FINDINGS: Ginormous white wicker bird cage

Gotta LOVE finding items that don’t need any work done to them!

P1220321 Check out this huge white wicker bird cage I just picked up.

P1220325Measures 14″ x 14″ x 30″ tall!  All it needed was a good hosing down to remove the dust.

P1220323The bottom slides all the way out, as do what I originally thought were 2 ‘shelves’; since they were placed at different heights in the cage when I bought it.

P1220322When putting it back together after it dried, I realized that BOTH of these were ‘floor grates’ and meant to be placed side by side at the bottom of the cage; and NOT 2 shelves, as they had been displayed in the thrift store.  DOH!

Took this cage to Stars just in time for the BIG SALE, which runs through Monday, March 7th.  EVERYTHING in my booth is HALF OFF during the sale!


Wicker chair with “UN” slip cover

I have one of these chairs at home.  Got it second-hand and painted it off white.   Found another one while out thrifting.  Thought about maybe keeping it to have a pair.  Then remembered the other one was a different color to start with, so they wouldn’t match.

I have loved this style of chair since they first came out.  It’s wicker, but it has very modern, clean lines.  Sturdy and comfortable.  Just need to update it a bit.

A couple of little snippets of wicker missing.  No problem, I’ll cover it with a cushion or something.

I literally only took me TEN minutes to dry brush this entire chair.  Since I’ve been doing so many pieces with this aqua paint lately, I store the brush in a baggie for re-use.  I didn’t even have to re-load the paint brush until I got to the legs!

Since some of the original brown wicker shows through, I wanted some brown to show on the legs too.  A quick bit of sanding took care of that.

Now for that cushion or slipcover!  I was perusing the thrift store for some fabric to inspire me and found this awesome TABLE RUNNER!

Perfect colors!  Perfect fit!  And it worked exactly as I’d imagined it would!  (but if it hadn’t worked, I could have used it to make a cushion)

That pink ball fringe is so FUN!!

To keep the runner in place, I just tied a pretty piece of ribbon at the back of the seat. 

Pretty little bow at the back and I’m done!

Come on over and sit a spell!

This cabana cutie has gone to my space at Stars. 

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New at our space in Camas Antique Mall

Cute little cubby cabinet.

Old black suitcases.

Handcrafted angel doll.

Another angel doll.

Silver plate vases.

Little ‘window pane’ shelf.

Fun little ‘step’ stool!

Aqua wall shelf and peg rack.

White wicker bench/coffee table;  just $30.00!

Oval stools.

Rectangle stools.

Stacking stools.

Wall signs.

Small framed signs.

Dried botanicals and cinnamon bun fragrance oil to make your own potpourri.

Cinnamon bun ‘room spray’ air freshener.

AJ’s own grubby stain; use on paper or fabric.

Cinnamon bun tart melts in vintage canning jar.



We’re not waiting for the world to change

Just for the RAIN and cold to change into sunny and warm!  Seriously, yesterday’s HIGH temperature was a record LOW.  How pathetic is that?!?!?    The local farmers are suffering because crops are not ripening.  And all the extra brush growth from the excess rain is probably going to make for a terrible fire season.  We need a BREAK!

And when it does get warm/dry enough to paint again, I’ve got a stockpile of projects to work on.  This HUGE wood coffee table. (standing on end because it takes up half the trailer otherwise!)

Itty bitty cutie patootie table.

Beautiful wood barrel table, but it has several water stains.  Going to try to repair this one and leave it this color.

It looks quite reddish in the photos, but it’s really a nice dark walnut color.

It doesn’t appear to have been varnished, so that will make it easier to work with.  HOPING I’ll just have to sand out the stains, and sand over the whole piece just a little and re-stain it with some Watco oil.

UGLY plastic fake wood glove box.

I’ve re-done several old plastic fake wood sewing boxes, so why not a glove box?  Will paint and glaze the outside and apply vintage book pages to the inside.  I have another sewing box to finish up, somewhere around here.  Probably started to work on it one of those days the sun came out for ten minutes.  I dash out and start to paint, only to have to run for cover after barely getting started!

This little guy is in TERRIBLE shape!  Good thing he was ‘priced accordingly’.  That white wicker bench didn’t need ANY work done to it, and it has already gone to our space in Camas.

The top of this thing looks like it was used for wood carving practice!   Nothing a good sanding won’t cure.

Couple od chunky wood frames.  Slim pickins on frames lately!  I need a good rummage sale to really stock up on frames.  There is literally no such thing as too many frames.  They always sell quickly, and I’m constantly getting requests to sell them on-line.

Off to ‘stock and spruce’ both malls today.  Don’t forget Stars Birthday sale starts tomorrow.  And MY SPACE is 40% off all regular priced items for the sale.  (red sale tag items not included in the sale)