Ugliest Trunk EVER!

Honestly, I think this is the ugliest little trunk that I have EVER seen!!


The latch is missing and I have NO IDEA what the ‘significance’ of the paint job is?!?!  Perhaps a Halloween decoration or party prop?  I really only looked at the price tag to see how much they were trying to get for it; and have a good laugh if it was more than a couple of dollars.


It WAS just a couple of dollars and the ‘innards’ were decent; so I bought it.  It’s good to challenge myself every so often.

First off I filled the holes from the missing latch with wood filler, then sanded that spot smooth.  I painted it aqua, then distressed it a bit.


It needs ‘something’ . . . . . but I wasn’t sure just what.  When that happens I just start digging through my boxes of supplies in search of inspiration.


This bird themed paper napkin was perfect.  Since a few tiny spots of the original red paint showed through when I distressed it; the little bit of red in the napkin tied it in nicely.  I applied it using ModPodge.

I didn’t cover the back with the napkin because the hinges were in the way.  NOW, what to do to take the place of the missing latch at the front???  I have some cute little padlocks and keys, but they didn’t ‘feel right’ with the birds.


Ah-HA!!!  Another perfect use for one of the aqua ceramic roses I have!  I drilled a little pilot hole (remember these are actually push pins so they have a tack on the back) and glued in on with some e6000.


Not bad!  Not bad at all.

It sold within a DAY of when I took it to my booth at Stars!

I had restocked my booth last Tuesday, in preparation for the five-day sale, Thursday – Monday.  Had to go back in on both Friday and Saturday mornings because large items had sold and my booth was a MESS!

ALL of the above pieces sold last week, as of Saturday. (Lots of small stuff sold too, I just can’t show it all!)   I’m very curious to see what my booth looks like when I go in tomorrow, after 3 more days of the sale!

I took a few new pieces in with me on Saturday, just to fill the empty spots.  Some of it may be coming back home with me.

Like this chest of drawers.  It’s a REALLY nice piece; even the INSIDES of the drawers are painted!!  It doesn’t NEED a make-over . . .  but it really doesn’t ‘go with’ the color palette I have in my booth.  I really LIKE this color’s used on it too.  So, I figured I’d give it a chance to sell ‘as is’.  You never know!!

And this little metal folding shelf, which I was going to re-paint.  But it kind of ‘works’ with the colors of the chest, so I went ahead and brought it in ‘for now’.

I have a carload of furniture pieces to take in tomorrow.  I have a feeling I’m going to be spending quite a few hours working on rearranging my booth tomorrow.  I’ll wait to restock ‘smalls’ for when I have less big stuff to haul and move.

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UPCYCLED Little Treasure Chest

Little trunk style jewelry chest I recently found.

Nice clean ‘innards’? Check.  Paper peeling off?  I was probably going to remove it before I painted it anyhow.  Sold!

It was actually a nice finish under the paper.  It was a bit harder to get all that paper off than I’d hoped.  I peeled off whatever would easily come off first; which wasn’t much!  Then I soaked a dishcloth in hot water and laid that over the remaining paper.  After letting that sit for a bit, I used a paint scraper to get ‘most’ of it off.  finally had to use some ‘Goof Off’ to get the last little bits of paper off.  Then a little sanding before repainting.


Aqua paint (of course!) and a bit of sanding to distress.


A section of a pretty paper napkin decoupaged on the top for a little added ‘oomph’.

P1270083Done and already SOLD, at Stars.

Recent thrift store finds

P1170301Mini pie safe!  So cute.

P1170300Missing this piece of wood across the front so it was extra CHEAP!  I can easily fix it!

P1170308Little 2 drawer wood chest.  ACK!  Hate the color and the design!

P1170307But anything with little drawers always sells well.  Just have to decide HOW I want to make it over.

P1170303I have this EXACT same cedar jewelry chest!

P1170304EXACTLY the same picture.

P1170305Inside it a bit marked up, so I may have to put paper on the bottom.  Debating whether I would make-over this one or not???  Whaddya think????

I really want to start going to more estate sales next year and procuring more vintage items that I can sell ‘as is’; as opposed to always making everything over.

P1170306Is this the UGLIEST green color you have ever seen or what?!?!?  WHY would they paint such a pretty faced item such and ugly green?!?!  Poor baby!  I will pretty her up!

P1170311Vintage bird prints in AQUA (but cheap PLASTIC!) frames.

P1170312Cheapo cardboard backings.  ICK.   The pictures were very close to tearing.  I took them out and glued then to some sturdy cardboard.  Then backed that to another piece of cardboard.  Put a little loop of string under that top-notch for hanging.  Scrubbed the frames.  Gave the pictures a good coat of clear spray paint to help preserve them; then put them back together.

P1170313Nice wood chest, about the size of a bread box.  Thinking this might work for the wedding card receptacle at my son’s wedding next August.  (made over, to their preference of course!

P1170314The inside is even completely painted!

Apothecary chests, firkins and treasure boxes

Reproduction firkins.


Handcrafted little apothecary chests.  I bought the little drawer parts, and had Michael cut and attach the back handle pieces to them.  Can you see the ‘itty bitty bun feet’ on this one?  How sweet are those?!?!?  I want to put bun feet on everything now!

You can just baaaaaaarely see them on this treasure chest, but it’s got the bun feet too!  All of these treasure chests are completely handmade by Michael and me using reclaimed wood for the boxes.

We also have the boxes, and handles and feet etc, avaialbe unfinished if you want to create your own.

And we have the carved wood appliques (like I used on the front of this one) available to purchase unfinished.  They are great for dressing up any simple piece of furniture.