DREAM Banners

Believe it or not, I’m STILL using up some of the left-over supplies from back when we had our shop!  I donated a LOT of it before I moved last summer.  Sold quite a bit at a garage sale that I had after I moved last summer; and am continuing to ‘purge as I go’ in an attempt to make room to actually WORK in my craft room.

These “DREAM” scrapbook embellishment letters were my latest ‘victim’:

I had a LOT of them and really wanted to use the ALL up; and without needing to buy any new supplies to finish up with them.  (which is another challenge in and of itself; am I right, crafters???)

First I made the bigger ones, using up some burlap covered paper I had on hand; aqua paper doilies, dictionary page rosettes and scalloped edge die cuts.

When I ran out of the burlap paper, I made them using kraft card-stock for the backing.

When I ran out of the Kraft card-stock, but STILL had not used up all the letters;  I made some smaller sheet music backings; and used the same scallop edge die cut backings for the letters.  I COULD have made these as big as the burlap ones; and added the doily and rosette.  But I figured of they were going to be ‘different’ make them really DIFFERENT.

P1260265The smaller size banner has the advantage of being ‘package-able’; which is nice to protect them from damage.  I cut up ONE sheet of white poster board (2 for $1.00 at Dollar Tree!) and had enough to back all five of the small banners.  The cello ‘sleeves’ that I then covered them with are ‘re-used’ packaging from the stencils I buy.

I did package the bigger burlap banners, but they have to be folded up to do so.


So, for displaying them in my booth at Stars, I hang one of them; and put the packages below.


Sheet music leaf wreaths – TUTORIAL.

I’ve been in the mood to work with vintage sheet music a lot lately I guess.  I’ve done the banners with it, covered the reindeer with it . . and made these new wreaths with it.

I actually keep boxes of leaf shapes that I have pre-cut ‘on hand’, so when inspiration strikes I can start creating right away.  I like to have something to do in the evenings when I watch TV.


Cutting out the leaf shapes is one of those somethings. I also ‘tea stain’ them ahead of time.  (I use my own recipe for staining; it does NOT contain actual tea or coffee or vanilla.  Those make it too sticky!)P1170027

I cut my wreath rings out of triple layer scrap cardboard.  (just glue three layers together with tacky glue)  I also use tacky glue to glue the leaves to the wreath.  This picture shows how I place the leaves; along the inside and outside rim first.

P1170026It can be quite labor intensive, gluing on one leaf at a time.  To speed up the process I lay out a couple dozen leaves; then dot them ALL with tacky glue (just a small amount on one end of the leaf shape).  Then place them on the wreath form.


This is what the leaf placement looks like close up when finished.

P1170036This is a really BIG one!

P1170035On this one I used non tea-stained leaves, which do lay nice and flat; but a little TOO flat once I got it all put together.  (tea staining the leaves causes them to curl up and wrinkle a little bit as they dry; giving them a more natural look)

P1170048I didn’t want to try to tea-stain these leaves after they were already in place, bit I thought maybe spritzing them with water might curl up the leaves a tad; giving a more natural feel it it.

P1170047It worked like a charm!  Exactly the look I was hoping to achieve.  A few of the leaves did curl up a bit too much, to where the cardboard base showed underneath.  I just put a dot of tacky glue under them and glued them down a bit more.

P1170046NOW I just have to figure out how I want to ’embellish’ this one.  It feels a bit too BIG to leave plain.

My first thought for dressing it up was to hang a small banner across it, but that just looked too busy.  I stared at this thing for WEEKS trying to figure out ‘what else it needed’?!?!?


I finally settled upon some ‘bling berries’!


I had found a packet of these amber colored crystals at Dollar Tree, and decided to use them on the big wreath.


I just glued them on with tacky glue in little clusters of three.


I don’t think I’ll make them THIS big anymore!  SO many more options for ‘styling’ smaller ones; like this next one:

 I made this one using my pre-tea stained book pages instead of sheet music.

P1170033Added this little laser cut wood ‘love’ to the top left.

P1170031And a couple of tea stained felt birds and a little read heart to the lower right side.

P1170029Here you can see what I was talking about with the tea stained leaves curling up a bit and looking more natural.

Perfect little wreath for Valentine decorating.

