Pictures of Spring Show


Washington County Fairgrounds.

April 18 -22, 2017  ~ Weekdays 10am – 8pm; Saturday 10am-5pm

(take advantage of the evening shopping hours if you want to avoid the crowds!)

I stopped back by the show to take photos after I had stocked my booth at Stars.  I wasn’t able to take as many photos at the show as I’d hoped to because I ran out of memory!


I brought plenty of signs!

And my ‘new favorite’ thing to make . . . . .




Lots of different sizes and styles.

~ Vintage sheet music ~ Glitter ~ tea stained lace ~ with all kinds of adornments!

Something for everyone!

Look for my mermaid style crowns in the beach display.

Grubby candles!  I found a stash of grubby candles leftover from when we had our store!  They STILL smell amazing!  In fact, you will probably smell them before you see them.  This is the last of them, so grab them up while you can.  I won’t be producing them anymore.


I brought lots of ‘bits & bobs’ for the crafters and scrap bookers.  Vintage Bingo cards.  Vintage paper doilies.  Little notebooks and journals.

All kinds of fun little stuff in these jars too!

 On to the rest of the show!

Americana and vintage; quilts, Pyrex and silver.

So much more than I was able to take pictures of!!!

Cream and black and white goes with everything!


Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

FREE parking & FREE admission.


Coming (and GOING) attractions

Well if you haven’t been to my booth in the new antique mall, Curiosities in Beaverton; you have precious little time left to do so.


The mall will still be there, but my booth, will not be as of the end of March.  I really did my best to make it work.  Really thought that a location ‘closer in’ the suburbs (more convenient for our former store customers than Stars) would be IDEAL.  Alas, it just isn’t working out for me.

Fabulous antique enamelware table now just $50.00.  SO Farmhouse chic!

Fabulous antique enamel ware table now just $50.00. SO Farmhouse chic!

The good news is that I will be having a moving sale and EVERYTHING in my booth (including several  of the big shelves and display fixtures!) will be 50% off.

These display shelves WILL be for sale at half off!

These display shelves WILL be for sale at half off!

I still have the ‘HALF PRICE WHITE SALE’ going on right now.  Will be changing the sign to half off EVERYTHING moving sale some time next week.  Will post that notice on my Facebook page,  then here in my blog as soon as I have time.

ALL signs will be half off!

ALL signs will be half off!


I will be returning as a vendor to Every Husband’s Nightmare for the spring show April 21 – 26th.  


 I can no longer ‘haul and set up an entire mini store’ like I used to do for this show.  So I had to think of something that I could more easily set up and tear down and haul.  I’ve built up quite an extensive collection of hand painted signs via my etsy shop and decided that they would be just perfect for the show.  (esty prices run a little HIGHER than what I price my signs at for local sale) .

A very SMALL preview of some of the signs that will be available at the show.

A very SMALL preview of some of the signs that will be available at the show.

Mark your calendar and save the dates!

*** I will still continue on with my booth at Stars antique mall in Portland; just giving up the secondary booth in Beaverton.  I add new inventory at Stars several times a month.

Spring has sprung with new bird and nest decor

Bird topped cloches.  Birds from Michael’s (40% off!) attached to thrifted glass containers with e6000 adhesive.

BIG thrifted hurricane globe topped with thrifted bird.  Bird was the solid dark color.  I lightened up and brought out the details by sponge painting on a bit of light tan craft paint.

Thrifted hurricane vase topped with Dollar Tree rooster.

ALL of the following pedestals came from thrift stores.  I stockpile them until I am ready to repurpose them in a craft project.  They were various colors; I spray painted them all white to match the white birds I bought at Michael’s (40% off of course!)  All the birds are glued in place using e6000.

SO, I had all these pretty white birds on white pedestals all finished up and sitting on the dining room table; awaiting price tags and to be packed up for their destination of either Stars or the spring show.  The ones for Stars have been taken in . . . but after looking at the rest of them sitting on the table I decided they weren’t DONE!  One more little detail to add. . .

CROWNS!!  Pretty little glittery crowns!

MUCH better with the crowns, don’t you think???  Now I’m going to have to bring home all the ones I took to Stars, add the crowns and take them back in!

Visit my Dollar Diva blog   to see the tutorial for these bird cloches with nest.

And now for some nests!  Again, thrifted bases, spray painted white.  Nests glued onto containers using e6000.  Little blue eggs were leftover from ones I painted last year.

And yes, I even glue down the eggs and feather!

