Silver and gold

I don’t usually go for silver and gold things.  BUT, I am making a sincere effort to expand my repertoire when it comes to stock for my booth at Stars and trying new things.

P1180339My love of boxes and things that you can put other things in is what first caught my eye with this box.  (It’s much MORE ‘sparkly’ in person; the silver stripes are GLITTERY)

P1180340You can see a little more of the sparkle in this photo.

P1180341Spotting this gold matte box nearby is actually what ‘sold’ me on the silver box.  I really liked how they looked together!

P1180345Clean innards?  check!

P1180344But the paper on the lid was tearing away a bit where the ribbon was attached.  I removed the ribbon and added new paper to the top and bottom.

P1180377I had a more difficult time than I had expected, finding the right paper to add to the inside of this box!  The ‘white’ stripes were actually very YELLOW-ish!  All my yellow papers were TOO yellow and all my white ones too white!  I settled on some stitched white that had a little sparkle to go with the silver.  The piece on the inside of the lid, perfectly covered the area that was torn from the ribbon.


Here on the bottom, you can better see how yellow the inside of the box is, compared to the newly added white paper.  The stitching and the sparkles help it blend in though.


I just measure, cut (using my big paper cutter) and glue with tacky glue.


A sheer tulle bow adds the perfect finishing touch!

The gold box had clean innards too, but I wasn’t terribly fond of the glossy black.  I added some hand made and stitched paper.

P1180360I suppose I could have, and maybe SHOULD have, papered over the entire black inside of the gold box.  But just doing the top and bottom was really enough to brighten it up.   I just didn’t feel the extra work to do the sides, and upping the price to cover the additional work was worth it.

P1180358A pretty bow and a key soften the gold a bit.


I could almost KEEP it for myself now!


Bedroom / craft studio progress report

Yikes!  It’s been OVER a year since I last posted about THIS PROJECT.    Finally got back to it last week when I brought home a shelf from Stars to use, and pretty much had to rearrange EVERYTHING on the ‘studio side’ of the room.

12.29.12 stars Val buys 120The big white shelf on top of the dresser is the new addition; replacing a smaller shelf that was there before.  The dresser drawers are all full of craft supplies, as are the little suitcases and picnic basket on the dresser; and ALL the other boxes and containers you see!

12.29.12 stars Val buys 111Just added all this ‘wall decor’ above the work table.  Those bulletin boards won’t be empty for long!

12.29.12 stars Val buys 133

Did you notice the super cool string and scissor holder on top of that little shelf?!?!  That was a Christmas gift from one of my best friends, and I soooooooooooooo  love it!  (Thanks B!!!)

12.29.12 stars Val buys 113

I cut out pictures that I like from magazines and glue them into notebooks and journals to save for inspiration.  Two of them you see hanging from the big key rack.  The big keys hanging with them and the ones on the bulletin board will be used for projects.  Just enjoying the ‘look of them’  on display for now.

12.29.12 stars Val buys 112Little shelf that sits on the work table.  I love having my supplies ‘on display’.  It reminds me of what I have and INSPIRES me to use the stuff. Of course I can’t artfully display EVERYTHING; so I select a few things and change them out every so often.  To the left of the shelf is a big old can covered with sheet music for me to toss paper scraps in for recycling.  (at least the scraps that are too small to save and re-use. )  My paper cutter sits just to the left of it.

12.29.12 stars Val buys 130

Close up of stuff on the shelf.

12.29.12 stars Val buys 114I TRIED putting my paper cutter away after using it.  And I really like having a ‘blank spot’ on the table when I put it away.  BUT I use that thing almost EVERY day, so now it stays out.

12.29.12 stars Val buys 115The shelf at the end of the work table and against the side wall was there before.  I just changed out what I had stored/displayed on it.  Most of those boxes are from a set of paper mache boxes, and store assorted supplies.

12.29.12 stars Val buys 118One of these days I’ll get around to making some labels for the boxes.  Jars of shells on the top to easily grab and use on projects.

12.29.12 stars Val buys 117

12.29.12 stars Val buys 116To the left of the work table shelf is a crate that sits on end and holds all my pretty scrap book paper.  And a stack of file holders on top.

12.29.12 stars Val buys 138WHY do I have that much scrapbook paper when I don’t even DO scrapbooking?!?!

12.29.12 stars Val buys 117(I need to label THESE too!)  Instead of just putting stuff in the file holders and having them look messy, I discovered that the boxes you get from the copy place when you have a LOT of copies made, fit perfectly in the slots.  But they are kinds fugly looking.  So I covered mine with plain kraft paper.  And I can store ‘little things’ in there easier this way.  I used all my old ‘checks’ boxes as little dividers in the trays.  Nice and organized!

