Outdated / Updated little end table

Poor little outdated and unloved end table!!  I’m not sure exactly WHEN this was ‘in style’, but I actually LIKE this style; with the drawer and open area.


It was pretty banged up, but I’d need to sand it to prep it for painting anyhow.  What’s a few more minutes of sanding to remove the scratches.

Sorry about all the shadows in the photos!  We’ve had some crazy sunny spring weather.  (Our spring weather typically consists of April showers with lead to May showers which lead to June showers.)   A couple of pretty deep gouges on the side there that required a bit of wood filler to repair.  Nice clean drawer innards.  Since I had to remove the drawer pulls to sand and repaint; I decided to fill the holes and add a single knob.  It just looks strange to me for the single drawer to have two knobs.  (Does that bug you too?!?)


I only had ONE of these fabulous cast iron lion’s head drawer pulls; so I’ve been saving it for the ‘perfect project’.  THIS seemed like the perfect piece to use it on.

P1270144With the lion’s head drawer pull creating a bit of a ‘Gothic theme’ to this make-over; I decided to add to enhance that theme with a cast iron sconce added to the top, at the back.


I resisted the urge to add and stenciled designs.


I kind of wish the sconce was longer and reached the sides, but it will look better once there is ‘stuff’ sitting on the top.


I’m really liking how this one turned out.

It’s at the bottom of a stack of three furniture pieces in my booth at Stars, so you can’t see the sconce in the pictures.

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Sometimes they need a little TLC . . . . other times, they need a little ‘roughing up’!

P1180542The later was the case with this vintage end table that I found in a neighboring booth at Stars a few weeks ago.  It’s nice and BIG 24″ x 24″.  Could almost be used as a coffee table instead of just an end table. Maybe even plop a big cushion on top to prop your feet up on!  I can’t really explain HOW or WHY ‘this happens’, but certain pieces just really get ignite my inspiration.

P1180642I liked the color that it was; a creamy tan-ish over white.  It just needed some sanding to bring out the layers of color and some wood grain.

P1180644The bottom shelf.

P1180646There was some really pretty moulding below the top that the distressing really brought out.  Just hit the legs ‘here and there’ with my orbital sander.

P1180643Added a coat of matte varnish as the finishing touch.

Just might have to keep this one for my upcoming redecorating project!