The kitchen and ‘dining room’ in my new place . . .

Well, what is supposed to be the dining room is finally done.  AND I actually have some kitchen counter space to work on now!

P1220609Yep, that IS my ‘dining room’; which is actually my ‘office’.  The computer desk and shelf in the corner were in my bedroom at the old place.  The tables under the window are old booth displays from Stars; a dining table and coffee table that I cut in half.  The ‘other halves’ of each piece are in my craft room.  The pile of clothes in the far left is actually my coat tree, which is right behind the front door.

P1220608The newly created kitchen counter work space was made possible by adding this aqua step-back cupboard that Michael custom built for me.

P1220606It was designed as somewhat of an’extension’ of the kitchen.  I’m not particularly fond of how I’ve got the toaster on top of the bread box, but for the sake of counter space and lack of cupboard space, it’s a necessity.

P1220607Before Michael built the cupboard for me, ALL my kitchen counter space was taken up from the microwave, toaster and bread box.  I had that small white shelf in this spot with my canisters on it.  My cake stand collection was on one of the shelves in the living room.

P1220605My ‘secondary’ collection for ironstone pitchers is on the top of the step-back.  These are the unique ones that don’t match the rest of my collection; which is on a shelf in the living room still.

P1220600And this is the kitchen.  Cozy, eh??  The left of the sink here is where the microwave and toaster were before, and the newly created counter work space, which is slightly bigger than the space to the right of the sink.

P1220604LOVE my red butter bell!!!  I have never seen them in colors like this, so I had to keep this one.  I stock and sell a lot of these in my booth at Stars, but they are always white; occasionally I find them with thin blue stripes around the rim.

P1220601These are the cupboards above the sink side of the kitchen, and these two little cupboards are the only space I have for pantry food storage.

P1220597I painted this thrifted wire shelf white to store my dish towels and cloths on; as there was no drawer or cupboard space for them.

P1220603Two very narrow cupboards on either side of the stove for baking pans.

P1220602Two more very narrow cupboards above the stove for spices, oils, coffee, etc.

P1220595Counter space to the right of the stove.

P1220596And to the left of the stove, just enough room to display my prized vintage turquoise Kitchen Aid mixer.

Soooooooooooooo . . . . .two cupboards above the sink for food, two small ones above the stove for spices etc; drawers for silverware, utensils, skillets, plastic wrap and foil, oven mitts and vitamins; two cupboards beside the stove for pans . . . . . .and that fills ALL the built in kitchen cupboards!!  WHERE do I put my dishes?!?!?!

P1220594I was actually prepared for this dilemma in advance and placed my two big shutter cupboards ‘back to back’ at the entry space to the dining room; dividing the kitchen and living room.  The white one faces the living room and is used for ‘office stuff’.

P1220593The turquoise one faces the kitchen, on the right of the stove and stores my dishes.  I have a LOT of dishes!


  Most of the dishes are thrift finds; and I kind of had collections of three different sets started.

P1220585The turquoise glasses and wine glasses I found at Dollar Tree!!

P1220588The first style I started collecting are these, and I was hoping to find enough of all pieces to make them the dishes I use all the time.  Alas, they have been harder to find than I had hoped.

P1220586But these vintage Johnson Bros. English Ironstone dishes that I had also started collecting also have become easier to find.  So now I am working on making these my regular dishes.

P1220589A few assorted ‘odd balls’, just because I like them; like these lion’s head ramekins that match some soup lion’s head soup bowls; some vintage and some found new at Ross.

P1220592Some vintage oval platters and boats; and more vintage ramekins.

And that’s the kitchen and ‘dining room’ in my new place.

UPcycled spice rack

It all started with a scalloped spice shelf I found at a rummage sale.

P1190117Try to visualize JUST the part shown above with the scalloped edges by itself and turned upside down from how it is.  Looked to be some sort of make-do spice rack, but I had BIGGER plans for it.

P1190113I envisioned it as the top of a petite step-back cupboard.  And thanks to Michael’s help . . . here it is!

P1190114He built the base for me, we attached the two and painted a soft putty color.  (my new favorite color, in case you hadn’t noticed!)

