A jar with no lid ~

This is the ‘front view’ of the half bottle I altered in the last post.  I wanted to show you how BIG the jar for today’s project is by comparison.P1180177

It’s a nice BIG half-gallon jar.  I LOVE the big gallon size ‘restaurant pickle jars’.  Like to paint the lids and use them as canisters.  Was thinking that I might find ‘just a lid’ some day for this half-gallon jar, OR convince myself to sacrifice one from a gallon jar for it.  THEN, I had this idea!

Add a wire handle and make it into a candle lantern!

P1180191I’ve seen this idea used on baby food jars with battery operated tea lights, hanging in trees for outdoor party decor.

P1180192And done with pint and quart size canning jars.  You can ever BUY the canning jars with the wire handles already on them!  I wired my own.  YOU just have to be sure your wire is SNUG, and below you lid ridges.


It needed ‘something more’ than just the wire handle, so I attached an old padlock and key.


And I always put candles in anything that is supposed to hold a candle before I put it out for sale.

P1180197And a burlap bow for good measure!


UPcycled old jars

I’ve got a HUGE stash of old jars (mostly SMALL ones) that I have been saving for AGES for ‘just the right’ craft project to use them for.   THIS just might be it!  (click on the brown bold THIS to go to the tutorial)

How, if I can just FIND some of the pretty paper napkins everyone is using on crafts like this!!  All the blogs I’ve seen state they are napkins they already HAD.  Anyone know WHERE to look for napkins like this.  LOTS of craft projects to use them for.