Adding some more Spring things

Out with the Easter decor and in with the Spring.  Here’s what’s new in my ‘big booth’ at Stars:

P1350543Jars of nests and eggs, jars of moss and bird cages.


This shabby white cubby is $68.oo, and includes the hardware for hanging it on the wall.

Making the most of every inch of display space; an old crate on top of the shelf gives me a little more room.  Shabby wood bird-cage and dessert stand with cloche top underneath the table that the shelf is sitting on.  More jars, big and small, of nests and eggs to the right.

Another little grouping on the back side of the table.

P1350554Very cool glass cake stand with extra deep lid.

P1350551Vintage, upcycled ‘breakfast in bed’ tray.

P1350558Tall glass cloches are perfect for showcasing childhood tap shoes and ballet slippers.

Moved a few things around in Sophie’s Annex.

Stop by for some spring decor inspiration for decorating and organizing.  LOTS of unique baskets, trays, containers and crates for making organization fun and pretty!




Yep, Gold.  While I’ve almost always had ‘little touches’ of gold mixed in with my offerings; all of a sudden I had a LOT of gold and decided to make it a focal point display on the back wall of my booth at Stars.


This wall is usually reserved for displaying my signs, but now that I have closed my etsy shop and am letting my sign supply dwindle, I can finally do some varying displays on the back wall.


This large gold metal wall basket is filled with upcycled gold framed cork boards.  Smallest ones start at $8.00 up to the largest priced at $19.00.


I’ve been holding onto this metal basket for YEARS!!  I always wanted to use it as a ‘bed crown’ by turning it upside down.  Alas, I don’t have enough room in my booth for a bed.  I finally decided to just use it as intended.

Here are some pictures from Pinterest of bed crowns, just in case you couldn’t quite picture what they are.


Gold framed shadow box can be used to display items IN the frame and on top of it.



This cute little metal frame was painted black when I bought it; but I could see that it had originally been gold.  I just refreshed the gold paint.

I extended the gold theme to below and beside the wall display.

I had actually been setting this gold stuff aside for next February’s Junk Salvation show.  Alas, the Washington County Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall, where the show has always been held, was recently ‘condemned’ and deemed unsafe for use, and will be torn down in the very near future.  Sooooooooooooo . . . .  I will not be doing the show ‘one last time, for old time’s sake’.

I’m quite certain that ‘the show WILL go on’; in a different facility.  The promoter was already feeling like maybe it was time to look for a bigger space.  For me, given that it was going to be my LAST booth show anyhow, (health reasons) it’s just not worth the extra work to ‘get my bearings’ in a new facility.  Having a routine ‘down pat’ for delivering and setting up; and being close to my son’s job for him to help me unload, factored hugely in my capacity to do the show.  PLUS, the old location was super close to home for me; which was a BIG “+” factor for me in deciding to do the show.

So, next year I will have to settle for just being a spectator at the Junk show.  I’ll still keep you informed of the dates and new location.

My booth at Stars Antique Mall

I know I’ve been posting a LOT about the upcoming Rebel Junk Marketplace in Hillsboro, Oregon; and seemingly doing nothing BUT prepare for the show.  But I have still been adding new inventory to my booth at Stars every week, as I always do.  Here’s a little peek at some of the recent additions:


LOVE these little Valentine gift ‘bags’ that I upcycled.

I’m really not certain if ‘gift bags’ is the right thing to call them.  They are more like little ‘boxes’ made out of lightweight cardboard.  I have no idea what I originally intended to do with them when I bought them; or even when or where I bought them in the first place.  But they were in my Valentine supply box and I decided it was time to ‘use them or lose (donate) them’.  I’m in serious paring down mode so that I don’t need to rent a storage unit anymore.

In the top left picture you can see what they originally looked like.  I only covered them with the old dictionary page on 3 sides.  (trying to keep it a ‘quick and easy’ project!)  Then I glued a strip of pink ribbon along the top and tied it in a knot.  Then I added some little scrapbook embellishments . . . just whatever I had on hand.  I was going to add a piece of tissue paper to give them some ‘oomph’ and keep them looking nicely fluffed up; but thought I see if paper doilies would work.  Just the perfect little extra touch.  These are available in my booth at Stars for $1.00 each.

These red cones were leftover Christmas trees from LONG ago.  (I think clear back when we had our shop!)  I had filled them with cello bags of wrapped candies in the past and added a chenille handle.  I had a package of ‘hearts on a stick’ and put two in each cone along with some paper shred (I ‘blend’ my own paper shred) then tied on a tag that I printed with some bakers twine.  The tag reads “Forever, for always and no matter what.”  I only had three of these, so I displayed them on the little black wire shelf along with the little gift bags.


I had bought some of these ‘honeycomb’ hearts a while back to use for display, but decided to go ahead and sell them this year.  I opened up one of them, and left the other two ‘flattened’ for easier transport.


