Time for another great SALE at Stars Antique Mall!

They call this one their ‘Haggle Sale’.  Many dealers are on site during the sale dates, and welcome haggling for better prices on the items in their booth.  I am not personally able to be there during the sale, so I just offer 50% off EVERYTHING IN MY BOOTH during the sale.  It’s a great time to grab that piece you’ve had your eye on for a while now!

THE SALE RUNS FRIDAY, 1/12 – MONDAY, 1/15, 2017.  HOURS 11AM – 6PM

I just stocked lots of new inventory, including Valentine gifts and decor.  

LOTS of different colors and styles of hand stitched felt hearts, in various sizes.  Prices start at $3.00 and go up to $29.00, with a median price of $5.00.  Most of them with little ‘words of love’ added to them; but also some ‘not Valentine specific’ hearts that could be used year round with vintage buttons or just simple embroidered designs.

Other vintage and upcycled Valentine items too.  ALL 50% off during the sale.

LOTS of furniture too; mostly white and aqua / turquoise.  ALL 50% 0FF during the sale.

And, as always; lots of vintage Ironstone dishes, vintage Milk glass dishes and vases and frames.







ACK!  It’s been such a busy week that I almost forgot to tell you  that it’s SALE TIME at Stars again!!  The sale started yesterday and runs through Monday, October 30th.  As always, EVERYTHING in my booth is 50% off during the sale.  Lots of cute Halloween stuff still available.  Lots of everything really in my booth and throughout BOTH malls.    Each vendor selects what % off they give for the sale.  Look for the sale signs in each booth.  Happy shopping!

It’s time for the STARS SUMMER SALE!


Sale runs Thursday, July 13th through Sunday, July 16th; 11am – 6pm

***Look for the % off sale signs in each individual booth; and as ALWAYS, everything in MY booth is 50% off during the sale.

Just added these awesome upcycled Mannequins / dress forms to my booth.  The female form includes the wrought iron base, but it’s not ‘attached’ for easier transport.

Just added this nice BIG metal shelf to my booth, so now I can display more of my vintage Ironstone dishware all in one place; instead of spread out all over the booth.

But ‘some’ of the Ironstone is still ‘elsewhere’ in my booth.


All kinds of cloches!!  Pillar candle pedestals and cupcake stands make great bases for cloches.

Everything just looks better under a cloche!

Come on by and see what’s new. . . er OLD!

Stars Antique Malls BIG Birthday SALE!!

The sale starts TODAY, and runs through Sunday.  Each vendor sets their own sale discount %.  As always, I’m offering 50% off EVERYTHING in my booth.  If you’ve had your eye on something, NOW is the time to go buy it!

And, also as always, my booth is JAM-PACKED with goods!

Vintage sheet music, vintage lace and glittered crowns; in small decorative size, adult size and a few (the narrower lace ones) are baby size.

Altered and upcycled mini mannequins.

Lots of little altered journals.  The ones with the vintage atlas covers are perfect for a summer travel journal!  Great little gifts for teachers too.

Vintage, altered and upcycled jewelry and trinket boxes.  The smallest ones are perfect for tucking a gift card into; and prices stat at $5.00!

Chalk boards, big and small, upcycled memo boards, cork boards,  big blank frames, decorative wall and ceiling medallions.

Vintage and repainted wood bowls and trays.

LOTS of vintage and upcycled glass cloches!  (How cute is that ‘pear shaped’ one!?!?)  Candle pedestals and cupcake stands (sold separately) make adorable bases for the cloches.

Lots of picture frames, with and without backs and glass.  Gold, white and aqua.

LOTS of vintage white Ironstone dishes!  Every pieces and unique collectibles.

Vintage treasures.

And LOTS of furniture; always at very reasonable prices . . . .  CRAZY good prices during the sale at 50% off!


Sprucing up for Spring at Stars . . . AND a Big sale!

Out with the red and pink and hearts in my booth at Stars, and time to spruce the space up for Spring!

P1180941Front focal point display with whites, creams and metallics.  Just working with what I have on hand in my booth for now BECAUSE I really need ROOM for lots of new stuff!

P1180939And to MAKE that room I am having a 50% off sale!  EVERYTHING except already reduced ‘red tag’ sale items will be HALF OFF.  Discount will be given at check-out.  No specific ‘end date’ for this sale as of yet.  I’ll keep it going until I’ve sold enough stuff to make the room I need for the new inventory.  (and hopefully enough room to bring the BED back in!)

P1180950In the meantime, I’ll continue to ‘mix things up’ and style new vignettes to inspire you for Spring decorating, using what I have on hand.  Vintage Madonna statues and vases, pedestals and urns.

P1180949Adding a few more metallic items with those silver and gold boxes.

P1180948This is actually the BACK side of the front display.

P1180951But it SHOWS as you round the corner, so I may as well ‘market the space’!

P1180952I always really enjoy going with the lighter colors for Spring.

P1180953Vintage inspired felt hearts with lace and buttons.

P1180961Will be building on the Paris themed items when I bring in new product.

P1180962Not many of these reproduction shoe form wall hooks left.  Normally $9.00.  They’ll go fast at half price!

P1180958Small Paris carrying case and burlap pillows.

P1180957Glass apothecary jars and cloches.

P1180960Vintage ceramic frames; one an art deco style and the others a floral motif, are perfect for hanging ‘blank’ where you just need a ‘little something’.

P1180963A new display in the giant white lantern.


An urn works perfectly as a paper crown stand!

P1180975Lots of birds on pedestals and with crowns, of course!

P1180989Lots of the vintage grubby book bundles still available.

