FINDINGS: Ginormous white wicker bird cage

Gotta LOVE finding items that don’t need any work done to them!

P1220321 Check out this huge white wicker bird cage I just picked up.

P1220325Measures 14″ x 14″ x 30″ tall!  All it needed was a good hosing down to remove the dust.

P1220323The bottom slides all the way out, as do what I originally thought were 2 ‘shelves’; since they were placed at different heights in the cage when I bought it.

P1220322When putting it back together after it dried, I realized that BOTH of these were ‘floor grates’ and meant to be placed side by side at the bottom of the cage; and NOT 2 shelves, as they had been displayed in the thrift store.  DOH!

Took this cage to Stars just in time for the BIG SALE, which runs through Monday, March 7th.  EVERYTHING in my booth is HALF OFF during the sale!


Stocking up for my next project marathon . . .

After quite an extended ‘shopping hiatus’ while I got packed, moved, unpacked and settled into my new place . . . . I’m finally at the point where I can start shopping for projects again!  Here are my latest finds:P1210763Small three drawer chest (about 12″ tall) probably for jewelry.

P1210764At first I thought the butterflies and flowers were decals.  Nope, just paint and fairly easily sanded off.

P1210765Another little one, about 7″ x 9″.  Little cupboards and chests of drawers always seem to sell well for me.

P1210766sigh.  I so wish the insides were not painted bright green!

P1210781I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ‘three shelf’ spice rack.

P1210811Gold frame.

P1210825This is the angle that I saw this piece at at a garage sale.  Unfinished, so easy to paint.  Add some backing and it would be a cute little night stand.

P1210824Alas, if I had bent down, even just a little bit, I would have seen the dowel rod near the top.  So, it’s actually a ‘doll wardrobe’.  Oh well.

P1210828Super icky . . . and consequently super cheap!

P1210829Apparently it had been used as a plant stand.

P1210830But the drawer ‘innards’ are nice and clean.  Painted even.  Albeit a very ‘muddy brown’ paint color.  A little paper on the drawer bottoms will take care of that.

P1210783I’ve got two of these foot stools; the other a little smaller.

P1210785This one had the top already removed, but it was a very FLAT top.  Gonna have to add some batting or foam pad to it.

P1210729The smaller one had this needle point cover on it.

P1210801Little glass jars.  One of them has ‘IKEA’ on the bottom.  I find jars with this type of lid quite often and in various sizes.  Spray paint the lids black and embellish with some pretty paper labels.  Always good sellers for me in my booth at Stars.

P1210786Initially I thought this was a ‘part’ of something.

P1210787Nope.  It’s a candle holder.  I’m sure I have something that I can add to it to turn it into a finial.

Recent thrift store finds

P1170301Mini pie safe!  So cute.

P1170300Missing this piece of wood across the front so it was extra CHEAP!  I can easily fix it!

P1170308Little 2 drawer wood chest.  ACK!  Hate the color and the design!

P1170307But anything with little drawers always sells well.  Just have to decide HOW I want to make it over.

P1170303I have this EXACT same cedar jewelry chest!

P1170304EXACTLY the same picture.

P1170305Inside it a bit marked up, so I may have to put paper on the bottom.  Debating whether I would make-over this one or not???  Whaddya think????

I really want to start going to more estate sales next year and procuring more vintage items that I can sell ‘as is’; as opposed to always making everything over.

P1170306Is this the UGLIEST green color you have ever seen or what?!?!?  WHY would they paint such a pretty faced item such and ugly green?!?!  Poor baby!  I will pretty her up!

P1170311Vintage bird prints in AQUA (but cheap PLASTIC!) frames.

P1170312Cheapo cardboard backings.  ICK.   The pictures were very close to tearing.  I took them out and glued then to some sturdy cardboard.  Then backed that to another piece of cardboard.  Put a little loop of string under that top-notch for hanging.  Scrubbed the frames.  Gave the pictures a good coat of clear spray paint to help preserve them; then put them back together.

P1170313Nice wood chest, about the size of a bread box.  Thinking this might work for the wedding card receptacle at my son’s wedding next August.  (made over, to their preference of course!

