NEW STUFF in my etsy shop

I’ve been adding LOTS of new items to my etsy shop.  Here’s a quick peek.  CLICK HERE   for the complete tour!














































MORE Halloween and fall decor coming VERY SOON!  

Big CRAFT SUPPLY DE-STASH SALE coming soon too!

WHERE is our summer?!?!?!?

It’s been raining for almost a week now.  sigh.  I really COUNT ON being able to get a lot of furniture painted outside this time of year, to hold me over for the long, wet winter when I can’t paint outside.  Feels like we had a week of summer and it’s FALL already.  But I guess this isn’t as bad as the crazy heat wave so much of the res of the country in enduring right now.  SO, since I can’t work on my painting projects, I’ve been working on listing new stuff in my etsy shop:

A very shabby chic pair of vintage cast plaster cherubs.

Vintage soup tureen WITH the plate and ladle!!  (almost NEVER find them with the ladles!)

A couple of different sets of three vintage apothecary jars.


 Bentwood canisters with vintage postcard labels. 

Two different tea light birds with nest in a jar.


 Trio of vintage pretty bottles.

 Vintage wood bowl with five handstitched vintage quilt hearts.

Two different sea glass wreaths.


Pair of vintage clear glass vases.


My New Year’s Resolution = $AVING$ for YOU on my e-books!

I know!  Took me long enough to decide on my New Years resolution!  I just wanted to be SURE that it was something that  I would REALLY do.   I decided I want to be even MORE encouraging to those who are still avoiding tackling some trash to treasure projects. 

I’ll continue to post on the blog as I always have.  But I’m realizing that now that we no longer have our store, we don’t ‘as steadily’ have projects to post.  To that end, I have decided to PERMANENTLY lower the prices on all my BIG e-books in my etsy shop. 

Books that were originally priced as high as $29.95 will, hereafter, be priced no higher than $10.00!  AND to get things rolling I’m having a special ‘count down sale’ on the three ‘just reduced’ e-books:

Second Hand Style

Frugal Beach Cottage Decor

Outdated / Updated

One copy of each of those books has been listed at $1.00 each.  One of each listed at $2.00, and $3.00 and so on up to the final regular price of $10.00.  The sooner you buy, the MORE you can save.


New in my etsy shop

A few new listings in my etsy shop:

SO cute!!!  Vintage and very well LOVED, Beatrix Potter story book in FRENCH!!!

Anyone have a MAJOR sewing project coming up???  I’ve got a ‘lot of 26 zippers for sale!

A couple more sets of bowl fillers.  Several have sold already.  LOTS stocked in our spaces at Camas and Stars.  Working on MORE for the FJS show next month.   And will have more ‘year round kinds’  for etsy again soon.


Some of these red metal glittered love signs at both malls as well as my etsy shop.

Stream punk anyone???  Got lots of old watches to take apart and use for steam punk crafts!

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