Beach Cottage Decor now at Stars

I rearranged my wall space at Stars and put out all the beach cottage decor.

P1360399I brought in my shabby white crates to create shelves for the booth.

A couple of shabby blue nightstands tucked in there, and a white wall shelf.

A sweet vintage shabby white child’s chair and a little three legged foot stool.

Shell topped jars, shell filled jars and shell candle jars.  A little round table with a shabby white trug on top.

Distressed turquoise frames with ‘floating’ white fingerling starfish.  Some BIG sugar starfish, painted white and glittered.

A shabby vintage spice rack filled with little jars of shells and sea glass.  Some small mermaid crowns and a sugar starfish mounted atop a shabby white candle holder.


I did some rearranging and stocking of my big booth too.

Lots of stacks of old books, as always.

This giant turquoise cubby shelf is filled with vintage milk glass and Ironstone pieces.

Some additional, and smaller, cubby shelves.

LOVE this vintage chicken tureen!


I’ve added lots of this style of vintage Ironstone with the scalloped edges.

Beautiful hand painted vintage milk glass vase with gold accents and ruffled edge.  Gold glitter Eiffel Tower tags.  Little vintage vanity jars.  Old bottles and upcycled bottles with repro labels.

Vintage metal chair with new gold paint and pretty soft blue and gold Toile covered seat.


Come on by and check it all out.  The construction on the next block continues; BUT, they have not been blocking off the side street parking as much lately.






Antique show at EXPO this weekend and BIG SALE @ STARS!

It’s time for the summer Antique show at the Expo.  You can go there and pay $15.00 just to walk through the door and then pay premium prices of vintage and collectibles.  OR you can come to Stars and shop the BIG SALE!!

P1140843I just restocked my booth and it is seriously jam-packed with goodies!

P114084450% (yes, FIFTY!) off all regular priced items in my booth during the sale.

P1140842The sale runs Thursday – Sunday; July 10 – 13.  11am – 6pm

P1140813Each individual vendor selects their own sale %, so look for the bright orange signs in each booth to see what % off they are offering for the sale.

P1140822Come on in and enjoy the air conditioning and big savings!

COMPLETE overhaul at Stars!

WHEW!!!   It ended up being a BIGGER job than I had thought it was going to be.  We (Michael had a vacation day and helped me!) ended up having to COMPLETELY EMPTY the wall space; then fill it back up with different stuff!

We went from this to this

We even had to take the wall shelf (just below the sign) down because the hutch was too high and ran into it!  WHY did I do this, you might ask?  Well . . . .when I got this second booth, it was my ‘original thought’ to line it with permanent shelves (as opposed to shelving that is ‘for sale’) and load them up with the majority of my ‘smalls’.  THAT would lessen the number of smalls I had ‘cluttering up’ the furniture that was for sale in my big booth.


BUT THEN I had this BIG vintage enamel table that I really wanted to get RID OF, so I used crates to build some temporary shelves in the wall space, and would change it over to the ‘original plan’ once that table sold.  But here’s the thing . . . that table just would NOT sell!!!  Not even marked down to half price.  Now you might say “Well NO WONDER it didn’t sell with all the crap you have piled on it!”  BUT, I kept it UNCLUTTERED for months; then just GAVE UP and decided to make the most of it as display space!  sigh.

The table STILL had not sold and I cannot fit it into MY car.  Michael had an old locker he wanted me to sell for him in my booth, so ‘the bargaining began’!  Since HE”D have to make a trip to Stars to deliver the locker anyhow; I’d make room for it if he’d help me re-do the booth AND take that dang table back to storage!   Mission accomplished!

Here’s the locker



The before doesn’t really look too bad in the picture, but believe me, it WAS bad!

Especially the INSIDE!

I had to paint a coat of KILZ primer on the wood shelves before I spray painted the entire inside white.

There were some other lockers at Stars and I was looking at them, comparing, seeing if my price was ‘appropriate’.  I am SOOOOOOOOOOO glad I took the extra time and 2 cans of white spray paint.  It makes a MAJOR difference.  Opening the other ‘grungy’ lockers made you kind of shudder!  Opening mine makes you go “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”!  And while it’s easy enough for ANYONE to go out and buy a couple of cans of spray paint and ‘do it themself’; I find they much prefer (and will PAY ) to have something that is ‘ready to use’.

Don’t expect it to last long at $139.00!

Recent projects

We’re having some DRY and sunny weather here in the Northwest; albeit a tad chilly still.  I’ve been bundling up and heading outside to get some painting projects done.

Little wicker tray.  Not sure what it’s intended use is.  It’s too small to be a ‘bed tray’.  Maybe for use on a buffet table to hold silverware and a stack of plates??

I gave it a quick DRY BRUSH paint job and took it to Stars.

Another painted little suitcase; has also gone to Stars.

Treasure box with carved cherubs embellishment.  In my booth at Stars.

This was a mirror, and I was intending to leave it as such.  But, I broke the mirror while attempting to remove it to paint the frame.  Plan B:  Glue some pretty scrapbook paper to the backing and attach a couple of repro skeleton keys.  Taken to Stars.

