Fake cakes 101

Whilst in the midst of my recent white cake and dessert pedestal making binge, it struck me that they would ‘display’ much better (in my booth at Stars AND in the pictures in my etsy shop!) if I could show them ‘being used’.  So I set out to hunt down something that I could make a fake wedding cake from.

I’ve seen some AMAZING ones for sale on etsy, but I wanted to make my own.  Some of my favorites are these hand SEWN felt cakes.  SOME day I will venture into making something like that!  But for now I needed something a little faster to construct.

I found some paper mache boxes and went to work!  To create this one, I used a set of two round paper mache boxes (without the lids!) and glued them together.  Once dry, I painted them.

Then I added some coral shapes, die-cut from cardstock.

Applying glue to the backs of, and applying them to the cake was probably the HARDEST part of this whole project!

At the same time, I was working on a couple of smaller, three tier boxes that I wanted to make into wedding cakes.  Painted a shimmer white.

And on ONE I added a ‘trim’ of vintage ‘silver dragees’ (that’s what the label says!) ALMOST (but not quite!) as difficult as gluing on the paper coral pieces on the green cake!  I applied my bead of glue, then placed the dragees in a line.  But the glue melting off the silver!  sigh.  I had too many in place to change my mind at that point, so I had to continue!

A~HA!!!!   Now that’s better!  I found some tiny pearl trim to use on the other wedding cake!

Just measured out my pieces and cut to size.  Applied a line of glue all the way around, and gently laid the pearls in the glue and pressed them into place.   The TOP row was the most difficult, as I didn’t have the extra support of another layer holding it in place from behind.  Had to let this glue ‘set up’ a bit so it grabbed the pearls better.   Then I just sat and watched for about 30 minutes while it dried; and pushed any that started to slide off back into place.

Just ‘testing’ to see how well they fit on the cake pedestals I had made.  LOVE those aqua doilies I found at Michael’s a while back!

And I decided that pearl trim would work on the beach themed green cake too.  After the pearl trim was dry, I added some tiny dried REAL starfish in-between the paper coral on the sides.

And a few on the top for the finishing touch!

A sprayed on clear top coat to make it easier to dust and I’m done!

Perfect fit on this 8″ cake plate with a 2″ rim.

For the three tiered wedding cake that I’d glued the silver dragees onto, I decided to add a ‘sugar’ coating (clear white glitter)  And I painted the lid to the largest box, added some satin ribbon and glued it to the bottom layer for some additional support.

Then I decided that they could serve DUAL functions!  To display ON my cake pedestals.  And to display the little birds with crowns cake toppers I was selling.

The other three tiered wedding cake that I used the pearl string on, I didn’t do anything else to, except add the birds to the top.  And to make the base sturdier, I glued one of the aqua doilies to some cardboard, then glued that to the cake.  (because otherwise the bottom of the cake is just the OPEN side of the mache box)

I also re-did a few of the cupcake trinket boxes, adding ‘sugar’ glitter to the top and some little ribbon roses.

Ain’t love grand?!?!

Well, my friends, I finally did.  I’ve been THREATENING to and wanting to and TRYING to for a couple of YEARS now .. . .and I finally managed to buckle down and ‘giterdun’!  Of course I’m talking about building up my etsy  shop into a REAL STORE.  As of this moment, I have 241 listings; and many of those have extra quantities available, so probably 500 ITEMS, within those 241 listings!!!  And yes, (thankyoufornoticing!) as a matter of fact, I AM bragging on myself a bit!  I have seriously wanting to get this done for YEARS!

And amongst all those new listings is a new WEDDING SECTION.  Which is yet another thing that has been on my mental “TO DO” list for almost as long.

With so many listings in my etsy shop now, AND really WORKING my shop (listing new items or renewing existing listings almost every day!) I’m finding it harder and harder to post pictures in the blog of those new items.  So, please PLEASE click on one if the highlighted links and go take a peek!    I’ll ‘dig’ for a few pictures.  I HATE blog posts that don’t hand any pictures!

Shabby chic set of frames.

Set of jute bottles WITH white fingerling starfish.

Vintage angels and cloches collection.

A BEACHY version of the KEEP CALM and CARRY ON sign.

To go along with the traditional one with a crown.

An updated version of the SEASIDE COTTAGE sign.

I’m starting to add bigger sizes of the same signs now too.  (not really my own idea.  Had a customer request a bigger size of one of the signs and figured it would be a good idea to pick up and run with!)

Mostly making the bigger sizes of the signs in the wedding section for now.

The extra border space makes them better for using as wedding photo props.  Then of course, hanging in the home after the wedding!

AND experimenting with a few now COLORS.  (Custom colors are welcome on ANY of my signs)

And here is THE WEDDING SIGN SET.  This is the DELUXE version, with the bigger border.  There are SIX different signs available, but you can order JUST the ones you really want/need.  Directional points can be added upon request.

OR you can have separate signs made for your directional arrows, like this.

This just shows the ivory vs. white; but ANY color can be ordered.  (although so far everyone has ordered one of these.)

I’m also offering an ECONOMY set; the smaller sign above.

The ECONOMY set offers all the same words at the DELUXE set; it’s just a smaller SIGN.  (the words are the SAME size though!)  These wedding sign sets must be CUSTOM ORDERED, with a 4 week production time.

Fun photo prop signs!

Garden sign.

Sweet wedding or anniversary gift sign!

Sweet little wedding cake topper birds with crowns!