What to do about cigarette burns on old furniture

This tall end table / lamp table with one little drawer was in pretty good condition, except for the badly damaged top.

A couple of VERY deep cigarette burns and several areas where the embossed gold design had worn down completely.  But it was plenty sturdy, had a lower shelf and a drawer (storage is always a big plus!) and it had ‘nice legs’!  I decided to buy it and see what I could to with it.

The CLEANEST vintage drawer innards I have ever seen!  Missing knob is no biggie since I usually change them anyhow.

The cigarette burns were not just ‘singes’ . . .  they were divots, burned clear through that top layer of wood; and just sanding them was not going to do the job.

I filled them with some wood putty, then sanded smooth once the putty was nice and dry.  The gold embossed border which was worn away in some spots was very inconsistent.  At first I thought I could just sand the rest away.  But it was very deeply  embedded in some spots and just barely on the surface of others.  So I just sanded enough to remove the surface sheen and painted as I usually do.


That little drawer was perfect for another one of the aqua ceramic knobs I have.

I went fairly light on the distressing because of the issues with the top.


I was concerned that the variations in the embossing would bother me, but it doesn’t.  And you can still see where the filled cigarette burn divots were . . . .  ‘a good distressing job covers a multitude of flaws’. (You may quote me on that!  hehe)


All in all, I an quite content with how it turned out.


Available for purchase in my booth at Stars for $79.00.



Here’s what’s new in my booth at Curiosities . .

P1110090I now have Valentine goods stocked in my booth at Curiosities also.


Little shelf filled with assorted Valentine-y stuff.

P1110033Pink glitter owls with hearts and keys.


Itty bitty gumball machine filled with candy conversation hearts.

P1110036Pretty Valentine gift boxes.

P1110037With metal charms attached to the bows.  (and paper shred inside of course!)

P1110070Little red birdcage with stamped pillow inside.  Tag on the side says ‘prisoner of love’.


P1110074Paper love crown.

P1110075More of a ‘spring thing’ than Valentine; bird and nest on urn.

P1110079Paris chic burlap pillows.

P1110083Child size rocking chair.

P1110061Shabby chic picnic basket.

P1110062HUGE vintage cheese box.

P1110091BIG black footed tray.  I didn’t measure it, but it’s at least 4′ long.  Perfect for a big farmhouse table.  I filled it with assorted gold stuff.  Gold finials, little crown baskets, cloches and framed picture.

P1110094Pair of rusty wire cloches with bird toppers; a red glitter love crown placed atop the larger cloche.

P1110088I completely ‘flip flopped’ the left side wall of my booth this last time.  Actually this side has NO wall.  The booth only has 2 walls and 2 open sides.  But to make the best use of the space, I ‘build a wall’ of product along one of the empty sides.  this is the side that faces OUT to the aisle.  (All of this stuff was previously INSIDE the booth. )

P1100982These three aqua shelf units were previously on that outward facing wall.  Now they face inside; backed up to what’s in the previous picture.  (kind of difficult to explain!)

P1100986A sign display as an ‘end cap’ (sort of!) of the two previous back to back displays.

P1100996Rustic wood hearts with keys.

P1100995Barnwood heart with old hinge and shutter.

P1100992Spring-ish whites.

P1100964Hand crafted ‘cranberry’ (wood bead!) hearts.

P1100980Altered heart shaped candy boxes filled with chocolate CANDLES. (yes candLes, not candies!)

P1100990Shabby white bird cage filled with dried hydrangea.

P1110097Moved the antique enamel table further into the booth against the wall; with the two shabby end tables tucked underneath.

P1110110Lots of fun new stuff for Valentine and spring decorating.  Come by and check it out.

Curiosities is open Tuesdays – Sundays; 10am – 6pm  (closed Mondays)

Valentine gifts and decor now in stock at Stars

P1100884Lots of fun Valentine gifts and home decor items just stocked in my booth at Stars.

P1100885The tea stained lace quilt hearts that I’ve shown in a previous post.  These are ONLY available at Stars.

P1100887I also have some of the small red ‘conversation hearts’ at Stars.

P1100886Loaded them into a HUGE 2 gallon mercantile jar.

P1100888Lots of little bits and bobs to decorate with or give as gifts; including several pretty gift boxes.

P1100889Love potion #9 bottles adorned with vintage keys.

P1100891Serendipity bottle.

P1100900Tiny bottle of bliss.  (Because a little goes a long way!)


P1100905A big gold tray full of assorted fun stuff to dig through.

P1100909Rustic wood hanging heart with key.

P1100910One of a kind pink Valentine fairy.

P1100912Altered vintage candy boxes filled with chocolate CANDLES!

P1100913Perfect for those of use who have resolved to get into shape in the new year!

P1100925Several to choose from.  Vintage bears with hearts and keys.



P1100922Vintage pink  wicker shelf; packets of blank note cards on top.

P1100924Glittered LOVE sign.

P1100930Pair of pink glittered birds sitting on a sweet child size bow back chair.