STILL playing with sheet music! Sheet music leaf garlands

Have you seen all the cute paper garlands on Pinterest and in etsy shops?


LOVE how they look!!  


I wanted to do ‘something’ along those lines, but maybe with the vintage sheet music that I have.  (I did the paper chains with it a few years ago; but wanted something different now)  Love the above one, but it’s SEWN together?!?


And while I LIKE the others that I have seen that are SEWN together; with my bad back, I just don’t think I could handle sitting hunched over my sewing machine for that long.  It seems like a very loooooooooooooong  and laborious process, placing them down one by one and slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwly sewing them together.  PLUS, I would think that sewing them would make them TEAR easily along the stitching, when handled??

Have any of you MADE or BOUGHT sewn paper garlands like the above shown photos from Pinterest?  I’m really curious as to how well they ‘hold up’.  (I might be needing to buy or make some for my son’s wedding!)

P1170144I decided to do a leaf garland; glued to jute.  I cut the leaves as ‘dobules’ by folding the paper in half and leaving a small part at the fold still joined.  Actually, I folded my paper into FOURTHS, and cut out 2 pairs of leaves at a time.  Cut up a big box full of leaves before I started assembly.



 Cut my jute into 6′ lengths, and tied a knot at either end so there would be a loop for hanging them from.  Once I had a bunch of leaves ‘all glued up’, I started attaching them to the jute.  With the laying in front of me, I did one leaf facing up and the next facing down, and continued to alternate.


To attach the leaves to the jute; first I’d lay out a couple dozen pairs of them like this.  Then apply tacky glue to the entire leaf on one side and about 1/4″ onto the joined end of the other side.  Slip the glued leaf under the piece of jute, (which I have laying across a board that is on my lap)  position it where I want it ( facing the opposite direction of the previously attached leaf) then carefully folding the two sides together, making sure the part where it meets the jute is ‘smooshed down really good’!

 My original thought on usage was to put them on a tree,  Which is why I didn’t put the leaves right next to each other.  I’m thinking they will be easier to drape and will flow more freely with the extra space.  But, I just MIGHT have to try one with the leaves close together and hiding the jute.


 I just know that I did not want to put the leaves ‘tip to tip’ on the garland.

P1170145Of course, I don’t HAVE a tree to try them on!  I didn’t even put up a tree in my booth at Stars this year!?!?  (Hardly ANY of the vendors do put up trees; except for maybe the vintage silver trees that are for sale)

Not really using these for anything right now.  Will be saving them for my Stars booth for next Christmas.  Just wanted to try some out now, get the process streamlined, and have my supplies all set up for quick production when the time comes.

Rescued and revived card storage box

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 007This card storage box from the thrift store had a bit of the paper peeling away.

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 008The dividers were in perfect shape.

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 009Looking at the INSIDE, it looked like it had never been used.  It would have been easy enough to just re-glue the loose paper on the outside of the box; and store it where it isn’t seen.  Instead I decided to ‘spiff it up’ so that I could leave it out in view.

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 021I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to actually buy a card box like this.  “Back in the day’ (before email!) I was a huge card person.  I used to just to ‘card shopping’ and had an old stationary box that I stored them in.  While I don’t SEND cards as often anymore, that hasn’t seemed to stop me from collecting them!  One good friend MAKES cards and sends them to me; like a set of note cards that you would buy.

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 023The attached (hinged on) lid was a bit problematic to cover so that it still opened and closed easily.  If I ever do this again I’d probably opt to just ‘cut the hinge’ and cover the lid separately.  It’s not like the hinged lid is a HUGE convenience; and cutting would make recovering it MUCH easier!

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 020I hand stamped a scrap of tea stained paper for the label.

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 022Left the inside white.  That ridge where the lid comes down is a bit difficult to cover too.

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 024All filled with cards and ready to use.  Now when Michael asks if was have a card for something, I can just tell him to go look in the card box!

Are YOU a card hoarder too?

Paper rosette Valentine wreaths




For sale in my space at Stars Antiques in Portland.

Gold glitter star paper rosette Christmas decor

Complete instructions over on my Dollar Diva Blog.

Feeding the addiction. (old book pages and sheet music addiction, that is!)

