Gold frames???

Personally I am not a fan of gold frames.  But I found these beautifully embossed gold frames at an estate sale and decided to ‘give a shot’ at selling them ‘as found’.


A matching pair of them even!

P1130143Very intricate detailing!


This picture is a bit more ‘true to the color’; and shows how I had them displayed at Stars.  USUALLY frames, ANY frames that I stock, sell super quickly; so I typically don’t ‘display them’.  But these 2 gold ones just sand sat!   Time to re-think my selling strategy!

P1130051I left the 2 black & gold ones ‘as is’ for now.  Will decide whether or not to repaint them depending upon how it goes with these first two that I am painting.  (besides that black velvet stuff soaks up paint like a sponge!)

P1130109And I displayed them better than just piling them in a suitcase!

P1130160This is all I’ve done with them so far; just a quick dry brush paint with white.  I’m unimpressed!

P1130160 P1130158It looks cool up close like this, but at a distance it just looks DINGY.  sigh.

P1130157So what next?!?!?  I could paint them completely white, then  distress; which would be almost the opposite of what I have now.  The raised parts would be the dark/gold areas (IF the gold doesn’t sand off too easily!)  And IF the gold does sand off too easily I can always paint over what I’ve test sanded and then just use an antiquing glaze.  But I just hate covering up such pretty detail!!!

I’m in a real quandary over these frames! Normally I but stuff that is so beat up it doesn’t matter if I mess them up more!!!  That’ll teach me to buy nice things!!!

What do YOU think I should do with them???  Black paint perhaps, then to raised gold parts with show through when I sand???  It’s not really the time of year for black, but I could set them aside til fall I suppose.  OR maybe I should just go with my signature beachy blue?!?!?