For some reason I had the ‘lid only’ of this old heart shaped box.  I added some embellishments and made it into a wall hanging.  The ‘arrow’ on the box was made from the one extra ‘heart on a stick’ leftover from the cones.  (there were 7 hearts in a package) I glued some cardboard on for the tip of the arrow and glittered it to match the heart end.  Used some leftover red Christmas ribbon to glue all around the edge of the box and tied it into a bow at the top.

Then I tied on a little ‘True Love” tag, which I printed myself; with baker’s twine.  really trying to keep my upcycles ‘simple and quick’ so I can price them lower; so they will hopefully SELL faster!

A couple of upcycled mini Valentine themed mini mannequins.

Vintage Ironstone bunny covered casserole dish, and an English gravy boat with attached liner.  I especially like the ones that have the liners attached like this one does.

Some ‘Love Potion No.9’ upcycled bottles.

Some cool newly found hobnail Milk Glass containers.  (and a few more that I am taking in tomorrow!  I’ve been finding a lot of the hobnail Milk Glass lately.)

Upcycled jar lantern with tea stained lace and rusty tin heart.  A big ole tub of letters to spell out just about anything your heart desires!

Upcycled apothecary jars and vintage and upcycled medicine bottles.

PLENTY of hand stitched and stuffed felt hearts still.  (there will be some of each of these colors/styles at the Rebel Junk Market too!)

Stars in open 7 days a week; 11am – 6pm.

Drawer love!

Remember this sweet little thaing I picked up at an estate sale a while back?

P1090717I was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally tempted to keep this one.


 All those drawers with all those great dividers in them.  Alas, I was in a real pinch for some ‘quick product’ to take to Stars after this last busy week of furniture sales.  


Not wanting to lose the good momentum I had going by not having a well stocked booth; I fixed her up and sent her off.

P1110532I kept the make-over simple.  Would have taken me forever to paint the insides of the drawers; so I left them pink.

P1110529Just a good once over with the orbital sander to rough up the surface and remove the old grime; and two quick coats of my latest (and very LIGHT) shade of aqua.  Then a bit of distressing along the edges.

P1110586Available for purchase in my booth at Stars for $89.00.



The bed is back in my space at Stars . . .

 . . and I totally rearranged 75% of the space yesterday!  WHEW!  That was a LOT of work.   But it’s the kind of thing that once you move ONE thing, it’s a snowball effect and it ALL has to be moved!

Here’s what’s going on, in general, with my space at Stars.  My sales have slowed considerably since the first of the year.   I’m not sure if it’s ‘just me’, of if everyone else has seen the same slow down or what???  I’m not friends with other vendors that I can ask ‘how their sales are’.  Soooooooooooooooo  I work on the assumption that I just need to ‘DO BETTER’.

The first six weeks in the new space (and with the bed in place) and sales had not picked up, I decided the bed had to go BECAUSE it was not a ‘real bed’ and not for sale so it wasn’t doing anything to improve my sales.  Maybe it was even HURTING my sales because it made my booth SO cramped and difficult to move around it.  Out with the bed and in with some additional furniture.  No difference.

So I decided I may as well put the bed back in, if for nothing else but the ‘ahhhhhhhhhhhhh’ factor.  But now I had to make ROOM for it again.  I took out one big display shelf, and used a smaller table for the bed this time.

For some reason, this BIGGER booth (than the one I moved from) has always FELT smaller to me.  I thought it was such a GREAT idea to line the two outside edge OPEN sides of the booth with back to back shelves to really maximize the space.  But it didn’t seem to improve my sales any.

Another reason for putting the shelves on the OPEN sides was that I wanted to use the other two actual walls for hanging things on.  Ah, but ONE of those two walls was really only HALF a wall, halfway back; making it unusable for hanging things.  Might as well cover that spot with a tall shelf.  And THAT is where this latest rearrange began.

3.12.13 NEW BOOTH Stars 001THIS is what the ‘aisle side’ (as opposed to the side that faces the back wall side) originally looked like.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 080THEN it occurred to me that it would look more cohesive it both the shelves on either side of the entrance to my space were the same color; so I switched that up.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 014THIS is what that side of the booth looks like now.  The BIG aqua hutch that was on the left is now along the inside wall, just behind the little round table on the right hand side.  HERE:

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 045The entire part of the wall that this hutch is covering up AND the area that the shutter behind the round table is in the previous picture is the ‘unusable’ part of the wall.

5.1.13 Stars Curiosities 037This is what that same area looked like before.  I was trying to make use of the hanging space by using shutters, but that ‘sloppy space’ on the far left where you see the fabric always bothered me.  So I just covered it up.  With less space to hang signs now I’ve just had to display some like this:

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 035Time will tell if this works or not.  Might have to have Michael build me a sign display box.

3.12.13 NEW BOOTH Stars 011This is what the outside corner of the space USED to look like.  The right side faces the aisle and the left faces the back.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 020This is what that corner looks like now.

3.20.13 stars Passion signs 106This is what the booth looked like with the original bed.

4.8.13 STARS no bed 001Then this is what it looked like after I took the bed out.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 026And this is what it looks like now.

