5.21.13 finds signs projects 005Big white soup tureens; something I ALWAYS look for a buy; IF the price is right!

5.21.13 finds signs projects 007White pitchers and creamers are on my ‘always grab’ list too.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 009And I can ALWAYS use a nice wood frame without the glass and backing.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 014SO CUTE!!!  Little olive oil pitchers!  Pretty white remekins always seem to jump into my shopping cart too!

5.21.13 finds signs projects 015Very cool glass bottle (old perfume bottle maybe??) with raised fleur de lis.  Perfect addition to my gathering of Paris Apartment chic goods at Curiosities.  The vintage sugar shaker is super TINY; not much bigger than a salt shaker.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 016Assorted bottles to alter.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 017Pretty seaglass green bottle and cute ceramic kitty.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 018The two on the left are OLD (and very HEAVY!) apothecary jars.  You can really feel the difference when you pick up a newer one, like the one on the right.  The vintage ones I try to sell ‘as found’.  Newer one will be altered or filled with stuff then sold.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 024SO CUTE!!  Vintage notecards, envelopes and their original box!

5.21.13 finds signs projects 051ANOTHER little ceramic cat pitcher!  I have a bigger one in my booth at Curiosities.  I hope it’s still there so I can display the two together.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 047Gorgeous old wood bowl and cute little chair.

Is it spring yet?!?!?

Been getting LOTS of spring things ready to go to Stars!

2.16.12 stars projects 001Batch of vintage apothecary jars.  You can tell the ones that are older because the inside rim of the topper is frosted glass.

2.16.12 stars projects 008This was one of the birds with the wire feet; except the feet broke off on this one.  So I put it in a nest!

2.16.12 stars projects 007

2.16.12 stars projects 009BIG vintage tin cup filled with paper shred and eggs.  (those are ‘real’ sized eggs).

2.16.12 stars projects 010I didn’t have any ‘grass’ to use so I just used my custom paper shred mix.  Since the cup is turquoise, it worked just fine.

2.16.12 stars projects 011Nest with eggs in apothecary jar.

2.16.12 stars projects 014The lid to this crock broke, so I couldn’t sell it as a crock anymore.  Just filled it with moss and added a bird and some tiny eggs. (made these eggs using Fimo clay)

2.16.12 stars projects 017Little tin watering can had a weird logo on the front, so I covered that with some tea stained paper.

2.16.12 stars projects 022Vintage cherub wall sconce nest.

2.12.13 etsy projects 034I had lots of eggs left over from last year to use up, so I didn’t need to buy any this year!  Pulled out my stash of jars that I collect year round and a bag of moss and started filling!

2.12.13 etsy projects 035A single egg on a bed of moss in a small jar.

2.12.13 etsy projects 036Covered pedestal bowl was just the right size for one of the nests.  Just added a bit of moss in the bottom.

2.12.13 etsy projects 037

2.12.13 etsy projects 038Little bell jars with moss and one egg.

2.12.13 etsy projects 039

2.12.13 etsy projects 040Bigger jars filled with nests.

2.12.13 etsy projects 041

2.12.13 etsy projects 042Short squatty jars were too small for the nests, but had room for three eggs and moss.

2.12.13 etsy projects 043

2.12.13 etsy projects 044Slightly bigger jars, but still to narrow for the nests; so again, just moss and eggs.

2.12.13 etsy projects 046

2.12.13 etsy projects 047I had more of the cream colored eggs left, so I filled this coordinated set with them.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 032Vintage repro bird post cards that I framed.  This set went to my etsy shop and has already sold.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 039The rest of them, in these weathered wood frames will be going to Stars.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 042

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 045

And now I just have to price and pack them all up to take to Stars!

Have you started on your spring/Easter decorating yet?  Easter is EARLY this year, March 31st!

Apothecary jars and eggs

I forgot to remind you that if you are looking for eggs to decorate with (not specifically Easter) that Easter time is THE time to look.  You might still find some on clearance at this point.  I ALWAYS stock up on faux eggs while they are in stock before Easter.  Found these pretty combo packs of eggs at 40% off a few weeks ago at JoAnn’s.   They also had these same eggs with clear strings attached to use as ornaments.

Rummaged through my stash of glass jars and found these three matching apothecary jars; all bought at different places/times. If the price is right, I’ll always grab up and buy glass jars.  Pretty ones like this, and grubby glass bottles.  Even if I don’t have an immediate use for them.  Because when inspiration DOES strike, I want to have them on hand and ready to use!

What can you DO with all those eggs???  Fill jars with them, like I already showed you.  Put them under a glass cloche, like this.

Fill MORE glass apothecary jars with them!

And if they don’t happen to sell as quickly as you’d hoped; you can always EMPTY the jars and sell them empty; OR fill them with other things!  Like spools of thread, moss rocks, shells, glass vase fillers . . . just about ANYTHING!

I used this tall skinny cloche, the lid from a used jar candle and a little glass taper candle holder (instead of the wood base shown that I originally was going to use) to make this:

I spent a GOOD amount of time figuring out exactly which eggs to use to best fill the cloche.  And since it was such an ‘exact’ fit, I decided NOT to chance someone taking it apart; and GLUED (using e6000) the cloche to the base.

This was my other option for a base.  And NOW that I look at it again; I like this one BETTER!  Go figure?!?

Used up some of the smaller eggs in these bell jars, with moss nests.  The two jars in the back  are actually the SAME size.  I just added a small glass candle holder as a pedestal on one of them to make it a tad taller.

On display at Stars with some vintage ceramic bunnies.

And the bell jars at Stars.

WHERE is our summer?!?!?!?

It’s been raining for almost a week now.  sigh.  I really COUNT ON being able to get a lot of furniture painted outside this time of year, to hold me over for the long, wet winter when I can’t paint outside.  Feels like we had a week of summer and it’s FALL already.  But I guess this isn’t as bad as the crazy heat wave so much of the res of the country in enduring right now.  SO, since I can’t work on my painting projects, I’ve been working on listing new stuff in my etsy shop:

A very shabby chic pair of vintage cast plaster cherubs.

Vintage soup tureen WITH the plate and ladle!!  (almost NEVER find them with the ladles!)

A couple of different sets of three vintage apothecary jars.


 Bentwood canisters with vintage postcard labels. 

Two different tea light birds with nest in a jar.


 Trio of vintage pretty bottles.

 Vintage wood bowl with five handstitched vintage quilt hearts.

Two different sea glass wreaths.


Pair of vintage clear glass vases.