P1100935Little cherish sign.

P1100936Little LOVE sign.

P1100898More love sign and little cherub.

P1100933Big beautiful (heavy too!) shabby chic frame with love collage.  The love collage is removable so you can use the frame for a picture after Valentines Day.

P1100944Little ‘Be mine’ heart shaped pillow.

P1100945Love heart banner and 2 doves Valentine wreath.


Saturday, January 18th – Monday, January 20th (MLK holiday!) 

Stars infamous HAGGLE SALE!  

Many of the Stars dealers will be on hand ‘wheeling and dealing’ throughout the sale.  Since I can’t be there to offer individual deals, I’ll be offering 25% off ALL REGULAR PRICED MERCHANDISE in my booth.  

Just added to my etsy shop: hand stitched felt heart bowl fillers

In addition to all the hearts I’ve recently take to my booths at Stars and Curiosities, I just added lots of them to my  etsy shop.   they are sold in bundles, as shown.  Prices vary from $19 – $29.95 + shipping.



















CLICK HERE to go to my etsy shop.

LOTS of Valentine gifts and decor still available in my space at Stars

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 057I have sold quite a bit of the Valentine stuff, but there is still plenty left!

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 035And, as always, a plentiful selection of vintage Ironstone and other white dishes.

1.23.13 signs Stars 028LOTS of these little vintage English Ironstone dessert plates!

1.23.13 signs Stars 020Soooooooooooooooo pretty white feather angel wings with gold halo.

1.23.13 signs Stars 022Handcrafted LOVE banner.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 004LOTS of  dessert stands.  Full cake size to indicidulal cupcake size.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 006With and without dome tops.  Single and multi layer.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 005Perfect for your next dessert buffet.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 008New batches of the felt  hearts; in pink and brown.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 009Red with word labels.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 010And cute containers to display them in!

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 011

Pink glitter owls with crowns.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 013Neutral tones more for year round display.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 014Yes, it DOES take a long time to sew all those buttons on!  But I love the end result!!

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 015Another batch of darker reds.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 017Love potion and bottles of  Bliss.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 018Big and small.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 019Simple blank note cards.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 033Box of heart shaped and chocolate scented candles!  (no calories!)

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 034Amen to that!

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 037Whites that can be given for Valentine’s Day and displayed year round.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 053Neutrals.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 056

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 051Pinks and signs for friends.

1.15.13 stars projects 067

Sweet cherubs.

1.15.13 stars projects 094

1.23.13 signs Stars 024

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 058Stop on by and ‘shop to your hearts content’!

STILL playing with frames

So, have you noticed that I tend to go in ‘spurts’ when I craft?  After  the recent ‘jars with black lids’ spurt, I seem to now be on a ‘frame spurt’.  Which is a VERY good thing, as I have a LOT of frames leftover from when we had our shop to use up!

1.15.13 stars projects 034Another little love frame.  I repainted this thrifted frame SO long ago that I don’t even remember what color it originally was?!?!   The muted gold color worked perfectly with the slightly discolored vintage sheet music and little tan love tag.

1.15.13 stars projects 092This frame, and all the rest I will be showing in this post have gone to my space at Stars.

1.15.13 stars projects 082These 2 pink frames had a ‘princess’ sign in them (one I had just printed on my computer ages ago)

1.15.13 stars projects 026

I added some new pretty paper, vintage dictionary paper, a mat and some sayings from a scrapbook pack.

1.15.13 stars projects 030Decided on some FRIENDS sayings for these; instead of love.

1.15.13 stars projects 037Some thrifted white porcelain frames.

1.15.13 stars projects 038A ‘love’ collage in the biggest one.

1.15.13 stars projects 041This ‘picture’ is actually one of those ‘fake pictures’ that come in frames when you buy them!!  It was just too cute to toss away!  I just added the little ‘adore’ sticker.

1.15.13 stars projects 043And a tag  from the same set as the friends ones came from in the smallest frame.

1.15.13 stars projects 094Just tucked this one in amongst some white dishes.

1.15.13 stars projects 076The bigger one from this group works well next to one of the BIG love frames that I did last week.

More love!

7.18.12 Stars etsy 072I found three of these frames at a thrift store a few months ago.

7.18.12 Stars etsy 073

Brand new, donated from a retail source.  Really COULD have been used just as I found them.

7.18.12 Stars etsy 074But they are VERY heavy and bulky looking, and I felt compelled to ‘lighten the look’.

7.18.12 Stars etsy 075Look at that weight!! Almost FOUR pounds per frame!!!  And the opening for the picture part is only 4″ x 6″; so it’s not a BIG frame!.  Like I said, heavy and bulky.

1.15.13 stars projects 001 So I painted them all a soft off white; then they sat for a few months!

1.15.13 stars projects 002Got them back out last week to work on them.  Blobbed (yes BLOBBED, that Is the technical term!) on some Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze; enough to cover it well and get into all the cracks and crevasses.

