Time for Valentine Decor . . .

Yes, it’s still a little early to decorate for Valentine’s Day, but I hate that ’empty decor feeling’ between Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  So I stock my Valentine goods in my booth right after I take down all the Christmas.

Here’s a peek of what I’ve added to my booths at Stars so far.

I haven’t done PINK for some years, and admittedly I went a little overboard on the pink.  Pink felt hearts.  Little pink chairs.  Pink LOVE banners.  Pink mini mannequin.  Pink Love potion bottles . . .

These aqua hearts were hand made using a vintage chenille bedspread.

  Tea stained muslin cudid dolls with vintage sheet music wings.

Rustic wood hinged hearts and shutters.  Grubby ‘nekkid’ dolls.

Hand stitched red felt hearts with muslin ‘words of love’.

Lots of ‘smalls’; heart ornaments and Valentine cards made using vintage images.


Stars is open 7 days a week.

11am – 6pm.

Time for another great SALE at Stars Antique Mall!

They call this one their ‘Haggle Sale’.  Many dealers are on site during the sale dates, and welcome haggling for better prices on the items in their booth.  I am not personally able to be there during the sale, so I just offer 50% off EVERYTHING IN MY BOOTH during the sale.  It’s a great time to grab that piece you’ve had your eye on for a while now!

THE SALE RUNS FRIDAY, 1/12 – MONDAY, 1/15, 2017.  HOURS 11AM – 6PM

I just stocked lots of new inventory, including Valentine gifts and decor.  

LOTS of different colors and styles of hand stitched felt hearts, in various sizes.  Prices start at $3.00 and go up to $29.00, with a median price of $5.00.  Most of them with little ‘words of love’ added to them; but also some ‘not Valentine specific’ hearts that could be used year round with vintage buttons or just simple embroidered designs.

Other vintage and upcycled Valentine items too.  ALL 50% off during the sale.

LOTS of furniture too; mostly white and aqua / turquoise.  ALL 50% 0FF during the sale.

And, as always; lots of vintage Ironstone dishes, vintage Milk glass dishes and vases and frames.




Second batch of tea stained quilt hearts

P1100700When it’s too cold to go out in the workshop and paint sign boards, I sit in front of the TV and stitch!  Have had LOTS of stitching time this past month!  This is the second batch of tea stained lace quilt hearts.

P1100703I stamped out some tea stained muslin ‘tags’ for this batch.





A few close-ups.  I don’t really know HOW to explain how I did these; other than gluing on layers and layers of lace and ric-rac.


Typically started with a BIG piece of lace first, then layered on the thinner pieces.

P1100709Sometimes I worked laying the lace ‘down the sides’; and sometimes across, like on this one.


 A few layers along one side, then a few along the other side; overlapping at the end point.


 I HOPE you can see all the layers in these close up photos.

P1100712Added a snippet of burlap to this one; and a border of lace around the right side edge.

P1100713This one I did the border along the outside edge on both sides.    I think this one is my favorite.  Not as ‘busy’ as some of the others and that ‘bluing’ on the button is just perfect!

These will be going to my space at Stars.    Then it’s time to start cranking out the signs for the upcoming spring show!

Pictures of recently made hearts

Most of these shown are bigger, about HAND size hearts that I’m selling individually in my booth at Stars.

Adding some *tea* stained vintage lace, felt and quilt batting.

*I don’t use actual TEA for my stain.  Recipe is sold on etsy.

LOTS of buttons!

It’s really quite relaxing, searching for ‘just the right button’ to fit in each spot and making sure they are all different.

Layers are stitched to the front piece, then buttons,  before stitching front and back together and stuffing.

Little French knots added between buttons.

I’m really “into” the LAYERS this year.

Smaller ones are packaged in cello bags in sets.

New in my etsy shop

A few new listings in my etsy shop:

SO cute!!!  Vintage and very well LOVED, Beatrix Potter story book in FRENCH!!!

Anyone have a MAJOR sewing project coming up???  I’ve got a ‘lot of 26 zippers for sale!

A couple more sets of bowl fillers.  Several have sold already.  LOTS stocked in our spaces at Camas and Stars.  Working on MORE for the FJS show next month.   And will have more ‘year round kinds’  for etsy again soon.


Some of these red metal glittered love signs at both malls as well as my etsy shop.

Stream punk anyone???  Got lots of old watches to take apart and use for steam punk crafts!

Click here to visit my etsy shop.

In the works . . .

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More Valentine trees!

A PINK one, of course!

And another green Alpine tree decorated with red stuff.

How cute are these little ‘love monkeys’!?!?!

And here is what I ended up doing for the topper on the red metallic tree with the white hearts.  The small white angel seemed a little too small.  And the big angel was too big.  So, I just added some glittery feather thingys behind the small angel to make it appear bigger.

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