5.14.13 Stars Curiosities 036This little corner is the part that hasn’t been changed just yet.

4.24.13 buys stars etsy crap 065And this is what is on the other side of that corner, facing the back wall.

I’m happy with the changes for now; although I’m sure I’ll do a fair amount of ‘tweaking’ still.  But it still FEELS smaller than my previous space which actually WAS smaller.  sigh.

The ONLY think I can think of that could me making it ‘feel smaller’ is that I am leaving ‘openings’ 3-4′ wide on BOTH of the open sides of the space.  And my old space only had one open side to work with.  So maybe next time, when I work on that other corner, I’ll go ahead and close up the entry on that side and make the only opening a bit bigger.

Back down to ONE booth at Stars . .

One VERY FULL booth!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 009Took me close to five hours to get the last little bit of stuff emptied out of the wall space, and displayed in my big booth.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 010But I could not be happier with how perfectly things ‘sold down’ and how smoothly the transition went.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 020I really only had to take home ONE piece of furniture, that didn’t sell or wouldn’t fit back into the big booth; and that was the red ‘washing machine cabinet’.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 011So I ma pretty proud of myself for how carefully I planned everything out over the course of the 2 month sell down.  Taking some new inventory in for the first several weeks, but also gradually moving as much BIG stuff over to the big booth each week as I could.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 012Taking out the Christmas stuff right after Christmas I think helped too. It really made things look BARE, and emphasized that it would soon be gone!  Gets people motivated to BUY instead of ‘think about it and maybe come back;.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 013Vintage soap dish ( I think!) makes a cute little cupcake stand.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 016Another cupcake stand, this one made from upcycled pieces.  I’m not sure WHAT that cherub to the left of it was originally for.  A candy dish maybe?  I see these cherubs a lot at antique malls, and I even buy them frequently  but I’ve never know what they are!?!?  (would love to know if any of you DO know what they were originally made for!)  They worked perfect to hold a few of my smaller felt hearts.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 017And some little heart shaped gift boxes that I made.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 014Felt hearts left over from last year.  Still meed to make more new ones!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 015Wood bead heart ornaments.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 018

Laser cut metal ‘love’ signs that I glittered.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 019Valentine crown.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 021Be mine shelf sitter signs.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 023AWESOME vintage cast plaster cherubs. Very French baroque -ish don’t you think?

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 022If these don’t sell I just might have to take them home and put them in my white craft studio!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 024Vintage wall planters that I repainted.  Ran out of wall space to hang things, so these are hung on the side of the hutch at the front of my booth.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 026Silver ‘trophy’; just because EVERYONE deserves to win a trophy once in their life!  Could be a ‘best boyfriend’ trophy for your Valentine?!?

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 025Nice glare from the flash, eh?!?!  Oh well!  the cherub still looks cute!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 027Heart shaped covers on a string of lights.  I really wanted to HANG these, but not sure I have room to!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 028There’s another one of those cherubs in back on the left!  This one I filled the top with clear heart ornaments with little keys attached.  The one in the middle was a candle holder; I put the nest over the candle hole.  Another one on the right (partially hidden by the table leg!) I filled with moss and added a little egg.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 029Better view of the one on the left.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 030And the one on the right that I put the nest in.  This one, I could actually see as having been a VASE, because it IS open clear to the bottom.  Most of them though, just have a ‘small shallow bowl’.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 036Vintage cherub lamp base that I upcycled into a dessert pedestal!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 033Little white doll chair.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 034Trinket box with little bird and nest.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 031

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 032More of the stitched hearts, in a tray with some finials.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 062

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 035

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 037A new batch of white pedestal birds with crowns.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 038Another altered vintage heart shaped candy box, and vintage repro Valentine cards.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 046Vertical hanging Valentine banner.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 045Decorative ball on metal stand.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 044Giant size vintage sheet music covered 3-D stars for party decorations.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 049New stock of white pitchers and creamers.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 051Adorable vintage little girl portrait!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 055Red glitter “LOVE” crown.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 057PINK glitter owls with CROWNS, of course!

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 058Dream and happiness crowns.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 059

Paris chic TALL crown, and more small ones.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 064Pug dog salt and pepper shakers, and vintage sliver rim salad plates.  Quite a few more white dishes just re-stocked too.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 074

Always plenty of white dishes.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 065Vintage oval plates and boats.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 071Altered journals in concrete planter container.

1.2.13 stars room ribbon 073

 Stars is open seven days a week; 11am – 6pm.    Come on bu for some New Year’s shopping THERAPY!

Just stocked at Stars:

Turquoise candelabra; $24.00.

Shabby beachy blue wood bar stools; 2 available @ $19.00 each.

Turquoise candle lantern; $19.00.

White cubby shelf; $60.00.

Upcycled seahorse table; $29.00

Eiffel Tower wine rack; $59.00.

LOTS of new signs!

Many of these same signs are also available in my etsy shop.


And LOTS more!  Shop seven days a week; 11am – 6pm.

August 18, 2008 ~ Here’s what’s new in our space at Stars Antique Mall




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