P1170314The inside is even completely painted!


Ack!  The snow sure put a damper on my ‘one day Stars sale’!  Oh well, there will be 2 different dealers with special deals NEXT Thursday; and I will put my name back on the list for the next available spot.  I’ll let you know when MY booth is on sale again at Stars.  But if you want to keep track of the OTHER weekly dealers; you’ll need to follow the Stars Facebook page.

P1110859Look what the snow created in our driveway!  Does that look like a smiling Panda or what?!?!

P1110857It’s a big piece of culvert with an old milk can inside it.

P1110853We had 6″ as of last night.  Looks like about double that now.

P1110861Kitty Spike has FINALLY given up on trying to go outside today; thank goodness.  Yesterday he wanted out every hour and would just look out at the snow, then GLARE at whomever had opened the door for him, as if to say “What the heck is this?!”

P1110775I did manage to do a little thrift shopping the day before the snow hit.  This vintage spice rack is in really great shape and I might actually leave it ‘as is’ and see how that goes.

P1110778What can I do with an old wall paper paste brush???  I’ll figure out something.  And egg shaped knob to use as a knob for a wire cloche; and a cute little repro firkin (no lid)

P1110779Vintage patterns to play with.  May use them to apply to some furniture (like I did with book pages) OR make some lamp shades out of them.

P1110780Jewelry box to make over.

P1110782Nice and CLEAN drawer insides.

P1110783Set of three nesting trays to alter.


Big ole table leg to make into a candle pedestal.

P1110787Cute lidded box to make over.

P1110777Precious angel picture.

P1110790Definitely OLD angel picture.  To fix the backing I’ll pull off all the old paper;  then add a cardboard backing and paper cover.

P1110795Now I won’t have to worry about paper getting brittle and tearing.

P1110794Cute bird napkin ring (just found the one) will be used as a handle for a cloche.  Will add a plate to the cherub dish to make it into a cake pedestal.  And the little white creamer because I cannot resist them!

P1110792Heart shaped ceramic cherubs dish has already gone to Curiosities.  (AND will be half price during my white sale)

So I guess all these projects will have to keep me busy until the snow clears and I can trek out to the workshop!

Latest finds

10.7.13 stars etsy projects 074Cute little table.  Could really be used ‘as is’.  This ‘two tone’ finish is very popular in the decorating world these days.

10.7.13 stars etsy projects 073But when have “I” ever been one to leave well enough alone?!?!?  Still pondering HOW to make this cutie over.

10.7.13 stars etsy projects 078Very primitively hand crafted ‘make do’ kind of little cabinet.

10.7.13 stars etsy projects 080I just love little cupboards and cabinets; and they always sell well.

10.7.13 stars etsy projects 081Upon closer inspection after I got it home, I noticed that it has a dowel across the top; so it must have been made to be used as a closet for doll clothes.

10.7.13 stars etsy projects 068This sewing machine cabinet is not really a new find, rather one that I finally figured out what to DO with that has been getting shoved to the back of the storage shed for ages!!

10.1.13 pics 067Vintage wood spice rack.

10.1.13 pics 068Round wood cake stand.  Have seen these used to make little Christmas villages on top of.  I collected a bunch of the little houses last year, but didn’t get around to using them; so they are at the TOP of this years Christmas to do list!

10.1.13 pics 069Old magazine rack that will be used to hold signs after I repaint it.

NOW, if we actually DO get all the dry weather that is predicted for next week, I may actually get some of these made over SOONER rather than later!

What are YOU working in right now?  Personal home decor projects?  Craft show inventory?  (tis the season!)   Christmas gifts?  Christmas decor?


GIANT vintage metal fork and spoon

P1070993So all of a sudden these things are popular again?!?!  Go figure.  Found this pair on our recent anniversary trip to WA.  Nice simple style and METAL.  (I can usually only find the carved ‘totem pole’ style handled ones.)

