Pictures of recently made hearts

Most of these shown are bigger, about HAND size hearts that I’m selling individually in my booth at Stars.

Adding some *tea* stained vintage lace, felt and quilt batting.

*I don’t use actual TEA for my stain. ┬áRecipe is sold on etsy.

LOTS of buttons!

It’s really quite relaxing, searching for ‘just the right button’ to fit in each spot and making sure they are all different.

Layers are stitched to the front piece, then buttons,  before stitching front and back together and stuffing.

Little French knots added between buttons.

I’m really “into” the LAYERS this year.

Smaller ones are packaged in cello bags in sets.

Hand stamped tea stained muslin ribbon

Hand torn and tea stained strips of muslin. I don’t actually use TEA to stain with, rather my own special recipe of stain (you can buy the recipe in my etsy shop) but it LOOKS like tea and I can’t think of a different name to call it other than tea stain!

Anyhoooooooooo . . . . . I tore my strips of muslin and dunked them into a bowl of my stain just long enough to fully cover. Remove and wring out.

My strips were as long as the muslin was wide (45″). It just happened to be a dry (although still cold and cloudy!) day so I was able to lay my stained strips outside to dry. You get the BEST color striations by letting them dry in the sun. I just ‘hand smoothed’ my strips so they were still fairly wrinkled once they dried.

It was not quite warm enough outside for them to have dried by dark, so I brought them in and draped them over a plastic hanger to finish drying overnight. Once fully dry, I ironed them to smooth them out a bit. A dry iron will leave you a bit of wrinkles. You can use steam if you want them wrinkle free.

Then I just used a regular rubber stamp pad and some stamps and stamped away!

Thses are currently for sale in my space at Stars.