As I have mentioned before, I buy many of my sign making stencils from    “Maison de Stencils”.   If you have been considering making some signs of your own, NOW is the time to buy them during their biggest sale of the year with 40% off ALL stencils.  Click on the link to go to the site and get the ‘code’ for the sale.

As for my ‘to paint of not to paint’ conundrum, all your comments have convinced me to NOT paint them.  At least not before I TRY to sell them ‘as is’.  I think I just get a tad ‘nervous’ about buying / selling PINK, because it has NEVER sold well for me.  sigh.

Back when we had our own shop, and I was able to divide the floor into multiple little vignettes, I had a cute little PINK area. Pink furniture and accessories, all arranged in a room-like setting.  I got more comments and ‘OOOoo00oooohs’ and “Ahhhhhhs!” on that pink area . . . .but nothing ever SOLD!!

And even when I took the ‘pink stuff’ to a show after our store closed, none of it sold.  I eventually gave up, repainted all the pink furniture and it sold right away.  Hence, my ambivalence over the pink on the vintage plaster cherub plaques.  But, I SHALL take your advice and see if they sell ‘as is’ before I potentially ‘ruin them’ by painting them all white.

I’ll be taking my Valentine inventory to my booth at Stars soon, and will include the cherub plaques.


***SAVINGS ALAERT ***Stencil sale ~ 40% off @ Maison de Stencils

You know all the GREAT sign stencils that I use to make my signs???  Well, a good portion of them (I buy from several different stencil companies) come from  Maison de Stencilsand ALL of their stencils are on sale for 40% off right now.

The sale ends January first though, so click on that link (highlighted above) and go take a peek!  Theirs are the most expensive (and best selling signs!) stencils that I buy; so I really stock up when they have a big sale like this.

Typically, it’s not very cost effective (if your budget is a tight as mine!) to buy a stencil and make your own sign.  Especially if you are only going to use the stencil that one time.  You’d be better off to just buy the sign already made by someone else.

During their 40% off sale, prices are SO GOOD that you can afford to buy a stencil EVEN IF you will only use once.  Their stencils are excellent quality and stand up to DOZENS of usages.

I wasn’t really planning to post today, so I’ve got nothing else to say except. . . .


Maison de Stencils SALE!!

You know all the fabulous stencils I buy to make my signs?  I constantly get asked WHERE I get my stencils and I ma very happy to let you know that I get MOST of them from Maison de Stencils.

And I am even happier to let you know that they are having a SALE right now!


Save 20% on all purchases with code sept20.

or save 30% on purchases of $100+ with promo code sept30. Now through the 18th of September ONLY.

GO check the site out!!!  Just  click on the hyper link above to go directly to their site.

Hand made signs would make great Christmas gifts!!

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It’s the start of a new month, so that means a new ‘half price sign special’ in my etsy shop.

The half price sign for August is my “GUEST ROOM” sign.  Regularly priced at $19.95; now reduced to $10.00.

*While current supply lasts or until the end of the month; whichever comes FIRST.  Once the sale ends, more of the signs will be listed, but at their regular price.*

And if you are wanting to MAKE some of your own signs, NOW is the time to buy stencils. 

Maison de Stencils is having a 40% off ALL stencils sale.   (this is the place I get a LOT of my stencils from; including the cool French ones!)

The sale only runs until August 6th, so if you snooze you’ll lose out on some great savings!  To get the discount enter promo code   summer2014  (all lower case, no spaces) at check out. 

And while you are on their web site, sign up for their email list to be notified directly of their sales.  They have frequent ‘flash sales’ that are only valid for a very brief time; too short of a time for me to post on my blog; but still some very great deals.



But only until June 14th!!  Have you been coveting some of these fabulous stencils for a project you have in mind but just can’t muster up the gumption to spend up to $60.00 on ONE stencil???  NOW is the time to splurge and buy while ALL their stencils are 40% off.


This is the site that sells all those wonderful ‘feed sack’ inspired stencil designs.  (those are the ‘pricier ones’)   But they also have a lot of ‘regular’ sign stencils.  Lots of European inspired designs.  I buy many of my stencils from them.

One word of warning, buying the stencil and the wood and paint supplies to make JUST ONE sign is probably going to cost you MORE than buying the sign already made.  Reason being, you are only getting ONE USE out of your stencil.  I probably use my stencils HUNDREDS of times, and Michael gathers up reclaimed wood for me, which really keeps my costs down.

So, if you are going to splurge a little on a stencil, consider buying one that you can use for multiple projects; or make additional signs to give as gifts from . . . or like I do, make signs to sell.

If you are ‘local’ to me and looking for some sign boards, Michael can ‘hook you up’ at very reasonable prices; with the exact same kind of wood I use for all of my signs.  Minimum of ten boards of the same size.  And you MUST be able to pick them up in person. ( Shipping would be cost prohibitive!)

 I can meet you somewhere in the Hillsboro area to give you your sign boards.  OR I can drop them off at either Antique Mall for you to pick up.  Payment will have to be ‘in advance though’ and via PayPal.  Otherwise I’d have to pay commission to the mall; which would mean charging more for the boards!

Just  email me  to order a batch of sign boards.

And BE SURE to read my post on making signs from stencils AGAIN,  before you start work on your signs.  And HEED my suggestion to NOT buy ‘the usual’ stencil applicator that ANYONE sells.  Trust me, I was about to GIVE UP on stenciling signs before I discovered the RIGHT applicator to use.  (it’s in the post)