Old drawers repurposed into little shelves

Didn’t really need to do too much to these old drawers.  Cleaned them up and sanded off some scratches and glued some pretty paper to the inside bottom (which becomes the backing when hung as a shelf)

I removed the handle to distress the top and bit, then reattached the handle.  Used some vintage sheet music for papering this one.

 “Tea stained’  (using my own special stain formula; NOT realy tea!) the edges of this torn paper for a very aged look.

On this second drawer, the handle was splattered with old paint, so I gave it a fresh coat of black spray paint when I removed it to sand the drawer front.

Used a couple of coordinating scrapbook papers for the bottom of this one.  Just tore them up and glued them down kinda mosaic style.  You ‘could’ do nice neat straight line cuts if you prefer.  I just happen to like the torn edges look. 

Very quick and simple project!  These  two will be going to Stars.


Quick peek at a couple of new items


Muslin strip lamp shade in our space at Camas Antiques.

Close up pic.

LOVE the vintage baby ric rac.

Last year we made some little tables with tops like this.  This year we made it into a clock!

BIG 24″ shabby beach wall clock in our space at Stars Antique Mall.

More pics of both spaces coming next.  Headed out of town to deliver a big custom order.

pRiMiTiVe GrUbBy gRuNgY sTaiN ReCiPe

I’ve tried the rest and this one is




Sure, there are LOTS of free grubby stain recipes out there, but honestly, you ‘get what you pay for’!  And in the long run, the ingredients you buy for those free recipes cost more than what I recommend, they are more labor intensive to make and they can be sticky and stiNky!

I’ve purchased and tested many of the other stain recipes out there and this one really is the best.

I make a LOT of stained products to sell in our retail store and shows, and this is the only recipe I use.

* No smelly coffee or tea used!

* No other ‘stiff and sticky’ kitchen products.

* Make it scented or UNSCENTED!

(Stained muslin doll head shown in photo has one coat of ‘full strength’ solution.  You can make yours darker or lighter.  Unstained one shown for comparison)

Recipe also includes how to’s for:

 -> Making ‘bordered’ tags and cardstock.

-> Making oval bordered cardstock.

-> How to get that ‘mottled watermark’ look on your items if you wish.

-> Buy inexpensive flags and stain them yourself.

Fourteen color pictures with complete instructions.

To purchase this e-book, send $4.00via PayPal to folkartoriginals@yahoo.com 


***BE SURE to make a notation on your PayPal invoice as to which e-book it is that you are sending the money for.



Your e-book, in the form of a password protected Picturetrail album, will be emailied to you within 48 hours of receipt of payment.