And to some I added some little Dollar Tree birds; glued down

Some of the WOOD bases I decided to distress.

Decided the nests needed a little ‘fluff’, so I added a pinch of Spanish moss (buy mine at Dollar Tree for MUCH less than the same size bag sells at craft store!)

Added little birds, bought at Dollar Tree.

 Couldn’t find the nests I needed anywhere locally; so I ended up ordering a CASE of them from Craft Wholesalers on line.

These little cuties also got the ‘royal treatment’  . . .

But their crowns are made of vintage sheet music instead of being glittered.

This little shadow boxed bird got a crown also.  I just didn’t get a picture of it.

Look for these items in my booth at Stars and at Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar at the Washington County Fairplex; April 24th – 28th.  

AFTER the show, I will be adding what’s left (OR will make more!) to my etsy shop.

Recent projects

We’re having some DRY and sunny weather here in the Northwest; albeit a tad chilly still.  I’ve been bundling up and heading outside to get some painting projects done.

Little wicker tray.  Not sure what it’s intended use is.  It’s too small to be a ‘bed tray’.  Maybe for use on a buffet table to hold silverware and a stack of plates??

I gave it a quick DRY BRUSH paint job and took it to Stars.

Another painted little suitcase; has also gone to Stars.

Treasure box with carved cherubs embellishment.  In my booth at Stars.

This was a mirror, and I was intending to leave it as such.  But, I broke the mirror while attempting to remove it to paint the frame.  Plan B:  Glue some pretty scrapbook paper to the backing and attach a couple of repro skeleton keys.  Taken to Stars.

Here’s how I attached the keys: punched holes through and ran a sheer ribbon from behind to tie around the keys; ALSO glued them in place with some e6000 adhesive.

A little stool to reupholster.

BUT I had to take all the legs off to get to the fabric and remove it.  By the time all that was done, the round particle board base was pretty ‘chewed up’ .  I decided to toss it and start over with a new (and BIGGER!) piece of wood.  Basically just reusing the legs.  Yet to be completed.

Little thrifted tool carrier.  I added a carved wood applique and painted the whole thing black; sanded a little to bring out the detail in the applique.

Taken to Stars.

Vintage doll cradle.  Just needed a new board for the bottom; painted board white to match cradle.  Stashed away for the spring show.

Shabby grubby little step ladder, stashed away for show.

Not so shabby step ladder, to be shabbied up!

A little of my beachy blue paint, dry brushed on.  Perfect!  Stashed for show.

Little vanity table, still in progress.

Working on LOTS of signs.  For my etsy shop, Stars and the spring show.

What have YOU been working on lately???

HALLELUJAH!!! I did it! All by myself even!!!

My son would be so proud!  In the past when I’ve had computer problems I’ve always had to go crying to him to come over and ‘fix it for me’.  And, of course he’s always happy to help out good ole mom.  Just not patient enough to explain and SHOW me what all and how he fixed things.  (and not that I’d really even remember anyhow!)

All I know is that it’s working now.  Gotta get out to our booths and tidy and stock today (as soon as it stops SNOWING!  Just lightly snowing)  THEN I can get back in here and post pics from the show.  Thank you all for your patience and well wishes.  It’s time to start thinking about and crafting for the spring edition of Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar; coming up in April.


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Pictures from the spring show ~ Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar ~ April 20 – 24, 2010

* sorry for the delay in getting pictures up.  Got home Monday night after setting up the show and got really sick.  (!?!?!)  Spent all day yesterday in bed.  Still not feeling great, but better than yesterday. 

These are pictures of OUR area of the show.    I’ll post the rest of the show pics tomorrow.
























YES!!!  Cinnamon bun room spray!! And, yes, there IS some ‘cinnamon refresher oil’ too . . . it’s back on the table with the primitives.  And this is the LAST of it that I will be getting.

My grubby tea stain.  I also keep this stocked in my space at Stars.


Seriously, a LOT of monograms!  Vintage, new, handcrafted, grubby, bright, big and small!  Little monogrammed notebooks and tags make great gifts!

And still some primitives . . .AWESOME big wood trencher bowls; and darling little OVAL wood bowls.





FUN!!  Little glittery cupcake trinket boxes!!  Yes, the top opens up!






















Headed to the next show

Michael and I are off to deliver to our second spring show today.  Check back on Tuesday for pictures.  Until then I’ll be unpacking and displaying myself silly!

Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar

Washingotn County Fairgrounds

April 22-26

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