Updated little cabinet

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 099This little cabinet from the thrift store is one of those things that was intentionally distressed, but then had cracked and peeled even MORE!  I had to sand it quite a bit to get past the shedding stuff.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 100The inside was stained and in good shape, so I left it ‘as is’.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 105Hand painted (NOT spray paint this time) the outside a darker turquoise then my current furniture shade of aqua.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 120Distressed a bit with my orbital sander.  (I almost ALWAYS use my electric sander because my bad back makes hand sanding impossible.  But a smaller items like this could easily have been hand sanded to distress by a ‘normal person’.)

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 119All of the decorative stamps I have were too wide to fit on these doors; so I used a design from one of my sign stencils.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 121Then stenciled PARIS on the top.

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 122Cute little cabinet to store some little collectibles.

This piece is for sale at Stars for $24.00

6.16.13 BOTH + projects 125A couple of distressed wood frames went to Stars too.

6..22.13 Both + projects 054This little jewelry box is $17.00 at Stars.

6..22.13 Both + projects 064

I LOVE ‘rub n buff’!

I’ve seen what other bloggers have done with it, but not tried it myself until now.  I an usually able to get the multi-layered colors effect I want simply by painting and sanding.  Old gold frames (wood OR plastic) are really easy to do that way.  Just paint them black and lightly sand for the gold to show through.

But recently I decided to paint these little resin urns black, to go with the Paris apartment look I am trying to create in our antique mall space.  They just didn’t look ‘right’ when I sanded them.

I love black and white, but these just weren’t doing it for me.  Time to break out the tube of Rub n Buff!

It really takes only the TINIEST bit.  Spreads on like SILK, but you have to work fast because it dries almost instantly.  I just used my finger and smoothed it over the raised areas where I had sanded. 

This was EXACTLY what these urns needed!  Love they way they turned out. 

I added some moss and a robins egg blue egg to a couple of them.  NOW, what else can I use this Rub n Buff on?!?!?  It’s rather addictive!

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