12.29.12 stars Val buys 119And back to the newly added shelf.  Nope, it doesn’t match and no, I don’t care.  It’s functional!!  And I can ‘display’ lots of supplies on it!

12.29.12 stars Val buys 124

12.29.12 stars Val buys 125

12.29.12 stars Val buys 126

12.29.12 stars Val buys 128

12.29.12 stars Val buys 127You can see a couple more of these covered boxes on the top shelf of this shelf.  I have several more stored ‘behind closed doors’ (in my big shutter cabinet) with all my rubber stamps and inks.  At one time I had all of these ‘on display’ as you can see in this old picture:

12.29.12 stars Val buys 121MORE supplies in a stack of suitcases that sit under the work table.

12.29.12 stars Val buys 123My skeleton key collection.

12.29.12 stars Val buys 139Faux display cakes that I made to use for photo props for etsy.

12.29.12 stars Val buys 140One of two vintage grubby old electric fans.  One more and it will officially be a ‘collection’!

12.29.12 stars Val buys 136You can baaaaaaaaaaarely see my little crown collection on top of the shutter cabinet.  (Michael built it for me)

12.29.12 stars Val buys 137And a crown hook hanging on the front.

That’s IT!  That’s as far as I’ve gotten.  But I’m content.

****EDITED TO ADD ****  THIS room is not my ONLY craft work area.  It is just my ‘paper craft’ supplies in that room.  I also have a ‘craft room’ (formerly the formal living room in the house) where most (and a LOT more!) of my craft supplies are.  Here’s an old post where I showed that craft room.  And that room is almost ALWAYS too messy to take pictures of.    Usually a dozen projects in the works at any given time!

SOMEDAY, I will have whiddled down my craft supplies to a manageable amount that I can ‘pretty up’ that craft room too.  Right now, it’s half supplies and half etsy product waiting to be sold.  AND I have some etsy product out in our trailer!

BUT, when we decided to re-do that bedroom and I decided to divvy up some of my supplies to store in there, I was DETERMINED that it would stay tidy enough to STILL be used as a guest bedroom.  And it’s the one room that Michael will tolerate being ‘girly’!

I really AM ‘on a mission’ to use up my excess craft supplies and get ‘my other craft room’  as organized and pretty as the bedroom.

Even if you only have a closet or a corner to use for your craft space, SO try to ‘pretty it up a bit’.  A pretty and tidy craft area truly IS more conducive to creativity!

Paper covered paper mache boxes

“Back when” I was doing primitive style folk art stuff (seems like FORever ago!)  I did a LOT of grubby paper mache boxes.  We managed to clearance most of them when we closed our brick and mortar store.  Still, I find some stashed away every so often’ and need to update them to sell with the cottage style stuff we are now focusing on.

Such was the case with these two hexagon boxes.  Originally part of a set of six (individually priced) that had been painted black and mustard, (mustard paint was SOOOOO popular back then!!!) and HEAVILY distressed.  (sorry, but no before photo)  I actually distress my mache boxes by running them over my 4″ belt sander, with a COARSE sanding belt in it.  It really ‘chews up the surface good!”  But they looked fine after being painted over.

I did the bottom box first; cutting my paper to exactly fit the side of the box.  Hard to get it glued on perfectly and not have some hanging over the edges though.  So I decided to trim the paper for the smaller box.  Which do you like best?

That awesome toille cardstock and coordinating black and white designs that I used on these boxes came in a multi pack from Michael’s craft store.

Helping out at Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Forest Grove

Michael spent his Saturdays for the last month building a display unit for them to hang their lighting fixtures from.  He donated the materials, made the design and with the help of some other volunteers . . . . .VOILA!

Prior to getting this built, THIS is how the lighting had been displayed:

Lots and lots of lighting fixtures get donated to sell, but kind of difficult to SHOP when it’s all just piled on shelves.

The new fixture really stands out and shows off the lighting much better:

And what a difference having them painted white makes!  (Thanks to volunteer, Alberto for painting!)

And while we’re talking about the Habitat Restore, check out these storage boxes they just got in!

A set of THREE heavy duty file boxes for ONE DOLLAR!  Limited to stock on hand and only at the Forest Grove ReStore.  Michael picked up several sets for us.  Just what I need to get going on my spring cleaning!

For more information on the Forest Grove Habitat ReStore, including hours of operation and donating, visit their blog HERE.