding or anniversary gift sign!

Sweet little wedding cake topper birds with crowns!