Creating new sign designs

Been doing some more ‘mixing & matching’ with my stencils to create some new sign designs.  

6.14.14 projects etsy 022

I honestly can’t decide which top/bottom border I like best.  Which do you think looks best and why?  The original stencil was like the one on the right, but with the border at the bottom ONLY.  I really prefer the ‘balance’ of the borders on the top and bottom.

6.14.14 projects etsy 024I designed this specialty sign shape a while back upon request from an etsy customer.  The customer flaked out on buying the custom sign, which left me with the leftover special sign shape.  What do you think about the borders at the top and bottom of this one??

I’m really trying to stay away from using the stencils ‘as purchased’ by changing things up a bit and creating more unique designs.  etsy is getting bigger and BIGGER and there is starting to be a LOT of the SAME items being offered by a multitude of different shops.  Hoping that having designs that they don’t see all over the place and over and over again will give my sales a much needed boost.

6.14.14 projects etsy 039New style “Junk Collector” sign.  (Original stencil that I purchased was JUST the words; plain and simple.)


And it’s a perfectly fine sign like that.  I’m just trying to create more signs that people haven’t ‘seen everywhere’ already.

6.14.14 projects etsy 045

New style “Salle de Bains” sign; again, I just added the borders.

6.14.14 projects etsy 056“Parisserie” with borders.  Can’t decide if I like this one better, or the “French Patisserie” below better.

il_570xN.540183434_gld2With “French” being is such fancy scrolled letters, I’m thinking the borders would be TOO much added to this one.

6.14.14 projects etsy 057

ALTHOUGH . . . . the scroll lettering on this “Guest Room” works fine with the added borders.   hmmmmmm . . . .just MIGHT have to give “French Patisserie” with the borders a try!

6.14.14 projects etsy 065And this is the sign that the borders came on.

6.14.14 projects etsy 088“Laundry” has become my top selling sign; and I do already have it in several versions and sizes.  Just added this one to my repertoire.

6.14.14 projects etsy 080Bathroom signs are a close second in sign popularity in my etsy shop; so I added this new design.

Looks like a string of dry days are headed our way.  I feel a furniture painting marathon coming on!

Pictures of completed signs

Here are the individual pictures of those stacks of signs I showed yesterday.  Some of each have gone to both antique malls; and are now also available in my etsy shop;

P1070675New, BIGGER ‘MEMORIES” sign.  smaller version still available too.

P1070677BIG ‘SEASIDE MEMORIES’ sign.  *(the above bigger memories sign is made using this same stencil!)

P1070684“ALWAYS KISS ME GOODNIGHT” in two styles.


Small ‘DREAM’ sign is several different sizes and colors.  (using up all my scraps of wood!)

P1070552New BIG chandelier plaque!  (my favorite!!)  Thinking that I might need to get some ‘glimmer paint’ to use for making the next batch if chandelier stencils.  Too tacky???

P1070578Smaller chandeliers.

P1070575And another small chandelier.

P1070585Bird with a CROWN in a birdcage.

P1070587Smaller shelf sitter ‘La Toilette’ signs.  (these are made of thicker wood so they will stand on their own on a shelf.  But I’ll gladly add a hanger on the back upon request, and at no charge.)

P1070595More BIGGER ‘La Toilette’ signs.  *(FUN FACT:  Bathroom signs {in ANY language} are my best letters on etsy!  Go figure?!)

P1070599And another French bathroom sign!!

P1070611I’ll be curious to see if this one sells as well as the French bathroom signs!

P1070606Guest room.

P1070616Bar sign.  Might offer a ‘personalized’ version of this sign too.

P1070632I think this is my 5th or 6th style of a PARIS sign.  Maybe I’ll offer a set that includes one of each style!

P1070638Not quite sure WHAT to do with this one.  You know I love anything with birds on it.  But it feels like this should have something written on it.  Or maybe use it for a peg rack??

rack???  Suggestions welcome.