Odd little thrifted shelf thingy

P1190325What IS this thing????  I seriously do not know.  But I love things with little drawers, and the price was right, so into my shopping cart it went.

P1190326If I HAD to guess what it was, and considering the size of the drawer; I’d guess that it was for storing cookbooks on the shelf part and recipe cards in the drawer.  Do people even use recipe cards anymore?  Or does everyone had a tablet or notebook in the kitchen to look it up on-line?!?

P1190327I liked the way the sides and back were detailed too.

P1190334I’ve been on a bit of a ‘white binge’ lately, so I painted it white.

P1190335I didn’t really care for the wood paneling used for the drawer bottom, so I covered it up with an old dictionary page.  (it’s still wet with the glue in the photo.  When it dried, it smoothed out.)


I t just needed a ‘little something’ decorative added, so I stenciled a French saying on the back. (Translation:  You are the love of my life.)

P1190336And off to my booth at Stars it went!


What ARE these?

Mystery of the day.

Bought a bag full of string, yarn and thread at the thrift store the other day and these wood things were in the bag too:

1.19.13 ets custom 091Anyone of you know what these are and it they are worth trying to SELL in my etsy shop.  They are beautiful solid wood.

1.19.13 ets custom 092This little plastic doo-dad was in there too.

1.19.13 ets custom 093And these three wood things.

I’m really just curious as to what they are.  Assuming they have something to do with knitting, so I will never need them.  If these are something that one of you could use, or know someone who needs them; I’d be happy to sell all of them in one lot for $5.00 and the cost of shipping.

*****EDITED TO ADD*****

For some reason the word ‘shuttle’ kept coming to mind when I saw these, but I’ve never SEEN one before, so how would I know what it was?!?!?  But after the first few comments, I decided to do a search and found this information:


So, the ARE shuttles!  Weaving shuttles though; nothing to do with knitting.   The offer to sell them CHEAP is still good for a while.  If no one snaps them up, (and now that I know what to call them!) I’ll just sell them in my etsy shop as supplies.

UPDATE:  These WEAVING SHUTTLES have gone to a good home.  Thank you all for your input!

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What is it???

I have NO IDEA what this thing is!!  Saw it on a recent thrifting trip and HAD to buy it.  Anyone know what it is????

It’s not very big, would hold maybe a quart of liquid.

Busy getting ready for ‘THE BIG MOVE’ to our new location this weekend!

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WHAT is it?!?!?!?


And WHAT do you imagine it’s going to BE?!?!

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What is it????

Can anyone tell me what this thing IS???  I bought it thrifting a while back and it ‘went well with’ a lot of the birdcages I’ve been doing lately.  figured I could use it to display some small nests in the bottom part.  It was green.  I painted it black.

The bottom part is solid wicker.  The middle section is the wire, and where it comes together in the center is a CIRCLE.   (almost looks like one of the small square boxes of kleenex would fit in the bottom, with the tissue coming our through the hole.

Then the top trim is just along the outer edges.  Maybe a glass candle holder of some kind is supposed to sit down in the hole???

Maybe it was a topiary form?  It was green, afterall?

If anyone knows what it REALLY is, I’d love to know!’