I sure hope the BUYING public loves this stuff as much as I love making it!  It’s so much faster than just painting everything.  Here are the latest additions:

Funky little shelf with a drawer. 

 I’m thinking maybe this was originally used for a record player.  See the little hole at the back?  Just right for running an electric cord through.

This piece got a quick once over with the orbital sander, then flat black spray paint.

Then vintage hymnal pages on the flat surfaces.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to distress this piece or not, so I sanded ‘just the drawer’ and mulled it over while I worked on other projects. STILL not sure if I liked it.  Got out the camera to take pics and the SECOND I looked at it through the lens I KNEW the distressing had to GO.  So I quickly repainted the drawer.  And promptly fogrot to take another picutre!  DOH!

My next ‘victim’ was this little 3 drawer chest.

You can see on this side where it used to have a DESK attached.  Desks don’t sell as well as little chests, so Michael just cut off the desk side!  This one needed a lot of sanding and the drawer fronts were especially scratched up; really DEEP scratches too.  Gave it a base coat of black spray, a top coat of black latex, and ‘papered’ the drawer fronts with hymnal pages.  Painted the handles black and re-used them.  No after pic of this one!  Sorry.  Michael got home from work early and we had to dash off to our storage garage to empty the trailer full of finished furniture; and re-fill it with the bins of product smalls that were in the garage.  Gotta sort through them all in preparation for the upcoming fall show.

I was almost tempted tp leave this table ‘as is’.  The colors are SO close to ‘my’ colors, just a bit brighter.  Considered softening the colors a bit by sanding, or adding some white detailing on the top.  Ultimately, my addiction got the better or me and it ‘got papered’!

Spray paint was definitely the way to go one these swervy-curvey legs!  You can’t quite tell in the picture, but the legs are notched about half way; apparently a middle shelf is missing.  But I kind of like the long legedness of it without the shelf!

And then the vintage song book pages applied with regular ole liquid starch.  Had one blog reader ask “Where or WHERE do I find liquid starch???”  I get mine at WinCo.  Which really only helps those of you in ‘my part’ of the country.  I’ve never seen it a Dollar Tree, or Grocery Outlet, Safeway or Fred Meyer.   And most ‘fancy’ food stores don’t carry it. I wish I could find some in POWDER form, so I could put together KITS, with pages and starch packets to sell in my etsy shop!  (do you think people would buy JUST the book pages, w/o the starch included???)

Next I want to get some more lamp shades covered to display on top of all these papered pieces.  Most of these pieces will go to the fall show in a few weeks.  Then what doesn’t sell will eventually make it’s way to our mall spaces.  IF you are interested in a piece, let me know; and I can take it to either mall for you to purchase.

New things stocked at Stars Antique Mall in Portland

Latest pictures from my space at Stars.

Wee bit of Paris.

Beachy blues.


Robin’s eggs.

Little nests with 3 speckled eggs.

Hand formed nest with medium-sized egg.

Nest grass with quail egg and feather.

Assorted birds display.

Vintage shabby urn with nest and egg.

Little glass cloche with bird on top and nest inside.

Vintage black cast iron lamp with sheet music covered shade.


Another old lamp with sheet music shade.

Welcome lamp size sheet music shade.

Yep, lots of lamps!

Shabby chic lamp with fringed shade.

Vintage tea stained lamp shade.

Grubby weathered finial. 

(how to make these coming in my next e-book!)

Wire tabletop tree with Easter decor.  And if you already have your own little tree, there’s a bag of just the decorations available.

Easter baskets.

Nests and eggs in little apothecary jars;  framed bird collage; shabby bird on pedestal.

Year end / moving sale at Stars Antique Mall

We’ve got a bigger space coming our way at Stars mid-January; so we are currently having a 50% off everything  sale** in our space.

(**does not include already discounted items with red sale tags )

And it’s NOT just the same ole ~ same ole  stuff that has been sitting in the booth for months.

I restocked with lots of new stuff right before Christmas, and will continue to bring in fresh stock until the move.  Don’t you just LOVE the vintage sheet music angel wings, top hats, crowns and huge 3-D star?!?!

I even made a few tiaras!!  What cute decor for a New Years celebration!

Lots of great picture frames for displaying your favorite holiday photos.