Here’s how I attached the keys: punched holes through and ran a sheer ribbon from behind to tie around the keys; ALSO glued them in place with some e6000 adhesive.

A little stool to reupholster.

BUT I had to take all the legs off to get to the fabric and remove it.  By the time all that was done, the round particle board base was pretty ‘chewed up’ .  I decided to toss it and start over with a new (and BIGGER!) piece of wood.  Basically just reusing the legs.  Yet to be completed.

Little thrifted tool carrier.  I added a carved wood applique and painted the whole thing black; sanded a little to bring out the detail in the applique.

Taken to Stars.

Vintage doll cradle.  Just needed a new board for the bottom; painted board white to match cradle.  Stashed away for the spring show.

Shabby grubby little step ladder, stashed away for show.

Not so shabby step ladder, to be shabbied up!

A little of my beachy blue paint, dry brushed on.  Perfect!  Stashed for show.

Little vanity table, still in progress.

Working on LOTS of signs.  For my etsy shop, Stars and the spring show.

What have YOU been working on lately???

Finally! . . . .PICTURES!!

Here’s whats new in my space at Stars:

Lots of great Valentine goodies and awesome vintage enamel top table in my booth at Stars.

Great patina, just the right amount of rust here and there.  Table price is $125.00.

HUGE vintage #1 locker.  I should have had Michael stand IN it to emphasize how BIG it is.  Great industrial chic storage space.  A one of a kind and once in a lifetime vintage find!  Priced at $165.00.

I couldn’t resist hanging  a sweet cherub wall vase on the grubby locker!

White wicker child size chair.

Little round metal table.

My very favorite new addition to the booth!  Those two ginormous aqua candle lanterns.  All the other stuff in the booth detracts from the awesomeness of them a bit.  I’ll move them ‘front and center’ the next time I switch things around.

They’re big enough to really create a ‘vignette’ in each one.  I’m absolutely DRUNK with excitement over the different display possibilities!  This first time I filled them both with clear glass pedestal dishes with cloche tops and little glass hearts under the cloches.

After taking these pictures, I realized that CLEAR stuff didn’t really display very well because of all the glare from the lantern glass.

Plus, they just don’t SHOW UP very well.  Oh well, I have a multitude of other display ideas to try again soon.

Close up of the little glass heart orns on the pedestals.

So, a week went by and I changed the display in them my next trip in.

Put all my white cherub statues/vases inside the lanterns; and added a battery operated votive or two.

Better.  For now.  I foresee RED going in to them next week!

LOTS of new hand stitched felt ‘conversation’ hearts.

SWEET vintage reproduction Valentine cards.

Gotta have some GLITTER!

Pretty gift packaged sweets for your sweetie!

Guilt free chocolate candy CANDLES.

Altered Valentine candy box.

More zero calorie chocolate candles.

Two tier vintage dessert plate.

Cupcake trinket boxes.

Vintage style red pom pom ribbon and cute little cupid baby.


Pair of vintage plaster cherubs.

Large bull pitcher and little bull creamer.

Eiffel Towers.

Tiffany blue PARIS suitcase.

Wood slat picnic baskets; one with lid, one open top.

More hand stitched hearts in neutral shades.

Need shopping therapy???

End of Summer Sale at Stars

Labor Day weekend, Saturday – Monday, enjoy special end of summer savings at Stars.

Each individual vendor sets their own sale prices.  Look for the sale signs in participating booths for their % off.

I’m offering 20 % off all regular tagged merchandise.

And I’ll be in to restock LOTS of new goodies the day before the sale!









New sign for our space at Stars

The old sign was ‘okay’, and served it’s purpose.  But I wanted one that made more of a statement about the kinds of things I make and sell.

So, here’s what I came up with for the new one.  I know, I know . . .it’s kind of hard to read.  I’m okay with that.  I want it to be ‘recognizable’ and memorable, more than I want/need it to be readable.

Because I really USE the sign image most for directing people to my booth via my ads on craigslist.  The other sign was pretty ‘generic’.  With this one, they’ll surely remember the COLORS and it will stand out when they see it in the mall.

Newest pictures from Stars

The aqua dresser, coffee table and both night stands sold over the last week.  Did a ‘quick fix’ with a couple of new chairs.  Will be doing a MAJOR re-vamp of the space soon, now that the show is over and I have plenty of extra furniture to work with.













New in my space at Stars

Got the turquoise dresser finished and in place at Stars.

Cute little spindle leg table on top.

Old lamp shade wire form used as a wire cloche.

Candle pedestals.

More candle pedestals (made from an old table leg!) and some urns.

BIG un!

Very cool big white birdcage.

Grubby old banister bars.

Turquoise treasure chest.

Our space at Stars Antiques ~ photo update

MAJOR re-stock of our ‘signature’ shabby beachy blue.  furniture pieces AND smalls.










Still have quite a few BIG frames in stock.  Just not room to HANG them!

How perfectly COTTAGE is this sweet vintage yellow formica top drop leaf table?!?

Darling red retro chair.


This one of a kind lamp was previously in our space at Camas, then went to the junk show, and NOW it’s at Stars, patiently awaiting a new home to brighten and warm.