P1180987Not very many frames left at the moment.  (I need to find a new stash of them to paint!)

P1180942Fabulous shabby black plant stand!

P1180944Vintage cherub urns look pretty in this back-lit photo!

P1180945Some have plates added to turn them into dessert stands.


Lots of signs available, as always!

P1180946Had your eye on some new white Ironstone pieces??  NOW is the time to grab them!

P1180984I’ll keep this sale going until enough stuff has sold down for a MAJOR re-do of my booth.


Is YOUR favorite Stars Dealer having a special ‘one day sale’???

And I’m NOT just referring to MYSELF here!  Well, I DO hope that I am st least ‘one of’ your favorite Stars dealer; but I digress.  THE POINT IS:

If you like to shop at Stars (and/or Stars & Splendid!) ,

and have a favorite dealer or two (or ten!)

AND you like saving money

and you have not YET ‘liked’ the Stars Facebook Page 

Get thee over there RIGHT NOW and do so!!

Your reward for this will be that you will be amongst the ‘elite shoppers’ who will be privy to the weekly Facebook special sale notifications for TWO different dealers from each mall EVERY WEEK.

This sale will ONLY be advertised on the Stars Facebook page.  Every Wednesday two different dealers from each mall, Stars and Stars & Splendid, will offer a special % off EVERYTHING in their booth that Thursday only.  Pictures of their current offerings will be shown to give you a bit of a preview.

The sales start NEXT WEEK, so don’t miss out.  (Especially IF I am one of your fav dealers. . . .because my booth is in the sale the first week!!)

This will be a great opportunity to shop and save without the usual throngs of bargain hunters that the store-wide sales inevitably draw.

Good news / Bad news . . .

Or maybe it’s just a CHANGE of news. . . . .whatever!!  It’s HARD to think up titles for hundreds of different blog posts sometimes!  So, here’s the news:

Our plans to do a major overhaul of both of our mall spaces THIS Saturday, July 23rd; has had to be postponed until NEXT Saturday, July 31st.   Soooooooooooo . . . .the 25% off sale at Stars that was to end this Saturday has been changed to 20% off through the 3oth.  A slightly smaller percentage off, but MORE TIME to take advantage of it! 

The space is still JAM-PACKED with goodies, as you can see!

LOTS of wonderful beach blue goods!

The 20% off sale INCLUDES already discounted ‘red sale’ tags.

You KNOW you want a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to brighten up the house this summer!

Or someone’s got a birthday coming up that you need a gift for!  Who couldn’t use a practical little bench around the house?

Sweet little sentiments are always nice too.  These make fun package tie-ons!

Come and get it while the gettin’s  EXTRA good!

Another sale at STARS ANTIQUE MALL

If you missed the birthday sale a couple of weeks ago, NOW is the time to GET IN THERE AND SAVE BIG!!!

It’s July and time for the BIG Antique show at the Portland Expo.

STARS is celebrating with a sale of their own!  Good stuff!  GREAT sale prices!  No admission fee or parking fees! 

The sale starts Thursday, July 8th; 11am – 8pm

Friday & Saturday; 11am – 6pm

Sunday; noon – 5pm

Both malls are brimming with lots of great new stuff with generous sales % off!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh . . . .summer shopping therapy at its BEST!

We are offernig 25% off everything in our space! 


Come help us celebrate our 20 years in business as we throw ourselves a party and you are invited.

Stars 20th Birthday Sale starts Friday, June 18th. We will be open later until 8pm.

The sale celebration continues Saturday, June 19th & Sunday, June 20th. We will be giving away a $200 Stars Gift Certificate.

Don’t miss out on this one. Lots & lots of deals will be waiting for you in both malls as we celebrate together!

***ALL regular priced mechandise in MY BOOTH will be 40% off!!!***


Alas, Purple tag day at Goodwill did not net me the big bag of hinges I was so coveting.  Scored lots of other great stuff though.  Had an excellent sales month at Stars so I’ve got to get shopping for goods again.    My back up stash of product is gonna go fast if this month is an indicator of the kinds of sales I can expect per month, now that I am in the bigger space.

Three weeks ago I was nearly completely out of frames in my space.  Restocked a good two dozen last week.  Sold down to about HALF that already yesterday!  Good thing I am ALWAYS on the lookout for frames.  Found several at GW yesterday morning and grabbed them thinking I’ll get ahead of things a bit.  Later (when I went to Stars) to find that I need to get them painted up and ready to stock by next week.

STOREWIDE SALE this Saturday and Sunday at both Stars Antique Malls, so I’m sure I’ll be entirely sold out of frames by Monday.  Each vendor chooses what % off they want to give during the sale, and I’m going with a whopping 40% off in my booth!!!  (*This excludes already marked down items with RED sales tags) 

Headed out to deliver that big “J” to it’s new owner, then off to the Verboort rummage sale.  THE sale that is one of my favorites.  And had I not had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and been out and about and seen the signs posted all over the place, I would have missed out. 

So, last night when I got home Michael asks me what I’m doing tomorrow.  FIRST I show him my most excellent sales report from Stars.  THEN I tell him I am going to the Verboort sale; which, by the way, he COULD have told me about because HE has been driving by the signs all week long!!!  Shame on Michael!!  (I don’t get out much now that the store is closed and we live so far out in the boonies!) 

THEN this Saturday we are headed to the big antique show/sale at Expo.  I’ve never actually been to one of these.  Not going to SHOP, however (much to Michael’s relief!  Even tho it’s not HIS money I am spending!) Rather to ‘scout it out’ as to potentially being a vendor in the future.

Hoping for some dry weather to get some furniture pieces painted and ready for the spring show, which is just over a month away!

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