A few more finished pieces ~ Outdated and UPdated

Using lots of the Robin’s egg blue these days.  I’ve got the beacy blue theme going at Stars right now, and a beach themed ‘truck show’ coming up soon.

Even mid-century modern furniture works for the shabby beach look!

I only distressed this one a wee bit, and mostly along the edges.

Here’s the ‘before’ picture.

Little 2 drawer night stand.  What do you think of the ‘double knobs’ instead of a handle?  I KNOW how difficult it is to ‘match up pull holes’ on old furniture.  Newer pulls have the screws closer together.  I ALMOST filled the holes before I painted this one so that I could use different pulls.  But I got LAZY and didn’t and then I really didn’t like the old pulls and none of the others I had would fit.  Hence, the double knobs because I had to fill two holes.  It’ different, at least!

I heavily distressed this one. 

Here it is, before.

SERIOUSLY damaged top!

Final project, a coffee table.

Distressed top.

And the before!