50% off in my booth at Stars this Saturday & Sunday only

All three Stars stores are having a BIG SALE this Saturday and Sunday; 11am – 6pm.  Each booth owner chooses what % off they want to offer; and I am offering


(This will NOT include ‘already discounted’ items with the ‘red sale tags’)


I spent 10 HOURS fluffing and stocking my booth this week, and it is JAM-PACKED for this sale!

P1170230Lots of unique hand crafted gift boxes and gift items.

P1170224Why not give something they can really USE??  Small furniture pieces make great gifts too.

P1170226Classic white dishes are always in style.

P1170170Collectible tureens (filled with sweets or a gift card?!?)


Cupcake stands.  Add a hand crafted ornament to the package instead of a bow.  Reduce and reuse!

P1170207Upcycled jewelry boxes.  Perfect for wrapping a piece of jewelry in!

P1170218Encrusted with vintage buttons.


Topped with a little nest and a bird.


Vintage finds; as found.


I always add a handful of my own hand cut and hand mixed paper shred to gift gift boxes.  This year I bagged up extra ‘sheet music’ paper shred.  It is hand folded and hand cut.  Save it to use again and again!

P1170169Of course there is plenty of Christmas decor too.   Unique and upcycled.


Classic gold.

P1170177Traditional Red!




Wall decor.


Decorated vintage ice skate instead of a wreath for your front door.


Paper rosette wreath ‘alternatives’ for indoor decor.


Peace on earth vintage atlas rosette wreath.


And ornaments.








Lots ans LOTS of ornaments!











One of a kind banners.


Glass apothecary jars, big and small!


Cloches and dessert stands make a great display for special treasures.


Stack up several desert stands to display cookies and candies on.


Decorative holiday pillows.


Plenty of turquoise/aqua gifts, decor and gift boxes of course!






Little birds with crowns, always a staple in my booth!








Decorated mach gift boxes.

P1170200Even a simple vintage bottle brush tree looks special under a glass cloche.



Vintage glittered gold stars, to top your tree or tie onto a BIG wrapped gift!

P1170213White Christmas scenes, dessert stands and owls (with crowns, of course!)


After dessert is done, just plop A Christmas scene atop your dessert stand for an instant centerpiece!


LOTS of signs in stock for Christmas  giving!


At 50% off this weekend, why not but one for yourself too!?!


Like I said, my booth is JAM-PACKED!!




Don’t forget to shop the OUTSIDE aisle too!  LOTS more product on the back side!

P1170229Vintage Madonna statues are a popular collectible.

P1170233This vintage French poodle is a decanter!  Very unique!


White and silver decor works for New Years too!


50% off sale, in my booth at Stars;  THIS Saturday and Sunday only

Crafting away . . .

Been doing a LOT of my favorite kind of craftwork; combining old and upcycled with new.  Most of these things you may have already noticed in the last post with the pictures of  my space at Stars, because that is where most of it went.  But I’ll tell you HOW I did things here, and show you the ‘befores’.

This angel has a rather grim look on her face, but I LOVED her widespread wings!  And she was inexpensive enough to risk if her makeover didn’t turn out as I’d envisioned it would.

First I just spray painted her white.  (craft paints would have worked fine too.  We just had a short break in the rain so I WANTED to go outside!)  Pondered adding some ‘pixie dust’ varnish to her wings . . . .

Decided on a crown instead.  It distracts from her face enough that is doesn’t appear as grim; to me at least!

I had a bunch of these little tags leftover from last year’s ornament production (printed them on my computer and cut them out by hand)  Thought this “Gloria en Excelsis” one suited her.

And this is how she ended up.

This is a PLASTIC vase.  Was a tad dirty even after I scrubbed and bleached it, so I gave it a quick coat of white spray paint at the same time I was painting the previous angel.  Painting over vintage plastic stuff is a good way to make it LOOK more like ceramic too.    

First I stuffed the base (it went down to the very bottom!) with styro peanuts up to the bowl part.  Tossed in a grabful of my own hand made paper shred basket filler, and added some  frosted glass balls and one ornament (all thrifted!).  Then added a little tag to the ornament.  

Alas, the ornament broke in transit to Stars, even though I had wrapped it VERY carefully.  

But it still looked okay with just the frosted balls.    I may take a replacement on my next trip, if it hasn’t already sold!

Crochet thread and styro cone tree with paper punch ornaments.  There were a couple of spools of green crochet thread mixed in with a big bag of whites and creams that I bought at the thrift store recently.  Oftentimes I’ll just donate the colors I don’t want back to the thrift store on my next trip.

But I saw some cute string cone trees on Pinterest,  and I had these candle bases leftover from a previous project (bases from the electric windowsill candles that I only needed the candles on) so I decided to try one.  I just added a cone of paper to the top of my styro cone since it was flat and I wanted my tree pointed.

I blued a matching piece of green cardstock to the bottom of the cone, then I just started wrapping.  And wrapping and wrapping . . .  I actually used the WHOLE thing of green crochet thread!  The red ‘paper punches’ were confetti that came in a gift set from a friend last year.  I just ‘dotted’ tacky glue on the tree, about ten dots at a time, then stuck the dots to the glue. 

Kind of Dr. Seuss-ish, don’t you think?

Cloche made from an inverted candle holder; glued knob on with e6000 as a handle.

Tiny cloche made from a smaller candle holder with glass knob (formerly a spice jar top with the plastic tip removed!)  Tiny bottle brush tree in a tiny salt shaker under the cloche.

These little red feather bird ornaments with crowns are for sale in my etsy shop.  Adding quite a bit more Christmas gifts and decor over the next week.

Be back with more of my recent crafts in a couple of days.  Right now I’ve got to CLEAN house and BAKE goodies for OUR Thanksgiving dinner with my son and his girlfriend, tomorrow.

It’s Holiday SHOW time!

This is the ONLY show we are doing this year, so there will be LOTS of great product to select from. And now that we don’t have all the expensive overhead from the store, we have lowered many of our prices.

Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar

November 17-22, 2009

at the Washington County Fairgrounds


Weekdays 10am-8pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-3pm

Find the perfect gifts for your holiday gift giving among locally handcrafted and vintage gifts, holiday and home decor; antiques and collectibles; gourmet foods.

P.S. I’ll post some pictures Monday or Tuesday evening.