Recent finds

2.27.13 Stars MICHAEL projects 002Little wood benches are ‘one of those things’ that I’ll ALWAYS buy (IF the price is right!) because they always sell.  And they are really handy to use for creating height in your displays.

2.27.13 Stars MICHAEL projects 001On stools (or tables of ANY piece of furniture for that matter!) that have designs such as this painted on them, BE  SURE you completely sand off the design.  Otherwise it will show through after you paint.  The COLORS don’t show through; but you can see the raised areas where the design was painted.  (and yes, I DID learn this the hard way!)

3.3.13 etsy ID 001Three tiered wood table.  Just waiting for a dry day to paint it!  Might use one of my new stencils on the top!  OH!  And I can stencil something on top of that little stool too!  (can you tell that I am chomping at the bit to use those new stencils?!?)

3.3.13 etsy ID 046

ADORABLE vintage baby book in PERFECT condition!  This will be going into my etsy shop.

3.3.13 etsy ID 050

Are these the sweetest graphics of what?!?!?  They just don’t make them like this anymore!  I seriously thought about keeping this and doing if for my son.   I never did get around to doing one for him and he’s now 30!?!?  I have a shoebox filled with little scraps of paper that I wrote things down on!  (sigh!  BAD momma!)

3.3.13 etsy ID 066A bunch of vintage tiny white plastic lace wedding bells going to my etsy shop also.

3.7.13 stars ID 037BIG (half-gallon!) jar of buttons I bought at Stars from another vendors booth.  I’ve used up about 3/4 of them already; stitching them onto wool felt hearts and the heart pillows.  (I really love the ‘jarfull of buttons’ look and would have loved to just put it on display with my spool collection.  Alas, it’s $56.00 price tag necessitated that I use it to generate some funds to justify having bought it)

3.7.13 stars ID 036THE biggest ‘spool of thread’ I have EVER seen!!  It actually makes that half-gallon jar look small!?!?!  I’m keeping this baby for now, and adding it to my string/spool collection.

3.7.13 stars ID 038Before I found this big one, the biggest one I had was this tan one; which is also dwarfed by the new bigger one.

3.7.13 stars ID 040Just for kicks, some size comparisons.  An ‘average’ size spool of thread; an average cone size and the bigguns!

All week the weather people have been promising us a DRY DAY.  And every night, the weather report says “A few sprinkles today, but sunshine and a dry day tomorrow.”    So I have put off running errands and going grocery shopping over and over, waiting for that dry day so I could work on some bigger projects outside.

Today, I HAVE to go; and of course the sun is starting to peek out!!!  argh!!