P1190115Added this little carved wood applique at the bottom.

P1190118Simple, cottage chic style.

P1190108In the process of figuring out ‘just the right size’ of a base to fit with that scalloped top, we ended up with a couple of extra base units.  So I just painted them up as little shelves.  This is two of them, stacked.

P1190107Painted the same putty color as the step-back; with different wood appliques along the base kick plate; and a stamped design on the backing.

P1190103Base of the larger one.

P1190105Base of the larger one.

P1190102And a better look at the stamped design on the backing.  I always (ALWAYS!!) build shelves withOUT the backing attached.  SO much easier to paint that way.  AND easy peasey to add a decorative element like this TO the backing.  I just used a foam stamp from the craft store and stamped away.  Once dry, I attached it to my shelf.

P1190703The step-back has bone to Stars; $84.00.  The two shelves will be headed there soon.


First a reminder that we are CLOSED today. Wishing you all a safe holiday, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

It’s been VERY busy since the start of the ‘lost our lease’ sale. Product is really selling down, but the store is STILL nice and full. (does that make sense?) There is less product, but more spread out now and easier to SEE it all. I’ve brought in ‘some’ new product (still cleaning out my project piles!)

6.20.09 projects store019

Funky, fun reading glasses. But a spare pair or two and save yourself lots of time hunting for your reading glasses! I seriously have probably six pairs of reading glasses! A pair at my computer desk, in my purse, at the cash register in the store, and a back up for that pair in the drawer at the store, in my tool box for shows and then one more pair in case any of those get lost or break! At just $2.50 a pair, why not have several?!?!

6.20.09 projects store020

And glass cases to put those glasses IN! Also just $2.50 each.

6.20.09 projects store047

Pretty pink peonies in clear glass bottles.


Rustic elegant candle holders.


Shell candle-capes.


Vintage pretty glass bottles.


Vintage tool carriers painted bright red!


Mini stepback cupboard.


Old sliding top bread box; I gave it a primitive make over.


Little shabby chic foot stool and a Parisian style door crown.


Vintage blue enamelware.


Red enamelware.


Vintage ‘made in Italy’ cherub.


Pretty wall pockets with flowers.


Embossed tin ceiling tile wall shelf.


The embossing shows up MUCH better in person.


Lots of gift baskets and sets.


Sneaking in some FALL colors with this handcrafted hurricane candle holder.


Shabby candleabra.


Big primitive candlesticks.



Laundry decor.




Shabby Paris candle holders.


Cute mini curio shelf.


Shabby Paris wall shelf.


Primitive peg rack.


Big GAUDY (as Michael has dubbed it) wall clock.


Shabby Paris wall clock.


Shabby beach desk chair.



Vintage shabby chic telephone stand.


One of a kind shabby beach table.



Primitive pine top table.



Sweet little vintage child’s chair, painted princess PINK!



And a beachy blue one.


Old tool carrier, painted pink .


Vintage style unfinished pine rocking horse.

I’m working on getting some FALL decor put out next week.

AND, of course, the ‘up to 80% off  tables’ are FULL with lots of new stuff added to them EVERY DAY!!

Unique display for scrapbook supplies

This big ole ten drawer dresser has been sitting around in the shed for years!  Just couldn’t decide what to do with it;or even if it was worth trying to fix up.  Several of the drawer bottoms were DUCT TAPED together!  One side of the dresser had a huge gouge in it and I just couldn’t think of how to repair that.

See that big old gouge in the corner???

What we ended up doing is Michael just cut out that entire section and we ‘patched it’ with a piece of luan plywood.  You could see where it was patched even after I painted it, but you really don’t notice the sides of a dresser that much.

No knobs on most of the drawers either.  Michael replaced the bottoms of several of the drawers.  And the other side had several big dents in it that we had to fill with wood putty.

I decided to pair this dresser up with this hutch to create a step-back cupboard.

And here is the finished product, all filled with scrapbooking goodies!

Close up of the distressed drawer fronts.  I love the LOOK of the star shaped knobs, but I don’t think I’d use them again.  They are kind of sharp and ‘pokey’ whey you pull the drawer open.

Used clear glass jars to display lots of the scrapbooking supplies in.