A new post . . . FINALLY!!. . . .HALF OFF SALE in my booth at STARS 6/6 – 6/8

First things first.  Stars birthday sale starts today and goes through Sunday.  I’ll be offering HALF OFF all regular priced items in my booth for the sale.  (this excludes the few ‘red tag’ items that are already marked down)  AND I just stocked lots of new signs fro the sale!

P1140131MORE pics of my booth later in the post.

Sooo000OOoo0000 . . . between battling plantar fasciitis, then a stress fracture on the same foot that kept me out of commission for a while. Then being without my camera for nearly 2 weeks because I finally got around to taking it in to get those spots removed.  Then for the last couple of days I haven’t been able to access my blog (browser issues!)  . . . .  seems like it has been forever since I posted anything!!

So, after leaving my camera at the repair place for nearly 2 weeks and paying close to $90.00 to have the spots removed; I come home and take a picture of a new stencil to show an etsy customer and :

P1140029There is STILL a spot!!!!  aaaaaaargh!!!  I emailed the repair place and showed them the picture and they said to bring it back in and they will fix it.  Fine.  But now I’ll be camera-less again!!  sigh.

So I took a some new pictures of my booth at Stars first and caught up on recent project pictures; then I’ll take the camera back next week.

P1140132As I already mentioned, LOTS of new signs added just in time for the half price sale.


All stocked up & spruced up for the BIG Birthday SALE @ STARS!

Stars Antiques is turning 21 and  it’s time to party!!!
Of course Party = Sale at Stars & that means lots of  GREAT deals for our faithful customers.
The sale begins on Saturday, June 11th at 11am;  until 7pm  & the party continues on Sunday, June 12th noon to 6pm
(NEW summer hours; open an hour pater on Sat/Sun!)

Are you wondering WHOSE booth that is with all the white stuff in it???

It’s MINE!!  If you look very closely, you’ll still see snippets of my signature ‘beachy blue’ color.  I just felt the need to ‘cleanse the palette’ for a short while; so I brought out the white for the big birthday sale.

Not to worry!  As the white stuff sells down, I’ll be bringing back the beachy blue, WITH a vengeance!

I was in working on my space yesterday.  By the time I got home, they had called to tell me that dresser SOLD!  Desperately need to hunt down some more dressers to paint up!

 I’ll be offering 20% off all regular priced items in my booth for the sale.

Fun idea for decorating with old child size chairs:  Hang by the bathroom sink and hang your hand towel from the bottom rung.  Place toiletries or a basket of towels on the seat.

We’re not waiting for the world to change

Just for the RAIN and cold to change into sunny and warm!  Seriously, yesterday’s HIGH temperature was a record LOW.  How pathetic is that?!?!?    The local farmers are suffering because crops are not ripening.  And all the extra brush growth from the excess rain is probably going to make for a terrible fire season.  We need a BREAK!

And when it does get warm/dry enough to paint again, I’ve got a stockpile of projects to work on.  This HUGE wood coffee table. (standing on end because it takes up half the trailer otherwise!)

Itty bitty cutie patootie table.

Beautiful wood barrel table, but it has several water stains.  Going to try to repair this one and leave it this color.

It looks quite reddish in the photos, but it’s really a nice dark walnut color.

It doesn’t appear to have been varnished, so that will make it easier to work with.  HOPING I’ll just have to sand out the stains, and sand over the whole piece just a little and re-stain it with some Watco oil.

UGLY plastic fake wood glove box.

I’ve re-done several old plastic fake wood sewing boxes, so why not a glove box?  Will paint and glaze the outside and apply vintage book pages to the inside.  I have another sewing box to finish up, somewhere around here.  Probably started to work on it one of those days the sun came out for ten minutes.  I dash out and start to paint, only to have to run for cover after barely getting started!

This little guy is in TERRIBLE shape!  Good thing he was ‘priced accordingly’.  That white wicker bench didn’t need ANY work done to it, and it has already gone to our space in Camas.

The top of this thing looks like it was used for wood carving practice!   Nothing a good sanding won’t cure.

Couple od chunky wood frames.  Slim pickins on frames lately!  I need a good rummage sale to really stock up on frames.  There is literally no such thing as too many frames.  They always sell quickly, and I’m constantly getting requests to sell them on-line.

Off to ‘stock and spruce’ both malls today.  Don’t forget Stars Birthday sale starts tomorrow.  And MY SPACE is 40% off all regular priced items for the sale.  (red sale tag items not included in the sale)