Decorated ice skates

Have seen these around for years and always wanted to try it, but could never find the ice skates I needed!  This year I found TWO pairs – children’s sizes no less!  (the smaller ones are just ‘cuter’!)

I just rummaged through what wreath embellishing supplied I had and put these together:

P1160638* ~ *

P1160619* ~ *

P1160623* ~ *

P1160620* ~ *

P1160618* ~ *

P1160617* ~ *

P1160613* ~ *

P1160612* ~ *

P1160615* ~ *

P1160614* ~ *

Now to hunt down sore stuff to do the other two!

Blue Christmas

Well turquoise and aqua Christmas actually!!  Got my Christmas tree up and decorated in my booth at Stars:

11.6.13 both + xmas 031Took me ALL day to get the tree decorated and my booth rearranged.

11.6.13 both + xmas 048The tree turned out even MORE beautiful than I had imagined it would!

11.6.13 both + xmas 050And yes, every single ornament on the tree IS for sale!

11.6.13 both + xmas 047The tree topper is for sale too.

11.6.13 both + xmas 051I hand glittered ginormous turquoise glitter balls!  Sprayed them with a clear top coat afterwards to minimize ‘glitter shed’.

11.6.13 both + xmas 001As BIG as they are, I wasn’t sure they were going to ‘look right’ ON the tree.  They’d be pretty piled in a bowl or on a tray too.  11.6.13 both + xmas 049A little difficult to see in the photo, but there is a sparkly tendril thingy cascading down from the tree topper.  This tree is 7′ tall and needs a little ‘extra’ at the top.

11.6.13 both + xmas 052A little bit of lime green in the paper rosettes backing adds a bit more interest in the otherwise very monochromatic color theme.

11.6.13 both + xmas 040Lots more ornaments scattered about the booth in bowls and on trays.

11.6.13 both + xmas 044The paper rosette ornies make beautiful package bows too!

11.6.13 both + xmas 062Bowl full of jingle bells!

11.6.13 both + xmas 063Vintage style seed bead ornaments almost look like moss balls!  Would be pretty placed atop candlesticks for a centerpiece! (***Note to self: take some candlesticks in next trip to do this!)

11.6.13 both + xmas 065White seed bead orns; pretty with just a few aqua snowflakes mixed in.

11.6.13 both + xmas 003LOVE these little birds!  They are all ON the tree, but I wanted to show you one up close.

11.6.13 both + xmas 039Little ‘platinum’ color monochromatic table top tree; fully decorated and ready for use in a shabby white planter box base.  Perfect to leave out and use for a New Years centerpiece!

11.6.13 both + xmas 058I’ve always loved doing monochromatic or theme Christmas trees.

Do you decorate your tree with a certain theme or color?