P1070992THIS set had a very unique addition; taper candle holders on the handles!  You can see them on the spoon, in this and the previous picture.  (the original pics of these were in with the ones my computer ‘ate’ and I was too lazy to put the candle holder back on BOTH pieces.  They easily screw on/off with a nut on the back)

P1070995Here you can seer the hole where the candle holders screw in.  Easy enough to touch up the paint if I decide to leave the holders off.    But I can’t decide if I should do that or not???  When I first saw them, the FIRST thing I did was look to see if the candle holders were removable.  And If they had NOT been, I probably would not have bought them.  But that’s just me!  Maybe the candle holders are what will make others WANT to buy them?!?  I just don’t know???

P1070994Would love your input on the candle holder of NO candle holder conundrum!

Right now I ma just holding on the them.  What I REALLY want to use them for is HANDLES on a big pantry that Michael could build sometime in the future.  

Long time, no blogging!

Sorry to have been MIA for so long!  Computer issues on TOP OF more computer issues have made it impossible for me to post to my blog for the last couple of weeks.  All’s well now and NOW I’m overwhelmed as to where to even start to get caught up on posts?!?!?

While I’ve not been able to blog, I have been doing a lot of junk shopping.  I guess I’ll show off my latest finds:

7.13.13 Both + finds 146Tall metal tower display unit with glass shelves.  Can’t decide if I want to paint it aqua or go more neutral with black???

7.13.13 Both + finds 192Not a great picture, but on the left is a wall towel rack with a bowl shape thing on the bottom.  On the right a funky little metal and wood stand.

7.13.13 Both + finds 194Wrought iron plant hanger.  Was a light green and I painted it black.

7.13.13 Both + finds 195Giant letter “A” is really HEAVY!  I’ll be repainting it and keeping it for my personal collection.

7.13.13 Both + finds 196Fabulous shabby old wash board with GLASS.

7.13.13 Both + finds 197Sweet bedside table to sand and repaint.

7.13.13 Both + finds 198Cutting boards and an apothecary chest.

7.13.13 Both + finds 199Wood spice rack WITH bottles.  (pretty rare to find a rack with all its original bottles!)

7.13.13 Both + finds 202Little wood cabinet.

7.13.13 Both + finds 203Opens up to shelves.

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 060

Simple tall skinny crate shelf.

P1070158A few of the finds have already been taken to one of my booths; like this sweet vintage ceramic white giraffe in my booth at Curiosities.

P1070145A ‘pie bird’ that has also gone to Curiosities.

P1070159A pretty crown topped display cage; Curiosities.

P1070160Ceramic owl that I painted white; Curiosities.

P1070151Scored a LOT of vintage white pitchers at the big rummage sale out in Buxton (which continues this weekend!) Took them all to Curiosities, but I also have a lot of white dishes, including pitchers in my booth at Stars.

P1070130Lots more cow pitchers to add to the barnyard at Curiosities!

P1070092Another one gallon big glass ‘mercantile jar’ (I have two more one gallon size) and a two gallon one; both with some decorative elements added.  I always use water soluble glue when adding labels to jars so they are easily removable if desired.  Just soak on warm soapy water and they will come right off.

P1070112Pretty wall towel hooks with scallop designs; Stars.

7.5.13 curiosities only 022Ginormous vintage cheese box; Curiosities.

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 059And my FAVORITE find, a two tier drum table!!!  

7.4.13 CUR + projects dresser 069And for my ‘personal use’ I finally decided to start accumulating vintage dishes in this pattern. I have ALWAYS loved this pattern and ‘have thought about’ starting a collection for my own use every time I have come across them at a sale.  I finally caved and bought this dozen side plates.  It’s also an ‘easy design’ to blend with plain white dishes, just in case I can’t find everything I need in the pattern.

And now that I’ve done all that SHOPPING, I’ve got to start working on projects big time!



Recent finds

Haven’t been ‘out shopping’ too much lately, as I am really trying to FORCE MYSELF to use up what I have before I buy more.  Especially when it comes to craft supplies!!!  I can ALWAYS find some ‘cool new stuff that I love and MUST have’ IF I go to a craft supply store.  Still stopping into a thrift store or two for a quick look on the days I am out and about running errands or stocking at Stars; but only allowing myself to buy things that are HALF PRICE.   Here’s what I’ve found in recent thrift trips:

Little wood chest, which I will repaint.

