My ‘make-do’ rolling craft storage cart


I want one.  I NEED one!  There are all kinds of rolling storage carts out there, and I’ve been trying to talk myself into splurging on one for years.  My craft room has a nice big work table in it for me to work one; and plenty of storage space and units.  But a good percent of my craft work (especially as I’m getting older and dealing with more health issues!) is done sitting in my big comfy recliner in the living room, listening TV while I craft.

So, what invariably happens is that I end up with little ‘plies’ of craft supplies and partially finished projects on the floor around my chair and on the end table next to it.  Which is fine by me IF I am going to be working on that same project for a good length of time.  My ‘problem’ is, I never seem to be able to work on just ONE project at a time.  I usually have 3-4 different projects going at a time and in different areas of my home.

Some items that I spray painted outside are drying in the garage.  Some faux concrete projects are curing on the table in my craft room.  A pile of old book pages are on the end table waiting for me to decide what to do with them.  There are two flat ‘tray type’ boxes filled with buttons for me to sort through to find ‘just the right ones’ to attach to some little felt hearts that I am working on.  And the pile of felt hearts is on the lamp tale on the other side of my chair!

I seldom sit in one place for very long.  I can barely stand to sit through a 2 hour movie in a theatre.  Even if I’m really watching a TV show at home (as opposed to just listening as I work) I tend to get up during every commercial to do something.  In fact sitting for too long aggravates my back pain even more than over-doing.  So getting up every 20 minutes or so to work on a different project works best for me.  But this does not make for a very neat and tidy home!  And I do like for my home to be clean and organized.

A craft cart would be ideal to keep close by my chair in the living room.  I’ve had the kind with the plastic drawers.  The two big ones (with the colored drawers) that I bought before I moved, never did ‘work right’.  The drawers came off the track every time I opened them.  I ended up giving them away.  I have an all white one with the plastic drawers, which is fine for storage, but not necessarily for easy access to contents.


THIS is the one that I coveted most.  But it’s not quite ‘tidy enough’ for keeping in the living room; and I really wanted a shelf with removable trays or drawers.  So I headed to the thrift store on a mission to find something that I could turn into a customized craft cart for myself.

It must have been my lucky day, because this cute little rolling cart was right at the front of the store.

It’s on wheels for easy moving for cleaning and pulling over to my chair.  It will FIT right at the end of that dresser you see behind it.  (my chair is just to the right)   I can probably find some plastic trays/baskets at the dollar store to put on the shelves; AND it was only $6.99!  SOLD.

I decided to rummage around the house to see if I already had anything that would work as baskets for the shelves before I went out and spent money on something new.  Low and behold I had some cardboard boxes that fit the shelves quite nicely.


I covered the boxes with some pretty wrapping papers and voila!  My make-do craft cart is ready for duty.  I can easily remove and replace the boxes; easy access and easy clean up.

I might keep an eye out for a big tray that I can place on the top for more surface space to work on, but for now it suits my needs just perfectly.


Or maybe I should call it ‘MIP’ (missing in PAIN) or ‘Missing in IN-action’!  

If it’s not one thing, it’s another in my life, it seems.  So, we had the big snow storm in early February, during with my annual respiratory infection decided to hit.  I couldn’t get OUT to go to the doctor for five days, so by that time I was very sick and had to go straight to the ER.  At LEAST it was not pneumonia this time.

Got my meds.  Followed up with my PC a few days later because I really was not feeling much better; so he added on a round of steroids.  Got better,  then got worse again.  Back to my PC and on a second round of steroids.  Breathing MUCH better now.

But in the midst of all that my right heel started hurting.  Felt like I had stepped on a nail and that the nail was still in there sending crazy sharp pains up the back of my leg.  Couldn’t even put ANY weight on my foot sometimes.  Since I couldn’t recall having DONE anything to cause the pain, I tried to just ‘take it easy’ and see if it would pass.  Nope.  Got WORSE every day.  Back to m PC who diagnosed ‘plantar fasciitis’, and a few stretching exercises, ice and rest . . . and a trip to a podiatrist if none of that helped.

It didn’t.  But it took almost 2 weeks to get an appt as a new patient with a podiatrist.  That was yesterday.  X-ray showed that I have some bone abnormalities in my right foot.  Ultrasound of the soft tissue showed that it was inflamed to TWICE what it should be.  sigh.  They taped up my foot and gave me a Velcro splint and I go back on Monday to see what’s next; which will depend upon how much this treatment has helped.  (which is so far ‘not at ALL!)  sigh.

Resting for TOO long only makes it hurt MORE when I do get back up.  But being on it for too long also makes it worse.  Slowly keeping moving seems to keep the pain level down a bit, but then after a while even that starts making it worse.  So then I sit with it propped up for a while.  Sitting at the computer is very uncomfortable; hence the lack of posts for so long.  By the time I tend to my etsy shop, answer emails and work on ads, I’m DONE!

I really don’t even have a heck of a lot of projects to catch up on posting about.  Pain really ZAPS the creativity out of me!  Mostly been working on sorting and organizing and getting rid of stuff (project supplies) that I have not touched in 11 years since I moved here.


To aid me in organizing my craft supplies, I picked up a couple of these (on sale, of course!)  I’ve seen these carts around for YEARS.  Remember almost buying one at Costco for $20.00, but they went FAST.  Then they were ‘everywhere’, but priced up to $60.00.  So when I came across TWO of them for $15.00 each, I grabbed them!

But I HATE the colors!!!  I want to have one of those ‘pretty craft studios’ like they show in the magazines.  But these carts are SOOOOOOOOOO practical!!!  What to do?!?!?  I’ll have my sweet Michael build me a little cabinet that I can roll them into!!!  THEN, I can even add a book shelf on top of the cart storage cabinet to make it look like a hutch!!!

I LOVE being me when I think of stuff like that.  The ‘other medical crap’,  notsomuch!!

Do you have any fabulous ‘decorative’ storage solutions to share??