1.15.13 stars projects 006

NOTE:  Be sure you work on just one frame at a time!!  The glaze sets up quickly, so you have to work quickly.  After applying the glaze I take a big old paint brush with bristles all spread out (the kind you’d usually just throw away!)   With this brush use a ‘scrubbing motion’ all over the entire frame.  This will remove some of the glaze from the raised parts of the frame AND work it down into the crevasses more. The above picture IS what it will look like after this step’ more evenly distributed.

1.15.13 stars projects 003Next you need a soft cloth.   Any kind EXCEPT paper towels will do.  The glaze is a little sticky and you’ll get paper stuck to your piece if you use paper towels.  I keep a box of rags on my craft table; old towels, T-shirts etc cut up into small pieces for single use)  With your soft cloth, wipe off the glaze on all the raised areas, as much as possible.

1.15.13 stars projects 004This will just leave the glaze in the crevasses.

1.15.13 stars projects 007You can wipe away more if you want as long as it’s still tacky enough.  I try to let mine cry overnight before using; but a few hours is sufficient.  It will be ‘dry to the touch’ in about 20 minutes.

7.18.12 Stars etsy 0741.15.13 stars projects 010

Well, I TRIED to get them ‘side by side’ for comparison!

A much ‘softer’ look now, no?

1.15.13 stars projects 008I wanted to put ‘something’ in the frames, but wanted it to be simple and inexpensive enough that someone who wanted ‘just the frame’ would still buy it.

1.15.13 stars projects 009Kraft paper and some vintage dictionary paper and a couple of little scrapbook embellishments were quick, easy and inexpensive to add.

1.15.13 stars projects 013I SHOULD have been more creative and done each frame differently, but I had three of the ‘love’ cut outs, so I did all three the same’ in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

1.15.13 stars projects 014

1.15.13 stars projects 071All three are for sale in my booth at Stars.

Love Potion

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 035I hunted for and collected these heart shaped bottles all year, saving them up just for this Valentine project.  All of these were bought at different places and times, but this is a very common find.  I think they might even sell these bottles at craft stores.

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 034These are a little more unique.  The lip of the brown one is badly chipped, but I cover the tops so it’s not a problem.

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 036A similar, bit bigger than the ones I had a lot of; and an ITTY BITTY green one!

Just a quick reminder of what I did last year.  These bottles were from some imported sparkling cider; so you really don’t HAVE to have heart shaped bottles.  It was just something I decided was worth searching for throughout the year.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 036So I got out my stash of tea stained paper scraps, little alphabet stamps and glue and stamped up a bunch of labels; and cut up some scraps of vintage sheet music to use too.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 037Then I got out my handy dandy new twine dispenser, box of tea stained cheesecloth and some strips of tea stained muslin.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 038I used up some of my scraps of vintage sheet music, little keys, scraps of lace, ribbon just whatever I had on hand!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 039

The top of this one is covered with a doily (I frequently find little ‘starters’ like this stuffed into the spools of crochet thread that I buy) Then I wrapped it with a rubber band to hold it securely in place, the I made a ‘neck band’ out of a strip of the tea stained paper.  The key is the finishing touch.  Crowns and keys can be added to almost anything!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 041Another lace doily held in place with a scrap of pink ribbon; this one with a bit of vintage sheet music added.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 042I did a few ‘Bliss’ labels too.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 043Another batch.  The little jar on the left is an old coffee jar.  I covered the plastic lid with paper.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 046

The brown bottle with the badly chipped lip needed to be covered with something more than cheesecloth or a lace doily.  I made a topper out of tea stained paper.  Glued it on, added a paper neck band then some string.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 044Topped with tea stained cheesecloth, held in place with some twine.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 049These are the ones that I had a lot of the same style bottles.  Topped with tea stained cheesecloth and a key.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 050Two more; these topped with tea stained paper and some scrap pink ribbon.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 051Last two of the ‘matching bottles’ and one tall skinny frosted bottle that I just thought was cute!  topped with paper, twine and a key.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 055For the paper covered tops:  tear (or cut!) a circle of paper big enough to cover the top of your bottle AND extend down the sides as far as you’ll need it to go.   for these bottles, I just had the paper go to the edge of the lip.  Scrunch and form you paper into place around the lid.  Remove paper and apply glue to the entire rim of the jar and around the lip and anywhere the paper will go.  Place your formed paper cap onto the glue and hand mold into place.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 056These last two are spice jars that just happened to be in with my box of heart shaped jars and I felt compelled to use them up!  Not particularly fond of how they turned out.  I think I was getting a bit burned out on this project by the time I got to this point!  Oh well!  I priced them really cheap, and if they don’t sell I can always donate them!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 082All of these have gone to my booth at Stars.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 083

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 084

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 086

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 087

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 088

Cherub dessert pedestal with love potion bottle on top!

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 101I made the gift box on the left, the framed picture and the white beaded heart too.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 103Glare!  UG.  The little sing in the middle says love.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 102Take a dose of each daily and have a great life!

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