Some wood finials and a little jester ornament (it was only 50 cents so I couldn’t resist!  No idea what I will DO with it!)

Ugly/cute vintage baby doll!  The blue fur body is kinda CREEPY, but he had a sweet face.  Will probably add a crown!

Crepe paper garland/ fringe for crafting.

Cheesy picture but cute frame  which I will paint white.

JUST because it was so dang cute (and cheap!) gift bag!

Vintage wicker picnic basket; will be dry brush painted white or aqua.

Assorted glassware that will be made into cloches.

Counter jar and tiny cloches.

Blue vases.  The one on the right is from an ‘Edible Arrangement’ and makes a PERFECT base for a cake pedestal by gluing a plate to it.  The FLARED base gives it good balance.

Always need white canisters.  Big glass jar is handy for displaying small items in my booth.

Funky duck pitcher!  Have never seen one like THIS!  Usually they are ‘standing up’.  Have found several duck pitchers, both big and small, like that.  But this one was so unique and cheap I had to get it!

Pretty covered ceramic container.

Little white creamers.  Always need these and watch for them to go to half price.

Don’t usually buy them with designs on them, but this one I liked enough to buy.  The brown and tan one will go with my crock display at Stars.  That little one in the front is for melted butter.  It has a corn cob embossed on it.

How SWEET are these babies?!?!?!  These are BIG 11″ X 14″ pictures in really cheapo frames.  I just love the pouty lower lip on that baby boy!!

That will hold me over for a while.  I’ll be stocking a lot of that stuff at Stars today; along with quite a bit of Christmas stuff.  Even the brand new inventory I am taking in IS included in my 40% off  ‘down-sizing’ sale.  


Latest thrift store finds

I’ve really been trying to do more CRAFTING and LISTING on etsy, than shopping lately.  But still need to get out and look around every week or so to be sure I’m not missing any treasures!  Here are my latest finds:

I totally forgot to take a picture of this bird cage BEFORE I took it to Stars.  All I did to it was clean it up a bit.

I have NEVER seen a big ironstone bucket like this!  Very cool. (tempted to KEEP this one!)

Totally LOVE this fish covered casserole dish too!

Pretty scalloped edge vintage serving bowl.

Ironstone crock and PIG creamer!

SO cute and vintagey!

Tall squarish shaped tea-pot.

Pretty little pink bowls.

I’m picking up a lot of PINK items lately.  I LOVE pink, but not for in my home.  But it’s never been a good SELLER for me, so I FORCE myself to NOT BUY pink stuff.  Lately I just CAN’T resist!

And of COURSE, some little white pitchers; which will be going into my etsy shop.  Most of the rest is for Stars, but not right away.  Taking more Halloween to Stars next.  Then Christmas stuff real soon!

Recent thrifted finds

Still pretty much in ‘recovery mode’ from the extra work of the spring show AND being sick; but starting to feel a little better.  Doing a LOT of napping; much to the delight of the cats!

Here’s what I found on my last thrifting trip:

These babies are HUGE!!!  You can see the edge of an 18″ platter at the bottom of the picture.  Thinking these will get GLITTERED and then displayed under a cloche or in a bowl of snowflakes for next holiday season.

Shabby chic platter.  I just may leave it ‘as is’ and hang it on the wall.

Large, light weight resin urn with a HOLE already drilled in the bottom to use as a fountain.  May try selling it ‘as is’ too.  And if it doesn’t sell, use it as a base for a little table.

HEAVY plaster statues. 

Pretty banged up.

Will work on giving them an ‘aged concrete’ look and maybe adding gazing balls.

Vintage CLOTH maps of Scotland.  (WHY in the world did they put STICKER price tags right on the front?!?!?)  I figure they’ll get used OPENED UP and hung on a wall, but still!!!

Pine shelf and stool.

The seat comes right off!  Will be super easy to re-cover.  I’m leaning towards BURLAP!

NO IDEA what I’ll do with this one yet!  Feels like solid brass.

ALWAYS need more frames!

Now if I can just feel better enough to get back to work!