From ‘dark and drab’ to shabby chic FAB!!

This tall bookshelf has been around since ‘back when’ we first opened our shop and were mostly selling primitives.  The drab mustard color was PERFECT for that look.  Here’s a picture of it from back then, to the left of the softer yellow shelf.

I ‘made use of it’ in our space at Stars because I needed the shelf space; but was never really thrilled with how it looked with the rest of our shabby beach decor.

The backing was a less grainy luan plywood, and didn’t take very well the the dry brushing.  DRAT!  Was a little worried that the SOLIDLY painted back would look funny with the partially painted sides. 

I brought it home on Monday.  We actually had a WARM and sunny day on Tuesday!  Out came the paint and brushes!  Time to update this baby!

I was pondering possibly stamping a desing on the back in a light tan with foam stamps when Michael arrived home and gave it a thumbs up as is!! Yippee!

And here it is, back in our space at Stars, all chic and shabby and filled with lots of new goodies!

And noooooooo . . . it’s NOT still marked down to $79.00!!  After emptying it, hauling it to the truck, unloading it, dusting it off, spending an entire day painting it, loading it into the truck again, hauling it back to the space again and filling it back up . . . . . I’ve had to add a few dollars to the original price of $199.00.  It’s now $229.00.  (you’ve gotta GRAB those bargains when you see them!)

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.  How it looks in the space.  How BRIGHT it makes the whole space look.  And how great all the old books, white and aqua dishes look on it!!

It’s truly my FAVORITE item in our space right now!  I just may have to see if Michael has any of the rough cut cedar boards left to make MORE of these, in different sizes!

Isn’t that vintage little piggy salt and pepper shaker set darling??

I’m becoming quite ‘addicted’ to the old book bundles with the covers taken off!  Just love the color and texture!

I left the covers on this grouping of brown books.  They were just too ‘perfect’ together to mess with.

I could really take this WHOLE thing home, the shelf and everything on it; and keep it all.  I like it THAT much.  (And I seldom like anything I do ‘the first time”.  I usually start thinking immediately of how I will CHANGE it all next time! )  Of course I’ll HAVE to change things around and add new items as things sell. 

I’ve got a LOT of product on it, but it doesn’t look ‘too full’.  Is it because the colors are so light and airy?